Global Muslim Leaders Conference for NZ: Was Sri Lanka Booked Out?

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2019-06-03 04:28

By Olivia Pierson

A highly staged piece of multicultural theatre is being planned by the Federation of Islamic Associations NZ (FIANZ). They’re organising a global Muslim Leaders Conference here in New Zealand later this year.

Why all the way over here in NZ? Was Sri Lanka booked out?

Mr. Mustafa Farouk, the President of FIANZ, is working with Muslim leaders from all over the world and with the New Zealand government to bring this conference about. PM Ardern has offered them her moral support and said: “If the community wishes to instigate and play a role and take some international leadership, they are free to do so, and they have my moral support.”

The organisation believes that there should be a global policy, and response, to the issues facing faith-based communities, but it seems to be only a conference for the single most coddled faith on the planet – Islam.

"New Zealand’s position of unity, the prime minister’s reaction, and the way all communities came together to work through the tragedy [of Christchurch] and promote communication and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs should be adopted as a global policy blueprint,” Mr. Farouk said.

FIANZ has already been in contact with global Islamic organisation the “Muslim World League” and other European organisations. The conference intends to highlight how people from different cultures could come together to ensure common values prevailed – something New Zealand has never had a problem with. Of course, security has been underscored as an issue after the March massacre in Christchurch, but the fact that New Zealand is even considering hosting such a bizarre and foreign event, proves the point that our country has always been tolerant to people from other cultures – and still is. Let us not forget that Brenton Tarrant was an interloper.

I guess all the so-called white supremacists that some foolish folks have claimed are running rampant throughout our country are not any kind of threat to foreign folks after all. So let's hear no more about all that trumped-up nonsense.

Back in April, at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation held in Turkey, New Zealand’s foreign minister Winston Peters said to the delegation:

"Today, tomorrow and into the future, let us continue to stand together in stamping out the hate-filled ideologies that led to last Friday’s terrible tragedy. Out of despair, let us work with a renewed vigour to spread tolerance, compassion and understanding.”

Being an obsequious United Nation's puppet, Mr. Peters doesn’t seem to be aware that in many of the countries that will be sending delegations to this conference in New Zealand, Christians in their lands are currently being slaughtered so regularly that the UN has been called upon to recognise that, by the lights of their own definition, these killings have reached the level of a Christian genocide.

This religious cleansing is being carried out predominantly by Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East precisely because of the “hate-filled ideology” that is contained within the Koran, the Hadith and Islamic Shariah Law itself. I’m wondering if that great paragon of tolerance, the Sultan of Brunei, has also been invited to the proposed New Zealand conference?

I have two helpful and serious suggestions for FIANZ:

Firstly, they should make sure that Yahya Cholil Staquf, the secretary-general of Indonesia’s “Nahdlatul Ulama” movement, has a prominent role in the up-coming conference.

Mr. Staquf recently warned Britain’s All-party Parliamentary Group that their agreed-upon definition of “Islamophobia” as a racist term was “factually incorrect” and “counter-productive.” He wrote that Islamophobia was a result of Islamic extremism and not racism:

The truth, we recognise, is that jihadist doctrine, goals and strategy can be traced to specific tenets of orthodox, authoritative Islam and its historic practice. This includes those portions of sharia that promote Islamic supremacy, encourage enmity towards non-Muslims and require the establishment of a caliphate. It is these elements – still taught by most Sunni and Shiite institutions – that constitute a summons to perpetual conflict.

Mr. Staquf went on to say:

Brenton Tarrant’s murder spree, was part of an ‘ancient cycle of violence’ and that the killer shared a ‘historical framework’ with many Muslims that went back almost 1,400 years. He explained the traditional Islamic teaching that ‘Muslims and non-Muslims are and shall remain in a state of permanent conflict, until the end of time (according to Islamists) or the disappearance of Islam (according to advocates of a counter-jihad)’.

Considering Mr Staquf is the leader of an organisation that claims to have 90 million Muslim adherents, he sounds like an indispensable kind of guy to have at a conference of global Muslim leaders gabbing-on about peace inside the tolerant borders of a Western country.

My second suggestion to FIANZ is to extend an invitation to Australia’s Iranian-born Imam, Mohamad Tawhidi, who wrote the book The Tragedy of Islam and says political correctness (i.e. the Left) is allowing radical Muslims, with their dangerous and deadly ideology, to flourish:

“Look, I’m a Muslim, but I cannot live in an Islamist theocracy,” Tawhidi told CBN News. “I can live in a Christian government, based on their constitution, because that is where peace lies.

To hear Imam Tawhidi explain his thoughts more extensively, you can watch Candace Owens’ recent interview with him below. Tawhidi holds the view that Islam as a religion is entirely un-reformable. It is only individual Muslims dotted throughout society who can be reformed from the violence inherent within orthodox Islam, and influencing individuals thus is his personal mission.

The Muslim leader said he rejected controversial Shariah law to live by the Australian law, "because I am an Australian Muslim and not a Muslim Australian.”

