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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2019-04-12 02:04

NZ SOLOists: The 2017 Screenbound documentary, "Mario Lanza—The Best of Everything" will be premiering in prime time on the Sky Arts Channel (20) tomorrow night, Saturday April 13, 8.30 pm and repeated several times over the following days. It features biographer Derek Mannering, Mario's daughter Ellisa, and many contemporary singers extolling the "Voice of the Gods." And of course, lots of Mario himself. Don't miss!!

Watching this ...

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... was a very lonely experience. I already have the DVD, and had watched it many times, including with my late soprano friend Lillian, who was the only human I knew who actually truly got it. Seeing it in prime time in the MSM made me fear there'll not be a single voice of appreciation, just a chasm of incomprehension.

Mario's daughter said he, as an innocent, ended up disgusted by the gaming he was subject to by those posing as his friends, let alone his avowed enemies who attacked him for being overly emotional, etc. This was Trump 70 years before Trump. Now, in 2019, the culture of which Mario was part is about to be destroyed by Islamo-barbarians. And here in New Zealand, it's about to be made illegal to say so. This is happening with the connivance of Very PC Obleftivists, who say there's no free speech issue involved here. It's happening in Melbourne, Australia, without a word of protest from people who know better.

As Lauren said when she left Aotearoistan after being drowned out by Profa Filth: "Enjoy Sharia!"

I love you, Mario. You were indeed "the best of everything." I'm glad I was here for your afterglow ... now well and truly being extinguished. The Milo-banners, speech-suppressors, book-burners and gay-stoners have triumphed.

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