Reprise: New Zealistan's Thought Police

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2019-04-28 11:28

There is now apparently an Enemies List circulating among New Zealand's totalitarian Globalist elite, such as Comrade Ardern, Comrade Andrew Little, Comrade Winston Peters and new Human Wrongs Commissar Comrade Paul Hunt, a lackey of raving anti-Semite and hard-core socialist Comrade Jeremy Corbyn, all advancing the agenda of the most evil man on the planet, George Soros. (Why was this Islamo-Marxist fascist Hunt brought over to destroy our Bill of Rights?! At whose expense?!) From many accounts police are actively harassing people on this list. Our police have become, quite literally, the Thought Police of George Orwell's 1984 and contemporary Communist China.

Freedom of expression
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

That right there is what NZ and UK Labour want to destroy, Section 14 of our Bill of Rights (lifted from the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights), and anything resembling it, in all countries hitherto free or semi-free. Beyond the criminalisation of criticism of Islam, Soros wants the destruction of Western Civilisation. The likes of Hunt, Ardern, Peters, the ghastly Green Islamo-Marxist MP, Little, Corbyn, et al are his willing accomplices.

And so, the Orwellian Police State is upon us:

Freedom-lovers are on notice: you may be about to be arrested for what in 1984 are called Thought Crimes. Come on then, Thought Police: arrest me for my thoughts. It doesn't get any worse than, "I disagree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it," now does it?! Seditious and revolutionary stuff in the Land of Political Correctness! As Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

What you could consider doing instead, though, Thought Police, is gathering signatures on my Citizens' Pledge. If everyone signed up to this, understood it and meant it, we wouldn't have to worry about a thing, now would we?! It goes as follows:

"Just as I reserve the right to hold and express my opinions on any matter whatsoever, I promise to respect the right of all others to do the same. I renounce unreservedly the use of coercion and violence in the promotion of my opinions."

It shouldn't be hard to get signatures. A recent poll on Stuff, quickly removed when the results were so decisively un-PC, showed 90% of respondents saying that while Israel Folau's anti-gay tweets were offensive, they certainly shouldn't be illegal. New Zealanders get it that there's no such thing as a right not to be offended; snowflakes who don't get it should consider migrating to Iran or North Korea.

The ANZAC heroes whom we've just been re-commemorating would surely be appalled to think that the single most precious thing for which they died is about to be extinguished.


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good is it? The worst part is there is absolutely nothing you can do about it; nothing. No one providing oversight, no one putting any sort of restraint or checks on Police activities, no one to complain to.

Thought Police Strike Yet Again

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Note the questions in the Inquisition:

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the March 15th terrorist attack, would you describe it as such?

Are you active on social media and what's your username?

Are you a member of any political groups?

Does the "right" in Right Minds stand for right-wing? [We had to pause our conversation at this point owing to my needing a full minute to laugh.]

Do you donate to any political parties or other organisations?

Do you know what New Conservative's immigration policy is?

Do you know any representatives of the New Conservative party?

What are your views on immigration?

Do you have a storage container (what's in it and where is it)?

On it went.

Socialist Logic

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Good Advice...

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that is a bit odd, isn't it? Who is he Lindsay? (he looks a bit scruffy, like he just walked in off the street!)

Here They Go Again!

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New Zealistan Thought Police:

Oh dear

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Even when the Labour supporting members of the Advertising Standards Authority (who never reject Labour or Greens adverts) ban a National party advert Siminda doesn't have the balls to champion free speech in New Zealand. He just gets on his knees like a prison b*tch and apologises for annoying his masters. Pathetic. More reasons why he's unfit to be PM.


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shocking, isn't it?

In my experience "libertarians" in New Zealand are very conservative, view the Police as their friends, and are horrified at the notion any curbs on their powers should be entertained - (afterall the Police protect them from brown skinned people - you racist!). Don't therefore expect the ACT Party to have plans to champion free speech to the extent of banning this sort of behaviour by the Constabulary.

Everyone here ...

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... who has the guts to post comments: keep your phones on alert to record. If the Thought Police visit, capture it all on video and post on YouTube.

This police business...

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is knee jerk because they let Tarrant through - as a gun owner, after spending an hour with him without their alarm bells going off.

From what I can ascertain, this guy is lonely, a gun owner, has depression and is anti Islam and anti government.

He made some comment about “treasonous MPs should be hung.”

But notice the Cop comments, “If you do continue to write stuff that borders on the line between freedom of speech and an offence, you will be arrested.”

An offence? What offence?

Saying MPs should be hung? Hardly an overt call to violence, especially when one considers how Greta Thunberg is celebrated when she calls for climate deniers to be put up against the wall.

Latest Visit from New Zealistan Thought Police

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of 'Thought Police' - here is the answer (very funny)


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That's shown them! that's put the Police and Siminda - (Simon/Jacinda; two peas in a pod; geddit?) - in their place!

With such heavyweight "libertarians" like the ACT Party (and others I can think of) wandering around looking for somebody to surrender to, no one should be in any doubt why we are living under tyranny, and why New Zealand is basically finished at a first world country.

ACT Responds—Sort Of

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Typical Gutless Gormless Goofy. "Deeply disturbing"?? How about "beyond disgusting"?! "Dangerously misguided"?? How about "intentionally evil"?! "Even if individual politicians mean well"?! Oh please! Gutless Gormless Goofy is just going through the motions. He's as evil as the rest of them.


“A Police raid on the home of a young family represents a dangerous new phase of the Government’s gun law reforms and raises serious questions about how gun owners are being targeted”, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“According to a blog post, on Thursday, nearly a dozen armed police officers carried out a search warrant at the home of a young family having dinner. Officers were looking for a low-powered replica of an 1893 gun that is not even a semi-automatic. There was no cause for suspicion other than the fact that the person made a select committee submission.

“If the details are accurate, this is a deeply disturbing story and it raises serious questions.

“How did Police come to identify this person? Were his political views a factor? Was he identified by the fact that he made a submission on the new gun laws? If Police are politically targeting New Zealanders because they submitted to a select committee, the Police Minister’s position is untenable.

“Whatever happened to the Government’s goal of getting rid of semi-automatics? Police carried out this raid to search for a ‘bunny gun’ used to hunt rabbits. Why aren’t Police going after the gangs and criminals?

