Origins of ObLeftivism - or Objectivism?

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Submitted by Bruno on Sun, 2019-06-09 16:30

I'm back.

Congenital Contempt/Indifference vs Benevolent Neutrality

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Very stimulating video, Bruno, though something/someone seems to be missing. Smiling

Rand's notes on Roark's view (or lack of one) of other humans are ambiguous in their totality. She attributes both congenital contempt/indifference and "benevolent neutrality" to him. I think the latter better anticipates her mature, non-Nietzschean view, and is more defensible, though the former is gaining credibility in this age of Profa and militant mindlessness.

Just today I got to this in my re-read of the Journals and let out another holler:

"The rational faculty demands total independence—in function, in action, in motive. ... The man who surrenders this primary independence commits the act of slipping below his nature, into the sub-human." (P 258)

This is precisely the sense in which I, without remembering that she had said that, have been dividing biological humans into actual humans and sub-humans. We ought all to do this habitually, not because anyone else is doing it but because it's the truth, which will blast the Left's (including Obleftivists') claim to the moral high ground to smithereens. They substitute sloganistic lies for reasoning and then, of course, repair immediately to mob force to impose their views since they cannot win the intellectual argument.

Then, in another of my re-reads, I came across this:

"In a way, Carmen started the verismo school. It contained contemporary characters true to life and traced the disintegration of an honorable soldier. Carmen herself is a more subtle character than the usual than the usual leering, hip-swinging soprano or mezzo would suggest. Carmen, indeed, is moral rather than immoral because she is always honest with herself. She never violates her own code of conduct. If she does not follow bourgeois sexual codes, neither is she promiscuous. She belongs to only one man at a time. She knows her powers and does not hesitate to use them, but sexual power is not the most important element in her make-up. Indeed, a well-acted Carmen should suggest her contempt for most men, and for humanity in general."

I had to double-check the cover to make sure I wasn't still reading the Journals. I wasn't. The above is from The Great Composers by Harold C. Schonberg!

It occurred to me that maybe instead of "Authenticism" I should use "Verismoism." Except some might misunderstand this as unbridled animality, as opposed to acknowledging animality and applying to it the conscious deliberation that is the essence of actual as opposed to sub-humanity.

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