Divinity Amidst the Heartbreak

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Integrity to the senses

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When I hear that music, Have Mercy on Me, O My God, and see those beautiful visuals in architecture, it’s easy to see the power of Christianity’s hold over the souls of men and women in history if this is what they’ve become accustomed to. That’s two perceptive senses in harmony (throw gorgeous incense into that mix and that’s three). What else speaks so powerfully to the suffering humans will endure in different forms over the time-spans of their short lives’ on this Earth. Not that life need be “about” suffering, but it’s part of the human tapestry, whether we choose it or not. Nobody escapes unscathed.

Who doesn’t want Providence to extend mercy to them and their loved ones? There is so much in nature beyond our individual control. This aesthetic reaches out to that notion.


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Art in Architecture

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Olivia -- Churches are built to be beautiful, in many senses, and they frequently succeed, in their own way. But they favor a baroque, recoco, overdone, overdetailed style which I find tedious. You've seen one, you've seen them all. The famous and allegedly great churches of Europe bore the hell out of me!

It's the same with all those Hindu temples. I definitely prefer the simple and stylized Buddhist ones.

Religion, especially monotheism, is such an unendingly evil and destructive phenomenon, it seems to bleed over into their architecture. Modern buildings escape that tedium over and over. Such fresh, clean lines and rational, bracing beauty -- like something done by Howard Roark! Smiling

I Fear ....

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... the pomowankers are going to want to superimpose their pomowankery on the rebuild. Oh dear!

So Kyrel...

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I hope you learned something from the video that you yourself posted here. 100 years in the building and to a vision held over by 5 generations - a thing of monumental beauty, each element 100% handmade. Just how “boring” can that be? Did you notice the ugly monstrosity of the modern Our Lady in LA?

The Long View in France

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Here's an interesting commentary on the meaning of Notre Dame.

Artistic Greatness

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The private, capitalist buildings of New York City are so stylized, lovely, intelligent, clean, balanced, colorful, artistic, and wonderful. No collectivist, ornate, gothic, dour, tedious, unfocused, incoherent church can compare. There's such soaring dynamism, vigor, and vitality in the secular building of NYC that they ought to charge admission to view them!

Attention Deficit Disorder

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So boring?!

It's now on my bucket list to see every major cathedral on earth, especially since I know how truly boring the arid—ARId—atheism of the likes of Bwook is. Such unappetising specimens of sub-humanity give credence to religiosity. Note—I remain an atheist, but constantly thirst for the kind of beauty that believers might call "transcendental," and I would call "sacred."

I've just been watching Daniil Trifinov playing the two Chopin piano concertos. Secular for sure, but sacred to real humans. "Sacred" doesn't require an after-life. It does require a brain and a heart—a mindful, heartfelt commitment to the one and only life that we have. Chopin would be well beyond the mental and emotional capacity of any Objectivist I've ever met, especially the Obleftivist variety. Chopin is sacred. So is Notre Dame. Fortunately, it seems its basic structure remains intact. Kyrel will find this "boring," no doubt, but I'm beyond reassured to hear it.


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I've visited a ton of old European churches in my time. So boring! I think the world, especially the West, has thousands of non-religious buildings more impressive and lovely than Notre Dame.

It's also worth remembering that thruout human history the religiosos have deliberately destroyed the priceless and irreplaceable relics of mankind over and over, including great buildings.

I certainly think secular music and art is far superior to the religious stuff. And most of that is secretly secular, that is: dedicated to the glory of man, not "god".

The history and beauty of our civilization

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I hope this reminds people of the history and beauty of our civilization, too often neglected for things today that are transient and trite. Atheist Christopher Hitchens denounced mindless desecration of those things of beauty produced by the religious, for example, the blowing up by the Taliban in Afghanistan “of one the world’s greatest cultural artifacts—the twin Buddha statues at Bamiyan.” The last time I saw him, he was discussing his autobiography in the beautiful, historic 6th Street synagogue in Washington, D.C.

Last night a Catholic friend commented to me that “our work for freedom we should be like those who built Notre Dame, even if the fruits are seen centuries from now, it is worth it.” I replied that indeed, our liberty and the culture supporting it were built up over centuries and the forces that are destroying them have been at work for decades in a long march through the institutions. We fight immediate political battles but must, indeed, look to the long term, to the world our children and theirs will live in.

But I would add to my comment that we can and do enjoy the fruits of our efforts in our own lifetimes, and certainly in the music, art, architecture and other works of beauty that are the fruits of the civilization we should be defending.


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A question for Obleftivists with a singular obsession against Goblianity, and indeed for any serious (unlike Obleftivists) students of human nature: how is it that Objectivism has come up with nothing to match, even remotely, Notre Dame? How is it that in all our time of self-professed man-worship, we have produced nothing comparable to the results of God-worship? Why do Obleftivists insist that, musically speaking, headbanging caterwauling is on a par with Mario Lanza's I'll Walk with God, or The Messiah or any garden variety Requiem?!

No, I'm not about to convert, other than to say, in the current context, metaphorically, we're all Catholics now. I wish I could convert, since Obleftivism makes me sick to the core, and I haven't yet formulated my Authenticism. This latter task is daily made more difficult by the blows to the solar plexus any human is dealt by real world occurrences right now. Just when one thinks it can't get any worse ...

So where are Objectivist cathedrals, operas, novels (apart from Ayn's), paintings, sculptures, etc.?

Shit, it would be refreshing to encounter anyone at all who just gave a damn! The humans singing in this video all give a damn, and they're all Christians!

And all the while, punk Narcissist Obleftivist cultist Very PC Bwook-slaves who don't give a damn about the serial attacks by Islamosavages on Catholic churches and icons in recent times just prattle on ...

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