“ACT opposed the rushed Arms Amendment Act because we knew it would have unintended consequences. We’ve seen tens of thousands of guns go underground into the black market, a privacy breach, and now a dangerously misguided Police raid on a young family at dinner time over a bunny gun.

“This is why ACT consistently opposes giving more power to the government. Even if individual politicians mean well, the new powers are inevitably abused or have real-world consequences other than those that were intended.”

Media Contact: Andrew Ketels (021 894 284)
or Brooke van Velden (021 193 5265)

ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.

Authorised by D Smith, Suite 2.5, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

Stuart Nash, "Human" Trash ...

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... lower than the lowest of the low. Right down there with Jihadi Jacinda and Putrid Peters. These are totalitarians committed to the destruction of civilisation and freedom.

Note that the video that I used in the opening of this thread, showing the pink-shirted Thought Police—all brainwashed and sissified at Stuart's behest—in action, has been removed.

1984 is here!


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I know Dieuwe personally and he’s a gentle, very reasonable and decent, conservative family man who abides by the laws of the land.
I’ll be writing to Stuart Nash, Minister of Police, about this out of line, totalitarian bullshit.

The BFD media outlet contacted him and Nash's response was: "I don’t know the facts of this case, but I now have absolutely no faith in the gun lobby at all after their terrible dishonest campaign re the buy-back and legislation - so I suspect there is a large dose of poetic licence used here.”

“Poetic licence” is not exactly Dieuwe’s style with anything. Pure rot!

Latest from New Zealistan

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Harmless, civilised freedom-loving gun-owner Dieuwe de Boer is raided by Jihadi Jacinda's Thought Police:

The warrant claimed they had reason to believe I was in possession of a prohibited magazine fitted to a “.22RL lever-action rifle. Blued metal, brown wooden stock.” The officer told me I had posted about it online, which I had—in my public written submission against the Firearms Amendment Act passed last year. That submission was shared on several blogs and social media. I had used the firearm as an example to prove the legislation was not targeting “military-style assault weapons” as the media, prime minister, and her cabinet repeated ad nauseum. The vast majority of firearms affected by the legislation were just like mine.

I thought nothing more of my little example to the select committee. It was no longer in my possession when the police raided my house. They departed empty-handed after turning the place inside out for ninety minutes and left me with my firearms and a visibly shaken wife who broke down in tears. Thankfully, the kids didn’t quite get what was going on—but I realised after that they had gone to bed without icecream.


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Jackbooted Jihadi Jacinda ...

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... booed at the All Blacks-Wallabies test. Fantastic to see. All other avenues already closed: stuff, Herald, TVNZ, TV3, et al all totally in cahoots with this totalitarian. At Eden Park, the Deplorables let the jackbooted (literally—she was wearing jackboots!) bitch have it!! Obleftivists must have been appalled!!!!


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“I don’t like that guy’s rap music, but I just put up with it.” Smiling

These revolting little fascists are out of control.

More New Zealistan Thought Police

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Look at This!!

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A millennial who isn't a moronnial!! From the recent Youth Parliament:


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They'll damn her for her "lower form of polemic." One is really very very tired of this.

We need warriors. KASSers. Fighters who WANT to hurt the feelings of VERYPC snowflake types and call evil what it is.


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Katie really is great at this - wit, insults, humour and brilliant polemic all rolled into 18 minutes! She almost had them eating out of her hand by the end. But they won’t defend her, when the establishment come for her as they’ve come for Tommy. They’ll damn her for the truth telling and the witty insults, for “causing anxiety” and “hurting their feelings."

Katie Hopkins Mentions New Zealistan's Thought Police

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As I've already said in the primary post:

Note for Objectivists: this is happening with the acquiescence of Obleftivists, the most egregious band of treasonists of our time.



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Not anti- but pro-. Must be called on it. Profa.


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Who/what are profa?

I don't doubt it

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You were right, Joe.

"I told you so"

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I was saying that this was coming, back in 2009, with the whole "Robin Hood Responds" initiative, to the disbelief of others.

Does anyone doubt it, now?

Profa and Thought Police in Portland

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The kinds of terrorists Obleftivist revisionist Andrew Bernstein would applaud as "freedom fighters." Yet they are Filth, as is Bernstein. But still, none dares call them Filth:

Ballsy Brit Calls out New Zealistan's Police State

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Letter to Chief Censor by Ronald Berrington

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Reprinted with Mr. Berrington's permission:

An open letter to:-

Govt. Classification Office
Chief Censor

Sir, Madam, or whatever,

Your organisation grossly oversteps the mark in limiting freedom of both speech and right to information.

In order to exist, a human being needs to discriminate all the time between truth and fiction, right and wrong, good and evil, in every case making a logical and rational decision before acting appropriately. Your suppression of information directly prevents that function.

The government's reactions (including those made by your office) to the recent atrocity are a prime example of this. Twisted and fatuous they may be but the perpetrator of this atrocity published his 'reasons' - which you and the government suppressed. Due to this we cannot know what those reasons were, cannot judge - rationally - for ourselves their validity or if they were as heinously unjust as they appeared at first sight to be. We cannot know what were his aims, his agenda, his political persuasion, his religious or racial affiliation, or indeed anything whatever regarding his actions.

What do we get instead? His proclamations are labelled "hate speech" - a meaningless term used as a blanket to cover any opinion other than a those of a leftist. A pack of lies suggesting he is "far right"! Despite your attempts to obliterate all knowledge about him I know he is actually a fascist and a communist with bizarre, irrational ideas, acting, apparently, totally independently of any faction. Our prime minister (who also happens to be a communist!) twists facts and manipulates the media, milking the event for all the political capital and personal advantage she can garner. For her photo-ops she dons a token hijab - not for her a burqa - that would conceal her identity - which would never do!

I realise you and your ilk believe the public cannot be trusted to pass judgement on anything whatever - that we have to be cajoled, "educated" (aka brain-washed) in the principles of "the progressive left" and steered to the left and total domination by the would-be globalist control freaks. I realise - and will fight tooth and nail to resist your malevolence.

I recommend that you watch, and above all else, listen to this linked video ...

Ronald Berrington

Papadopoulis ...