This upcoming conference concerns me deeply, as it should concern all New Zealanders who prize the inestimable value of peaceful liberty, which we inherited from Christian, not Islamic, civilisation. After one major incident of violence against Muslims in New Zealand, suddenly Muslim leaders here feel that they have the moral upper-hand to push their appallingly backward, totalitarian religion down a modern secular nation’s throat. We know that Islam is not a religion of peace. If it were, we Westerners would be migrating in hordes to the lands of Islam - hell, if it were, Muslims from war-torn countries would be migrating to the other lands of the Ummah, not the West.

This planned event should be looked upon with rational suspicion, given that no such conference anywhere is ever organised after Islamic adherents go on one of their frighteningly regular killing sprees, murdering fellow Muslims they deem to not be orthodox enough and Western “infidels” alike.

If global Muslim leaders want to address the issues of peace and "shared values," why is such a conference not being organised in Sri Lanka after the April 2019 Easter Sunday massacre, supposedly to avenge the massacre of Muslims in Christchurch, which killed 320 Christians, Buddhists and Muslims and left over 500 innocent people injured?

Whilst I inhale the fumes of rank hypocrisy, I await a conference in the Middle East of global Muslim leaders to address the tragic and ever-present issue of Christians being exterminated in Muslim majority countries by their own co-religionists. If she authentically values religious tolerance, I also await PM Jacinda Ardern lending her “moral support” to such a conference, to say nothing of her physical presence with a shiny, gold cross around her neck in overt solidarity with the slaughtered and the grieving.

Tawhidi's Video

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Oh Dear! Iranian-born Imam Tawhidi writes this...

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In exactly 29 days, I will have to defend myself in court against an ‘Islamic extremist’ principal lawyer
They’ve tried everything:

Character assassinations, physical attacks, raided my home and destroyed my vehicle, mass reported me on social media and unpublished my pages, and they continue to fail every time they attempt to silence me.

I have been under a “suppression order” for months, and limited to what I can say. However, before the ‘order’ came through, I wrote the following detailed reports: Here and here. I also spoke about this on video, here.

A Breakdown of What’s Happening Right Now:

1) I was invited by the Australian Senate to give evidence against Islamic Extremists in Australia. The committee was chaired by Senator Ian MacDonald. You can watch my testimony here.

2) An ‘extremist Muslim’ lawyer shared the footage of my hearing and: A) Believed there should be a law to poison me. B) Wished for ISIS to behead me and turn my head into a meal. This is something ISIS actually does, it’s very graphic, if you really want to see how ISIS cooks heads after they behead them, click here. The point I am trying to make is that the ‘extremist’ lawyer was not using metaphors, this is an actual ISIS practice that he wished upon me – in Australia. He is also a migration agent, which leads to the question: If this is his ideology, who has he brought into Australia?

3) I shared the comments he made publicly, onto my pages to raise awareness about this serious threat.

4) Members of the public, and my online followers, rightfully expressed outrage at his comments by contacting his office and condemning his actions.

5) The ‘extremist’ lawyer raced to file a bogus case against me with the Police and Court, claiming that I began harassing him and directed my followers to harass him. He did not tell the police or court what he had done.

6) I am now being dragged to the courts as he claims that my actions resulted in his loss of business and emotional stress.

Once I win this case, I will release the full story, including all related documents, and show how they are abusing the law to silence those who expose them in Parliament.

We need to look at the bigger picture. They are trying to silence me by using and abusing the law. They are testing the waters. If the Islamist Extremists win this case, it’s over for us – and nobody would dare testify against them in Parliament.

You can read what he is up against in Australia here.

And so is this one!

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Charming fellow!

At Least This One Is Up Front

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Here's a gay-stoner who makes no bones about it. World-wide Sharia by 2060!

"Islam is a mosquito bite!"—Yawon Bwook

Murderous Muslim Taxi Driver

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All over New Zealistan, many taxi drivers are now Muslims of recent arrival who can barely speak English. Who is making all of this happen? I'm certain NZ voters were never consulted. It seems we were following the Global Migration Compact even before the loathsome Winston Peters signed it.

And the media, particularly in the form of the illiterate, dumb, unprofessional activist masquerading as a journalist, Patrick Gower, are now calling anyone who's raising the alarm about the swarming of our country by primitive superstitionists a "white supremacist." Shame on Duncan Garner for going along with this. He knows better, but I guess he also knows on which side his bread is buttered. Disgusting.

New Zealistan is fucked.

As an individualist who believes in the content of one's character over the colour of one's skin I've never been a white supremacist, and the whole subject of race bores me—but I'm thinking of becoming one. Though I'm not quite sure what the point would be: Islam, which I do truly despise, is not a race but a (grotesque) religion. What does white supremacy have to do with opposition to the hideous religion of Jihad, gay-stoning and wife-beating? And why does Islamo supremacism get a free pass from garbage like Gower? Because that's where the loyalties of Gower, Ardern, Little, Devoy, Patrick Hunt and the entire gamut of The Filth—media, academia, politicians, Sorosian globalists, Obleftivists, Soviet Valley elitists, airhead fry-quacking Social Justice Warriors, Profa, et al—lie.

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