They Were Christians

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Submitted by PhilipD on Mon, 2019-04-22 04:53

Most of those killed in Sri Lanka by Muslim savages were Christians.

But many of the left and their 'journalist' lackeys refuse to acknowledge that fact.

Obama didn't utter the 'C' word, calling the dead, 'tourists and Easter worshippers'

H. Clinton went the same fucked-up route, "I'm praying for everyone affected by today's horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka."

'Easter worshippers'- who says that? It's deliberate evasion.

Theresa May's response was evil. "The acts of violence against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka are truly appalling," she tweeted. The violence against buildings!

NZ PM Ardern, so eager (Yes, eager!) to wear a headscarf a few weeks ago didn't use the C word and neither did Merkel, Macron, Shorten or any of the Australian Green MPs. And the New Zealand Green co-leadership, the racist Marama Davidson and the sopping wet James Shaw, couldn't manage a response to the atrocity between them.

No problem naming the religious identity of those killed in Christchurch though, nor the supposed ideology of the killer, that sick bastard, Brenton Harrison Tarrant.

All stood proud, front and centre, in support of their Muslim 'brothers and sisters' after Christchurch. "They are us!" they said, consumed by the left's unfathomable love for Islam.

They were Christians, (unfashionable I know) those people in Sri Lanka, you fuckers. Killed by Muslims.

Facts, eh? Who needs or wants them any longer.

Bridge who?

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That interview was appalling! He was as dumb as a gumboot.
Katie tweeted that he called her a ‘cunt’ - didn’t make it to the edit of course, but she claims she recorded the conversation. Smiling


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In today's Western world, whenever Moslems or blacks are the perpetrators of something horrific, there's a great effort to cover it up by the intellectuals and media. Whenever Moslems or blacks are the victims, there's a similarly great effort to play it up by the intellectuals and media.


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Thanks for the background. Is Magic Radio the latest incarnation of Radio Live? I wonder who the bosses were who didn't want the interview to go ahead. Might they include the same Brent Impey who axed the PI Show and is these days trying to "diversify" the Board of New Zealand Rugby?

Hard to believe that a show that began each day with the words you quote could ever be allowed at all! Then-CEO Derek Lowe was a true believer in free speech. The show was his idea in the first place, and his immediate successor Steven Joyce loved it. Impey edged Joyce out in short order though. He hated the show and axed it.

Lindsay, Ryan Bridge, who

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Lindsay, Ryan Bridge, who until very recently I'd not heard of, did this interview on 'Magic Radio.'

Sean Plunket from the same station tried to get Katie on his show. Did so on Twitter by rudely and constantly asking if she had the courage to appear. (As if she would be afraid of him!) Finally she accepted only for Punket to tell her his bosses wouldn't allow the interview, but if she wished she could ring in like any other caller.

Katie brought up Rotherham in the second part of the Bridge interview. Bridge told her he'd never of heard of the scandal! Here's a 'journalist' who has scored an interview with Katie Hopkins, yet he's too lazy to do basic research. Told her "I'll look into it."

At the end of the show he downplayed Rotherham by saying abuse against children was overwhelmingly by white males. In doing so he ignored the point that the grooming gangs were Muslims targeting girls because of their race and that there was a police and politician cover up.

It was all quite extraordinary, inept and cowardly. And it's quite obvious who is and who is not a cunt at the end of it all.

Oh, for some more of this.

'Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, for Thursday August 19, proudly sponsored by Tuariki Tobacco Ltd, the show that says bugger the politicians & bureaucrats & all the other bossyboot busybodies who try to run our lives with our money; that stands tall for free enterprise, achievement, profit, & excellence, against the state-worshippers in our midst; that stands above all for the most sacred thing in the universe, the liberty of the human individual.'

This show made be think and changed much about the way I looked at things. It was radio magic. Bless you for that.

Islamosavages Rejoiced as the Cathedral Burned

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Islamo-Marxist Media: Enemy of the People

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Here's an interview by some retarded upward-inflecting Kiwi Islamo-Marxist ignoramus who asks what's wrong with Islam—when he himself sounds like a prize candidate for stoning in Brunei—of Katie Hopkins, who had called out Evil Jacinda as an appeaser. According to Katie, at some point in the interview the moron called her a "cunt" and that part was edited out. There are two parts, but I could bring myself to listen to Pt 1 only:

Waiting ...

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... for Jacinda to wear a cross in sympathy for the "Easter worshippers."

Admirable Anger, Philip!

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Let's face it, Obama, Hillary, Theresa May, Jacinda Adern et al, including Obleftivists ("Islam is just a mosquito bite"), are indifferent to the killing of Christians.

It's such a tragedy that Christians have lost their balls.

These could have been game-changing moments for an Ayn Rand Institute worthy of her name. Instead they virtue-signal to the exact evil that was just unleashed in Sri Lanka. Truly vile.

Dan Bidois of the National

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Dan Bidois of the National party: ' goers and people in hotels.'

Tim Macindoe of the National party: '...horrific attacks in Sri Lanka in which Easter worshippers were targeted.'

There's that Easter worshippers again. Macindoe taking his lead from Clinton and Obama.

We live in a quag.

To be fair, and to my immense surprise, the dense but dangerous, Golriz Ghahraman managed, 'Devastated for Sri Lanka, especially the targeted Christian community.' And the equally dense, but less dangerous, Simon Bridges came out quickly with, '... Christian worshippers have been the target of horrific terrorist attacks.'

Incredible how few MPs, from NZ's extreme left (Greens, Labour) through to its far left, (The Nats) said anything at all, and Seymour, good in recent days, also failed to speak out.

Where are the crosses?

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Mohammedans in 49 numbers are killed and our wordly overlords make a worlwide charade kneeling to the Meccan heresy.

Over 4 times as many followers of Jesus Christ are slaughtered, our overlords can barely bring themselves to utter a word.

Notice the God Emperor tweeting incorrect numbers of dead, in the millions instead of the hundreds, and the media thus being forced to report on it. Mistaken or intentional?

Fry-quackers worldwide taking selfies with burkas then. Policing the web, calling congressional yappings on 'white supremacy', jailing peaceful citizens. Filling the airwaves with calls to kneel and submit in jibberish tongue. Fry-quackers worlwide keeping silent or speaking of "tourists and Easter worshippers" now. Not a word on the mussulmans' heresy of course. No crosses. No prayers on the radio.

What a clown world indeed.

Where is the script coming from?

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Someone on youtube commented: "Demons can't say the word Christ without burning up into flames."

Notice how they all use the same absurd term "Easter worshipper". Such an unlikely term to use and all of them parroting it. Coincidence?

Well said Philip...

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A total betrayal of Christians from all our leaders over this horrific tragedy, especially Ardern and May. Sickening evil bitches.

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