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... will be on tomorrow the Judge Janine. Here's what he's saying for now:

Have been contacted by about a dozen Australian journalists for comment on Clinton errand boy, Alexander Downer, and him being idiotic enough to spy on me with his phone. The transcript of my meeting with him will show Australia was willfully trying to sabotage Donald Trump.

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... should be clapped in irons and held in Guantanamo. Along with Hillary, Obamarx, Soros, Yawon, Podesta, John Key, Alexander Downer, Comrade Jacinda and all the other treasonists.

The way things are going, this could happen. Will it be in time? The Filth are swarming over everything, and the Anti-Filth are gutless.

Yes, Papa has been great, but he should just spill everything.

George Papadopoulos ...

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George Papadopoulos

Follow Follow @GeorgePapa19

Keep an eye on Clapper’s recent trips to New Zealand and Australia. He’s trying to cover his tracks along with those two governments which were willfully interfering in our democratic process! The transcripts of my meeting with Downer are ready to come out. America is ready.

7:12 PM - 12 Jun 2019

What Stuff and Newshub Fake News Won't Publish

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From David Seymour:

ACT New Zealand
Dear Friend

If you believe what you read in the news, you probably think I'm a racist who caused another politician to require Police protection. I wrote the article below to explain why that couldn't be further from the truth, raising questions about how such a story came to be. Unfortunately, the media outlets most responsible for spreading the story, Newshub and Stuff, wouldn't publish it. I want to thank David Farrar at Kiwiblog for giving me a platform, and ask you to share this email far and wide. We can't let the cause of free speech be shut down by the media, politicians, and other parts of the establishment.

Yours sincerely,

David Seymour

P.S. If you agree, please forward this email and consider joining ACT here or donating to help us fight for free speech here. Article follows.


David Seymour on free speech

“Let it be known, the public beating has not gone out of fashion.” So goes the quote from the movie Thank You for Smoking, as politicians attack the wildly unpopular protagonist, a tobacco lobbyist.

I’ve found those words to be true over the past week and it has strengthened my belief in the importance of freedom of expression.

To recap, I was asked about Green MP Golriz Ghahraman’s stance on free speech. In her own words “it is vital that the public is involved in a conversation about what speech meets the threshold for being regulated, and what mix of enforcement tools should be used.”

I believe that such an idea, and by extension politicians who promote it, is a danger to our free society. When asked about Ghahraman’s position, in the middle of a 15-minute radio interview, I responded that I thought she was a ‘menace to freedom.’

What has followed has been extraordinary. It has been a lesson in how beat-ups and witch-hunts occur, and why it’s so important that we retain laws that allow us to express ourselves freely. By Tuesday afternoon, I was being asked by media if I was responsible for Ghahraman requiring a security detail. It was clearly a rhetorical question.

Politicians, journalists and other establishment figures have lined up to denounce my comment.

National’s position is that being nice to people who threaten free speech is more important than defending freedom itself. The Greens have said it’s my fault that a few nutcases are threatening an MP. The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians wrote, asking me to apologise for my comment. I should have known it was not a sincere gesture because the letter was duly released to the media who happily published it with barely a response from me. Other women MPs told me they’d known nothing about it. Surprisingly, Trevor Mallard went on TV and said I was a bully. The Speaker is supposed to be Parliament’s neutral referee.

A number of journalists have attacked me. The media should be the loudest cheerleaders for freedom of expression. Their job relies on freedom of expression, and freedom and democracy rely on the media doing their job.

Were it not for ACT, Parliament would be sleepwalking towards tighter speech laws. The media wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Only a few brave academics might raise their heads above the parapet.

There is something not right about this situation. If my comment endangered Ghahraman, then the response of media and politicians has multiplied its airplay exponentially. That response has been driven by the very people accusing me of endangering Ghahraman.

Because I do not think anyone should be endangered for engaging in political debate, I am reluctant to respond any further, but it’s difficult when the very people who say they’re concerned are using the situation to attack me politically. After all, the media cited a ‘source,’ then Ghahraman herself, when reporting the new security arrangements and attributing them to me.

My detractors believe that expressing a genuinely held view on an important issue makes me responsible for threats of violence. They are wrong. My comments do not come close to giving me such responsibility. And the current law is easily on my side.

This belief absolves the real perpetrators – those making the threats – of responsibility. It also introduces the worrying implication that some MPs are unable to fully participate or be criticised because there are violent threats. It’s a belief that allows violent thugs to set the agenda.

The response to my comment proves we cannot trust government to enforce hate speech laws. Imagine if the state had even greater powers to punish speech at its disposal. Some state agency would now be using that power to investigate and punish a sitting MP’s genuinely-held views.

Hate speech laws turn debate into a popularity contest where the winners get to silence views they don’t like by using the power of the state. Tighter restrictions on speech can only mean giving some agency the power to punish people for saying things that do not incite harm but are merely offensive or distasteful. In other words, what you can think is determined by what is popular.

ACT will continue to defend the critical principle that nobody should ever be punished by the power of the state on the basis of opinion.

If you agree, please consider supporting us.

ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.

Authorised by D Smith, Suite 2.5, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

Australistan Gets a Reprieve!

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Police in Britonistan ...

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... same as New Zealistan's:

Ugly Screeching Australian Islamofascist Wimmin

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... says Islam will triumph all over the globe:

This was at an event called "Unapologetically Islam."

There will be no event called "Unapologetically Christian" unfortunately. And no event called "Unapologetically Objectivist." The Obleftivists have seen to that.

Eternal Vigilance Site Outs Police State Fascists

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The National party plan to run a series of meetings around the country to discuss ongoing Gun legislation, this meeting was held at the Te Awamutu RSA, and was attended by a large mob of highly pissed off gun owners looking for blood!

I would estimate there was 300 people in attendance… filling the RSA main hall (The Mps admitted they were only expecting to use a much smaller space) and 90% of the people made it clear they felt utterly betrayed by the National party’s shameful collusion with the Labour Party coalition to rob them of their Gun rights.
From the very start many made it clear they were not interested in hearing weasel excuses, and demanded the two Mps *listen to the people*

Well done Linz

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Some of us take a while to see the light. Seymour’s more consistent than Trump.

Gutsy Gormless Goofy Lifts His Game!

