30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Wed, 2019-06-05 05:26

And, Obleftivists celebrate fwee twade with the People's Liberation Army.

Follow Trump

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One of the good things about the God Emperor of Mankind is that he is Making Tariffs Great Again.

Ciao ciao Huawei!


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I don't think he likes Iranian nationalism, since, I'm told, he thinks Iwan should be nuked, notwithstanding that "Islam is just a mosquito-bite" (no wonder he doesn't put anything in writing, with such flagrant inconsistencies abounding!). Grant, which versions of non-white ethnic nationalism do you think he thinks are just dandy? I suppose we already know from Andrew Bernstein that he'd love the black version currently abounding in South Africa, since he's already on record as saying there's no black-on-white genocide going on there, and his Obleftivist flunkeys in New Zealand have damned Lauren Southern for pointing out that there is. But again, Bwook has not written anything down. Who was it who called him "slippery"? That's being unfair to slipperiness! Of course, nothing is a matter of Pwinciple for Yawon. Tiananmen Square? A mere bagatelle. Fwee Twade with the massacrers will make it all all wight!


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We must fight white nationalism. Other forms of ethnic nationalism are just dandy. It's not like it's a matter of principle for Yawon.


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Are you forgetting that we must "pivot" from fighting socialism to fighting nationalism? Marxism is a mere mosquito bite.

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