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This press release from Gutless Gormless Goofy causes me to change "gutless" to "gutsy." Seymour's call in the last paragraph to expunge existing restrictions on free speech makes him unique among our MPs. I can't persuade even the Free Speech Coalition to call for the repeal of s61 which I have quoted here and called for the repeal of ad nauseam over the years. For Seymour to, at least by implication, do the same thing now, albeit belatedly, is remarkable.

A noteworthy thing in the TVNZ report cited by Seymour is the atrocious fry-quacking of the "reporter." This reflects the infantilisation of everything that is part of the totalitarians' playbook too.

A media report that Police are investigating an anti-Islam pamphlet reflects a disturbing trend towards criminalising offensive speech, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Hateful speech is of course distasteful, but what is even worse is the state using its extraordinary powers to criminalise offensive opinions.

“The idea that all Muslims are terrorists is patently absurd. If the antidote to speech is more speech, then these pamphlets are deserving of ridicule. We can’t send people to jail for having silly ideas, though, or the Police would have to clear half of Parliament.

“Every democracy has its share of kooks spouting nutty propaganda. Without realising it, they do us all a service by reminding us that free expression is in good health.

“A few weeks ago, in response to a One Law for All pamphlet, Justice Minister Andrew Little claimed the Government needed the power to shut down speech that was foolish.

“But a government agency that can make arbitrary judgements of what is and isn’t a reasonable opinion for people to express is counter to the Bill of Rights Act, which says: ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.’

“Hate speech is deeply subjective. What is fair criticism and what is hate speech? It can only depend on opinion. Usually opinions are met by other opinions, but under hate speech laws they are met by the power of the state.

“Legal tests as subjective as causing offence, or making insulting statements, as contained in our current laws, should never be used.

“The right to freedom of expression needs to be strengthened, not weakened, in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack. We need to expunge the law books of restrictions on freedom of expression and make it clear that it is a critical value for New Zealand.”

Media Contact: Andrew Ketels (021 894 284)
or Brooke van Velden (021 193 5265)

ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.

Authorised by D Smith, Suite 2.5, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

Edit: I have spoken to Seymour's man and heard some of the most encouraging news I've heard in a long time. If it comes to pass I shall consider Seymour a hero. I'll scratch gormless and goofy and just call him Gutsy.

Some discussion ...

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... of the Philadelphistan Muslims here:

It's Taking Too Long!

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We've known about the FISA abuse for two years. We've known about the coup since the Page-Stroek memos came out. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein et al should be behind bars already! This is the Deep State that now pervades NZ also.

Fascist Faecesbook, Twit-witter and the media are complicit too. Enemies of the People indeed! There is no journalism any more, just Islamo-Marxist propaganda and mindless recitation of labels such as "far right," "alt right," "white supremacist" etc.. I just went to Stuff and saw a headline about Captain James Cook being a "white supremacist." I couldn't bring myself to click on the link. I expect Profa want to do a Christopher Columbus on him.

Karma ...

Jon Letendre's picture

... and the Trump Train will deal with your odious cunts.

FISA abuse declassification and FVEY revelations of coup participation are coming soon and will be the beginning of their end.

Time is running out for this sick little gang. British and Australian odious cunt enemies of the American people will be first, then the Canadian and NZ ones. Overnight renditions by US Special Forces, etc.

And terrifyingly absent from the new here...

Jmaurone's picture

And it's been absent from the local news here...(unlike, surprisingly, the Brian Sims story, who wound up issuing a non-apology apology, which resulted in 100's of pro-life protesters going out to the spot where started his incident, and is possibly facing some kind of censure. We'll see what happens there...)


Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

It's quietly terrifying to see that Philadelphia children's video nine comments above.

Yes. there's a play-book ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I confess I didn't think we had sunk so low, and it's taken time for the realisation to sink in.

Straining credulity?

Olivia's picture

It strains credulity to think that this completely-out-of-character-for-New-Zealand mosque shooting was an innocent anomaly and a spontaneous coincidence. The gun-takers and free-speech-deniers were just altogether too ready to make their move. The censorship that immediately went into effect was designed to make sure this didn't occur to us.

When Jacinda has the likes of Hillary Clinton, Paul Hunt, Marcon, the U.N and Helen Clarke cuddling into her soft-headed ears, it doesn’t strain credulity at all. I’ve never seen such disgusting opportunism after an atrocity, but that should not be a surprise. This is what they excel at. They have a play-book.

NZ turning all Yellow Vest is a joke...

Olivia's picture

There’s been a yellow vest push back against the Migration Compact since last year - and they only garner around 100 people at best. Kiwis are about the most complacent people on Earth, hence the leap frogging to first place in freedom erosion that Linz speaks of.

Salient response ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... to my article on https://breakingviewsnz.blogsp...

Thanks for saying what so many of us feel Lindsay. We are in dark days and if we lose our freedom of speech then we will have lost all. Great evil is amongst us and it will take an awakened and courageous nation to defeat it.

Unfortunately our nation is neither awake nor courageous. If what I said is "what so many of us feel," why am I almost the only one saying it?! We have already lost all.

Jacinda Adern, Winston Peters, Simon Bridges et al are active, conscious participants in this "great evil." They are satanic monsters. John Key was part of it also, selling us out to Islam and Communist China every which way (just as Obleftivist Yawon Bwook has sold out OrgOism to those two loci of evil in the modern world). Soros's tentacles extend to the Antarctic. New Zealistan has leapfrogged to the forefront of once-great nations now turning into totalitarian shitholes. It strains credulity to think that this completely-out-of-character-for-New-Zealand mosque shooting by an Australian visitor was an innocent anomaly and a spontaneous coincidence. The gun-takers and free-speech-deniers were just altogether too ready to make their move. The censorship that immediately went into effect was designed to make sure this didn't occur to us.

Let's hope Karma gets these odious cunts. Woke, brave Kiwis won't, since there is none such.

Linz, that stuff article is horrifying

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The country's population is being tested. If you don't go full vicious Yellow Vest right now I'm afraid they will conclude another fabricated mass shooting is not even required, and go straight to mass confiscation.

"they pointed a rifle at my 12-year-old daughter who was picking up horse poo. They told her to put the fork down and walk towards them. She is still anxious and shaken. The whole family is."

"Of the 14 police officers, eight were "heavily armed". The officers wanted to speak to him about the terror attacks, his views on police, Muslims and other religions."

"I can't understand why they needed that many armed police to come in here to ask me my views on this and then seize my gun."

New Zealistan, Police State

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Close the Philadelphia Islamic Centre for "Hate Crime"

Lindsay Perigo's picture

It pains me beyond words to think that Philadelphia, home of the Declaration of Indepedence, the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the Liberty Bell and Mario Lanza—a singing god, son of Italian immigrants, heir to the greatest music humans have penned—has become a hub of Islamosavages. This Islamic Centre turning children into monsters vowing to chop off heads should be closed and its sponsors confined in Guantanamo. There's no free speech issue here: this is outright advocacy of and incitement to the gratuitous, unilateral initiation of force, which is tantamount to the actual deed. It's also vile child abuse.

And, while we're about it, let's consider closing the mosques in First World, civilised countries. Let's institute taxpayer-funded repatriation programmes whereby Muslims uncomfortable with freedom can be sent or returned to countries of their choice where their barbaric, gay-stoning, wife-beating, head-lopping Sharia Law anti-values are enshrined. Taxpayers shouldn't have to fund such things, of course, but since we funded the importing of such people we may as well now fund their humane return to simpatico locations. UNLESS—they sign the Pledge, committing to accept the promulgation of views contrary to their own:

"Just as I reserve the right to hold and express my opinions on any matter whatsoever, I promise to respect the right of all others to do the same. I renounce unreservedly the use of coercion and violence in the promotion of my opinions."

They won't, of course. And even if they did, would they mean it? Taqiyya and all that. Their representatives have declared war on us. Not an "oversight."

Australia Is Working on It Too

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Joe writes: "So this is where we are in Philadelphia, today. I might be an Objectivist/atheist, but I can clearly differentiate between the aggressive Westboro Baptist Church and peaceful protesters at prayer. And, as a homosexual, to boot, I have to say that my sympathy here likes with the Christian women being targeted, and not the disgusting Brian Sims, who purports to speak for people like me, but is really the embodiment of the left's Trump Derangement Syndrome."

Hear, hear, Joe! The Pink Swastika movement makes me, as a fellow-homo, sick too, as I've said many times. I see Mayor Pete Bootyjuice is the latest fashionable lavender fascist. I find it extraordinary that politicised gays embrace Muslim gay-stoners, head-choppers and limb-amputators, but join the frenzied mob who want to destroy Christian Israel Folau for simply quoting the Bible. Thought Police are swarming all over Australia. Humans are waking up, but it may be too late:

Alan Jones has delivered a passionate tirade against the Israel Folau ruling which found the Wallabies star had committed a “high level” breach of his contract describing Rugby Australia’s treatment of him as “Orwellian”.

“The Australia that our Anzacs fought for seems to be disappearing before our very eyes,” the 2GB broadcaster told his listeners. “This is not the Australia our veterans fought for and we’re going to have to take our country back by argument and by the democratic and peaceful process — not by hate and revenge or vilification and intimidation.”

Jones, a former Wallabies coach, also relayed a message he said he had received from Folau. “I’ve just had a note form Israel, he won’t mind if I’m sharing it with you because I said to him, ‘Hold your head up’,” Jones said.

“He said, ‘Alan, I’m at peace, mate. My head is held high’.”

Jones said there was “nothing wrong with Israel, it’s the society and those who prosecute him who are sick’’.

“But the cancer won’t kill us, it’s the cancer that will be removed, not Israel. The Australian people won’t accept this,’’ he said.

Jones read extracts from the maiden speech of NSW’s One Nation leader, Mark Latham, which will be delivered to state parliament today. Jones called it an “outstanding” speech on freedom of speech and western civilisation.

Jones said Latham’s speech would say that “all Israel Folau has done is say what people have said for hundreds of years under the banner of the bible.”

Jones went on to lash out at Wallabies sponsor, Qantas. “This is the intrusion of politics into sport mainly from the sponsor of Wallabies, Qantas,” he said.

The former Wallabies coach said he was now ashamed of the game. “Rugby union preaches diversity — they really mean uniformity. They preach inclusion but they exclude Israel,’’ he said.

“We take oaths of office in every court of the land. The Prime Minister is sworn in with his hand on the Bible — the same bible which Israel Folau has quoted and he’s now had his dignity, his integrity, his employment, his vocation and his income stolen from him.

“I coached Australian rugby, I was proud of it, I was proud of the boys and I was proud of everything we stood for. Today, I’m ashamed of the people who’ve inherited our proud legacy.

“The battle has just begun, and it’s a battle for all Australians. If we’re not free to articulate our religious beliefs and quote from the bible, and if we’re not free to speak for fear that someone affects a hurt or is part of the offence industry, if that’s where we’ve reached in this country, we’ve reached a dark place and we are all at risk.”

Jones also condemned Rugby Australia on Sky News last night. “They say they believe in diversity but they then want uniformity, and so there will be a punishment handed down,” he said. “It is war — Israel will go if he has to go right to the High Court.”

Philadelphia: Not Quite A Police State...But We're Working On It

Jmaurone's picture

Philadelphia, a police state? We're not quite locking people up for thought crimes, yet, but we do have a politician harassing people on the streets for them, all while looking the other way when local Muslims are preaching violent Jihad...

 In the face of recent threats by local Muslims against Jews, one “courageous” public servant has stepped up to the plate by…confronting Christian women?

First up:

“Kids at Philadelphia Islamic Center sing about beheading Jews, becoming martyrs”

From the article: 

"'We will defend the land of divine guidance with our bodies, and we will sacrifice our souls without hesitation,' said the young child. 'We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque. We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling His promise, and we will subject them to eternal torture.'

 "Those are the translated words in a shocking video posted online by the Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia this week. It was posted on Facebook to celebrate it, then later treated as an oversight. Ultimately, the person in charge of the program was 'dismissed.'"

What was the local response? You're guess is as good as mine, as local news won't touch it. But one "courageous" public servant, Democrat Brian Sims, our "first openly gay State Representative" and a self-proclaimed feminist and champion of women, queers, atheists, and minorities, decided to stand up to "hate and bigotry" up to an elderly and teenage Christian women silently praying outside of Planned Parenthood? 

 “Pennsylvania's First Openly Gay Representative Attacks Elderly Woman Praying in Front of Planned Parenthood”

 From the article:

“In what can only be described as a gross violation of the code of conduct befitting a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, new member Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) openly harassed an elderly pro-life woman praying outside a Planned Parenthood in his district. Not only did Sims, the first openly (and rabidly) gay representative behave like a threatening bully, but he may have committed a crime. “

 In addition, Sims was caught on camera attempting to “doxx” other protesters, when he offers “$100 to anyone who can identify the 3 [people in the video].”

In response to online criticism, Sims doubles-down on his attack:

 "Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values. #BeReal"


 So this is where we are in Philadelphia, today. I might be an Objectivist/atheist, but I can clearly differentiate between the aggressive Westboro Baptist Church and peaceful protesters at prayer.  And, as a homosexual, to boot, I have to say that my sympathy here likes with the Christian women being targeted, and not the disgusting Brian Sims, who purports to speak for people like me, but is really the embodiment of the left's "Trump Derangement Syndrome". I already thought he was smug pratt for his previous displays of TSD, but this just takes the cake. (Doxxing of teenagers? Really? Even for a politician, that's a new low...) Where is Sims' courage when confronted with the issue of Muslim children being taught to sing of beheading Jews? Either he's a coward, or worse, he actually is not bothered by the idea, if he doesn't actually support it. As the kids say today, “I literally can’t even.” It’s not hard to imagine where this goes from here.

Search your heart, Linz ...

Jon Letendre's picture

I know you are genuinely concerned about your own imprisonment, you should be. I cannot find the video anymore, either. Some very capable, powerful people with vast digital resources have made it utterly go away. It is extremely important to them. Maybe your govt is being blackmailed by the people who did this.

In any case, your government is making you feel concerned about your potential for real imprisonment ...
in order to protect everyone's psychological health, given how fresh the horror is?
That's why it is so extremely important to them?

Does that feel correct?
Or does it feel like some larger explanation is required, one that really rises to the level of explaining the extreme behavior?


Jon Letendre's picture

Like you, I too know that Oswald did act not alone and did not fire the fatal head shot. People have asked me why are there no pictures of the imagined shooter? Why didn't everyone see him? Why did every investigation debunk the idea? Why, why, why? Often, this is just a rhetorical device for swaying the simpletons who might not remember that we don't need to know everything in order to know something. Rhetorically, it functions to assert that we can't know he didn't fire the head shot until we can say who did. Observers, it is hoped, will notice mainly that the claimant to knowledge has no good answers for question after question after question and will conclude the claimant can't really be in possession of knowledge because that looks different, that looks like having great answers to any and every question.


Jon Letendre's picture

First, your question, "if the NZ Govt were complicit in this event, why would it allow any version of it, fake or real, to be constructed in the first place?"
I don't know that the govt is complicit in the commission, but only that it has to know at least what I know about the video being fake. Perhaps it had no role in the commission of this event and thus no influence on whether or not a "live video" would be produced and offered up via Facebook Live. But once they saw it, they knew it was fake.

Now, Olivia's questions:
1) "They treated the wounded and dying victims of this crime... are they lying?"
I would think the most likely answer is that they are not lying. People can be shot and taken to hospitals. Doesn't establish the truth of the narrative you're being force-fed. If I was tasked with making this event "occur," that's what I would do. Then hospital staff falls in line and is convincing and supports the narrative from their genuine experience.

2) "Are you one of those people who thought 9/11 was not committed by Muslim terrorists but by the Bush admin?"
I know the official story is false.

3) "So, to get this clear, you’re saying that our government fabricated a video of Tarrant killing innocent people?"
I know the video is fake. I don't know who made it.

4) "and you’re saying that innocent people were shot, killed and sent in ambulances to hospital, but were shot, wounded or killed by someone other than Tarrant?"


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I have deleted your link to the video of the shooting since it doesn't work for us Kiwis because it's illegal and we therefore have no way of verifying your claims. Moreover, if it works for people in other countries it renders me liable to imprisonment. I'm happy to go to jail for my beliefs, but not for a conspiracy theory that has not remotely been proven to my satisfaction. Olivia quite rightly points out you have not answered her questions. And I have another: if the NZ Govt were complicit in this event, why would it allow any version of it, fake or real, to be constructed in the first place?

Make no mistake, I've absolutely no doubt our rulers are secretly delighted with this turn of events. They can now take away guns and free speech with impunity, which is their mission as Sorosian totalitarian Islamo-Marxists. But I also think Jacinda's ilk are as stupid—have you heard her fry-quacking?!—as they are evil, and could not have pulled something like this off so cleverly.

The shooter did it, and it was all his own work. This from someone convinced that Oswald did not act alone and did not fire the fatal head shot!

Submitted by Jon Letendre on

Jon Letendre's picture

Submitted by Jon Letendre on Thu, 2019-03-21 08:43.

Greg, try to view the sections I wrote about. The level of discernment required to see what I describe is about equal to that of this disappearing, apparently cgi'd, brass.

The video is 16:55 or 16:58, almost 17 minutes.

To clarify what I wrote about his gun failing to defeat his windshield: you are right that most of the video is him driving his car. After the "shooting" I wrote about, he drives a while. He comes to a stop. People are getting in or out of a car about three or four car lengths ahead. He points a long gun at them and attempts to shoot them through his own windshield. A cloud of grey gasses erupts from the gun, but there is no damage to the glass. Then we see him load more shells, and they are plastic shells for a shotgun. He fires again. This is point-blank, he is in the driver's seat. Yet, again the glass is unaffected. Then a third time. No broken glass. Even bulletproof would be traumatized by three point-blank shotgun impacts, even if not penetrated, whatever the projectile load (bird shot, buck shot, single slug.) But it wasn't penetrated, it wasn't cracked, it wasn't affected at all, which is impossible if the shells had projectiles in them. Also, the dashboard would be cut to pieces by now if projectiles were ricochetting downward, yet there is no damage to it. He doesn't shoot at his windshield again that I saw, in the 17 minute video I saw. He finally gets that gun to shatter the glass of the passenger's door — something the expanding blast of gasses of a strong blank load can certainly accomplish, point-blank, (and direct shot, no angle of attack like at the windshield.) When I saw this segment especially, I understood immediately the news I had heard about how hard authorities are trying to squelch the video.

Submitted by Jon Letendre on

Jon Letendre's picture

Submitted by Jon Letendre on Wed, 2019-03-20 17:19.

The video of the event, which your government is threatening imprisonment for the possession of and is trying to prevent you from seeing, was faked.

At 7:00 and at 7:40 he fires dozens of rounds in the large room at end of hall, toward the people piled up to the left and toward the people piled up to the right. At 10:59, on the right side of the room, a "shot" blows the cap off a head, but does not traumatize the head, thus no head destruction or blood splatter on wall, just cap blown off, by gunpowder—only round from his "weapon." No holes in the walls, no holes in people's backs. He has now fired several dozen rounds in this direction from the middle of the room. Window is intact, no broken glass is evident. No blood on these people's hands, arms, faces, clothes, floor around them.

From 8:57 to 9:10 in the video several dozen rounds fired. No brass heard bouncing on the pavement, none seen on the pavement, the ejected brass disappears in midair, none is seen bouncing on the ground or rolling around on the ground. He stands still firing dozens of rounds, the brass is flying to a spot on the ground to his right, but then it's gone. The ejected brass is CGI, very sloppy, incomplete computer-generated imagery.

From 11:24 to 11:30 he is on the left side of the room. Again, he has fired dozens of rounds in this direction from the middle of the room, yet there are no holes in the wall. His "shots" on these people are not resulting in any blood splatter to the wall, just puffing their clothes and hair. Blue sweater gets puffed by the hot expanding gas of a blank, but no holes in the sweater or blood. No blood on their hands, feet, clothes.

At 12:50 his shotgun fails to defeat his own windshield!
Then again at 12:53!
Again at 13:12!
Finally, at 13:21, the pressure is sufficient given blunter angle to the glass, and the pressure of the projected gasses is sufficient to defeat the glass.

the "live video" is fake

Jon Letendre's picture

Sorry Olivia, but there are many, many things wrong with the video and zero chance that it is real. There is also zero chance that your government does not know this.

I really am sorry to have to tell you that your situation in NZ is much worse than you think. I read you here a lot, I have for years, and I notice you, and Linz also, are genuinely frightened by what is happening in your country and around the world recently. I would be in your situation if criminal Hillary had been elected or if the attempted coup on Trump had succeeded. I feel for you and your situation. And also for the UK, France and Germany, also currently ruled by criminals. It is a very dangerous time for all.

The good news is that those criminals worked and work, together. Have you ever researched fiveyye5s? It was involved in above attempt. Trump is coming for everyone and will find ways of getting some here for tribunals.

Until then I humbly suggest you study the Yellow Vests — don't lie down at this critical moment. Civility IS the upholding of free speech, they took it away, not you.

Who Even Needs The Police State ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... when we have the New Zealand apology for a press?

As Olivia says, NZ's spineless media have agreed to self-censor (as if they don't already) during the trial of the Christchurch shooter next month:

Why New Zealand’s Press Just Put on Blinders for Its Biggest Story
It might feel indecent to cover white supremacists. But you can’t prevent what you won’t let yourself see.

By JACK SHAFER May 01, 2019
Jack Shafer is Politico’s senior media writer.

New Zealanders needn’t worry about their government censoring the press. On Wednesday, five of the country’s major news outlets proved themselves only too happy to censor themselves.

Representatives of Radio New Zealand, TVNZ, Mediaworks, Stuff and the owner of the New Zealand Herald signed a pact agreeing to limit their news coverage of Brenton Tarrant, the man charged in the March 15 Christchurch massacre of 50 worshipers at two mosques. Following the guidelines, the news organizations vow to limit coverage of statements “that actively champion white supremacist or terrorist ideology,” avoid quoting the accused killer’s “manifesto,” and suppress any “message, imagery, symbols” or hand signs like a Nazi salute made by the accused or his supporters in support of white supremacy. “Where the inclusion of such signals in any images is unavoidable, the relevant parts of the image shall be pixelated,” the guidelines add.

The protocol marks a first for New Zealand media, which has traditionally followed the robust free-speech traditions of such other former British colonies as the United States, Canada, and Australia. ...

Bullshit again...

Olivia's picture

...and you failed to offer any answer to any of my questions.

This is the Ozzie guy Max Igan pushing his conspiracy about a “black op” with great conviction, he says similar things to what you’re saying:“I’ve gone through this frame by frame....I can tell the difference between CGI and fake, or real... bla bla bla.”

I watched his original clip (which I don’t believe is available anymore since he claims he was kicked off Youtube and cannot upload) and he ended with,“I’d like to know what Netanyahu was doing that day.”

There is another explanation apart from your theory or loony Igan's:
it was all real, people died, the video was real, they have the shooter in our major high-security prison in solitary - and he expertly carried out his evil alone, as Anders Brevik did (his hero).

Our government has and is using this ordeal shamelessly - and swiftly, we’re really in trouble with our gun laws and free speech and now our main media companies have agreed to a pact, a protocol for how to report about the trial come June 12th. Disgusting acquiecense all round. But this is all consistent with how leftist progressives operate. They exploit every little thing, let alone highly emotional traumas, to ram their ghastly agendas through. That’s what they do.

Bullshit is a rather strong word

Jon Letendre's picture

for someone who apparently has not viewed the video. Unless you have viewed the video?
It was pre-produced, not live, and it was ineptly produced. This was easy for me to see, so your government too knows that it is was pre-produced and fake.


Olivia's picture

So, to get this clear, you’re saying that our government fabricated a video of Tarrant killing innocent people, and you’re saying that innocent people were shot, killed and sent in ambulances to hospital, but were shot, wounded or killed by someone other than Tarrant?

Hi Olivia

Jon Letendre's picture

No, it is not a snuff film, no one dies in the film. I watched it several times, certain scenes dozens of times. Have you viewed it? There are no projectiles emitting from the gun in the video, the whole thing is faked.
People can be shot and ambulanced to a hospital, that doesn't mean the shooting your tyrants fabricated took place.


Olivia's picture

you’re propagating a dumb conspiracy theory.

There was a shooting and innocent people died.
I know folks whose children are in the Police force and the Ambulance service in Ch Ch, NZ is a very small place with a very small population.
They treated the wounded and dying victims of this crime... are they lying?

The video was banned because it’s a fucking snuff film. I can understand that reasoning when the horror is so fresh.

The manifesto is banned (after being read by thousands) because our government probably doesn't want people to read Brenton Tarrant’s words and read how salient some of his arguments are (any argument put forth by some bastard who crosses the moral line of murdering innocent people, including small children, has lost any moral weight in my book).

Banning it is silly of course - actually you can buy it - our Ministry of Justice is "selling it" to journalists, for around 100 dollars, if they can prove they need it for “analysis.” But one will have to prove one's case, no doubt, in other words, be backed by a mainstream NZ media outlet.

There’s another stupid theory floating around, put out by a very military-minded Ozzie guy, forgotten his name, but his theory was that the shooting was real alright, but was perpetrated as a government special ops action which used Tarrant. Yawn.

Are you one of those people who thought 9/11 was not committed by Muslim terrorists but by the Bush admin?

Section 14 is already destroyed

Jon Letendre's picture

Section 14 is already destroyed, that's why they got away with banning the ineptly faked "live video" of the nonexistent shooting.
Is the occasion of their rubbing your noses in that fact really the time to be signing pledges?

Disgusting, Evil Radio New Zealistan

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Taxpayer-funded smearing of Dieuwe:

Being Christian Is a Thought Crime in New Zealistan

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Chilling piece by the admirable Dieuwe de Boer:

Irrelevant Obleftivists

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The fact that Obleftivists, in their unappetising, Narcissistic, graceless and Very PC bloviations, are irrelevant does not diminish their evil—it simply means we must pay more attention to their heroes such as Soros, Theresa May, Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Occasional Cortex and all the rest of The Filth, who alas are not irrelevant precisely because of the preponderance of The Filth among their voters: airhead, fry-quacking moronnial sub-humans, to which specimens Obleftivists are inconsequential but nonetheless equally evil outliers.

Galt's Gulch had the most impenetrable borders ever. Always should have.

I'll start to take Binswanker and Bwook seriously when they open up their Ghated communities to the dinky little savage invaders they claim are self-selected for virtue who are swarming all over actual humans who do not live in Ghated communities (the only places walls are not immoral, apparently). And acknowledge that Islam is more than a "mosquito-bite." And yes, unconscionable that they'd be prattling on about tariffs against totalitarian countries while civilisation burns.

Instructive, the absence of any Obleftivist signing up to my Citizens' Pledge:

"Just as I reserve the right to hold and express my opinions on any matter whatsoever, I promise to respect the right of all others to do the same. I renounce unreservedly the use of coercion and violence in the promotion of my opinions."

Obleftivists know no conscientious Muslim could sign up to that, so they, the Obleftivists, can't either! If Obleftivists and Muslims wish to prove me wrong on this, let 'em sign the Pledge. It's just below! I'd like to see a time when every town and city has a Speakers' Corner a la Hyde Park, and the Pledge is a staple item for distribution at such venues.

Excellent piece...

Olivia's picture

Under Jacinda NZ stands to become the greatest example of how to eradicate freedom in a Western democracy. The fact that Paul Hunt is here to implement the same eradication of freedoms that the UK has gone through says everything. He’s the epitome of a Soros lover. NZ is such a small population - if we fight this one and win I would be the proudest and most patriotic woman alive. Alas, I fear we’re going to lose.

The Obleftivists are disgusting. Peter Cresswell in particular.

Sad, because he has no excuse for he is so well-versed in Rand and individual rights, merit, freedom and the very best of ideas. To see him only ever write about the low-hanging fruit of condemning the “alt right” and blither on about open-borders and free-markets in a time when Trump is trying to keep America America, despite the whole world of the Left condemning him for his troubles, shows his understanding of politics and culture to be shittily way off-base in the real world. He would do well to change the name of his site to Very PC Blogspot. There’s absolutely nothing Not PC about it.

What of Israel? Do these folks think that it should just keep its borders open and focus on nothing but free markets, because those markets will be the thing that saves them from those who would like to see them genocided out of existence?

Cresswell’s arse-licking links to Harry Binswanger’s articles about "asylum seekers deserving of an apology" from the U.S etc is utterly tragic. They parrot the words of Rand, such as her gratitude that America didn’t close its borders to her when she sought to defect, and twist the moral principle into meaning that America, therefore, should never close its borders to anybody, including terror cells, drug dealers, MS-13 rapists/killers etc.

These folks still think they’re living in the utopian 19th Century, pre WWI, where passports weren’t a thing and civilised life was pretty decent. It’s as though they missed the entire last 100 years of the influence of the left on politics and history with its hateful results, yet Rand wrote so much about all that too. Regarding today’s problems, Cresswell, like Yaron Brook and Amy, is utterly irrelevant as a commenter about today’s culture and the problems which face us. Do they think Galt’s Gulch would not have had borders eventually? What do they think Galt would’ve done if the “looters” and wife-beating, honour killing, acid-throwing jihadists crashed his borders? Welcomed them in with an apology for inconveniencing them in any way? As if Galt wouldn’t have made “merit” and "loyalty to peaceful live-and-let-live ideas" a requirement for life in the Gulch!

Compared to now ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... New Zealand was then a beacon of libertarian freedom, compared to now. I don't think we'd heard of or from screeching Social Justice Warriors back then, nor could we have even imagined such creatures. Islam wasn't trying it on, apart from an occasional complaint about bacon in a pizza, and the Left were still willing to debate ideas (at least the old guard of the Left, one of whom, Chris Trotter, is now part of the Free Speech Coalition). It's impossible to imagine what Rand, who quit doing her regular commentaries because the culture had become too disgusting for her to comment on, would have to say about the current state of affairs, but I'm certain the Obleftivists' virtue-signalling to contemporary evil would evince some strong language. The keepers of the flame, demented by TDS, seem to be intent on blowing it out.

"You were informed thusly"

Jmaurone's picture

I remember you scoffing at people, years ago, who were suggesting that New Zealand was some kind of beacon of libertarian freedom. It was hard to convince them otherwise, then. But did you ever think it would get THIS bad?

(Ayn Rand held that she wasn't one to be "out on the barricades", and that it was "much too soon for that. But she also held that the loss of freedom of speech was the final straw. That final straw has broken the camel's back. Well, then, what now, keepers of the flame at the Ayn Rand Institute?)

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