David Seymour Is a Fake! (Was 'Congratulations David Seymour!')

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-06-15 01:35

Here is what we've waited so long for: a call to abolish the anti-free speech Human Wrongs Commissariat and repeal existing restrictions on freedom of speech!

New bill will protect freedom of expression

ACT New Zealand
10:29 (2 hours ago)
to editor

“A new member’s bill announced this morning will strengthen protections for our most basic freedom”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

“Freedom of expression is the basis of all our freedoms. But it is under attack. The Government, urged on by the Greens, is planning to further restrict what New Zealanders are lawfully allowed to say through tougher hate speech laws. The Human Rights Commission has completely failed to defend our most basic human right and has even supported extending restrictions on speech. The media and other parts of the establishment have been silent. ACT has stood alone in defence of our most basic freedom.

“Hate speech laws punish people on the basis of their opinions. Normally, opinion is met by opinion. But under hate speech laws, opinion is met by the power of the state. We now regularly see people attempting to use the law as a weapon against their political opponents. This is deeply divisive.

“ACT’s Freedom to Speak Bill will repeal parts of the Human Rights Act and the Summary Offences Act which make insulting and offensive speech unlawful. ACT believes that, while it should be a crime to incite or threaten violence, nobody should ever be punished for insulting or offensive speech. Distinguishing hate speech from genuine criticism is impossible.

“The Freedom to Speak Bill will also specify that the Harmful Digital Communications Act only applies to complainants under the age of 18. Online bullying of children is a major problem. It is important that there is an agency and a set of guidelines for resolving bullying of children online. However, doing so also restricts the right of free expression. While this may be tolerable in the case of children, or those communicating with children, adults should not be able to use hate speech sanctions to silence critics.

“As I warned at the time ACT voted against the National Government’s Harmful Digital Communications Bill, the legislation is now being used to attempt to suppress reporting by the media.

Revenge porn will remain an offence regardless of the age of the complainant.

“ACT will also abolish the Human Rights Commission. The Commission has become completely irrelevant when it cannot defend our most basic human right. The current Chief Human Rights Commissioner has been silent on the importance of free speech and has even pushed for new hate speech laws. The Human Rights Commission has also become politicised. Commissioners have entered into political debate and denounced particular politicians even when those politicians are simply expressing honestly held views for voters to decide on.

“As the Government considers further restricting speech, we risk following other countries into censorship, where elites decide what we can and can’t say. ACT stands staunchly in favour of freedom of expression. We need to remove restrictions on free speech and make it clear that it is a critical value for New Zealand.”

Media Contact: Andrew Ketels (021 894 284)
or Brooke van Velden (021 193 5265)

ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Bravo! C/f my own recommendations in Saving Free Speech from Profa :

1) Salman Rushdie’s famous dictum, “There is no such thing as a right not to be offended” must be emblazoned in the sky, fry-quacking moronnial snowflakes notwithstanding.

2) So too must “I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.” The counter to bad ideas is good ideas, and the free exchange thereof.

3) So too must Section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, which says: "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form."

4) Section 4 of that Act, which says the Act can be trumped by other legislation, must be repealed.

5) Section 61 of the Human Rights Act must be repealed.

6) The office of Race Relations Commissar must be disestablished.

7) So too must the entire Human Wrongs Commissariat.

Seymour the Dilettante Dip-Stick

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It's Gutless Gormless Goofy who is "silly." Thinks waffling will move the needle from 1% where it's still stuck.

Berry needs to go on the front foot as Humans Rights Spokesman. Too scared. No better than GGG. Just wants to be in Parliament.

And if it's still ACT policy to pull out, why has no one publicly said so? The guys at the meeting report he said "no." Where's the clarification?!

Understand, Seymour is a complete and total prick. I've known this for years, ever since his betrayal of Don Brash on the marijuana issue. It was astonishing to me that he came out with this pro-free speech stuff. But he doesn't mean a word of it. He's a fat, smug, unintelligent but rat-smart evil opportunist basking in his taxpayer-funded privileges. He is not going to save free speech, and doesn't give a shit about it.

Still Act policy to pull out

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Still Act policy to pull out of the compact.

Stephen Berry is good on this.

Seymour not so much. In his words the compact is merely 'silly.' The level of opposition to it also 'silly.'

Certainly it's not a priority of his.

New Video on Seymour's Sell-Out

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My Reply to Seymour's Spokesman

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"Well, if that's the case, it'd be a good idea to do a press release to that effect. The other version of events has gone viral."

Of course, there'll be no such press release, since Seymour is lying through his teeth.

And in any event, free speech is far more important than any of the above. It is fundamental and foundational. As Ayn Rand said (as the Randtards like to say before every sentence they utter), if that goes, everything goes.

Funny how Randtard Obleftivists are supporting the SJWs, moronnials and other anti-free speech Filth.

Taxation, education and regulation...

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and Ihumatao, which is their current obsession. As if Fletchers can’t take care of its own interests.

Nothing is more important to freedom of expression in this country than pulling NZ out of that damn Migration Compact. It ought to be ACT’s top priority as Seymour makes his bid to “fight for free speech.”

All this equivocation about the Pact being “non binding.” I can’t believe ACT is parroting this twaddle, just as Angela Merkel does. Weasel words.

Free Speech—ACT

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They’re coming to our Howick village pub on the 10th. Should be good. I’ll report. Smiling

From ACT

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In response to a request from me for clarification, a spokesman for Seymour says:

"ACT believes we shouldn’t have signed it and that we should pull out. Some people (about four) at the meeting in question wanted David to say that this is ACT’s top priority. David explained that it is not as ACT is more concerned about taxation, education, and regulation."

Further confirmation

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I had a telephone call today from another guy who was present at the Christchurch meeting. He recounted that Seymour had responded to questions about the Global Migration Compact with irritation, culminating in "For fuck's sake, if that's all you have to worry about in life, I'd like your life." Also explicitly said "no" when asked if he would withdraw NZ from the Compact.


It's Worse than That

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But I have squirreled my earlier comments in this post away pending corroborating information, when I shall reinstate them.

Right. Below, an eye-witness account of what occurred. This is entirely consistent with the David Seymour I know, who has nary a principle in his body, who virtue-signalled that Stefan and Lauren were "nutty as squirrel poo" when Goff was trying to ban them from entry.

So, first, to reinstate my post [edited, Fri August 2]:

At a public meeting he [Seymour] said he wouldn't vote for withdrawal from the Global Migration Compact and if that's all people had to worry about in their "fucking lives" he wished he had their lives. It's under the auspices of the GMC of course that private citizens are already being harassed by Jihad Jacinda's Thought Police as documented here. So much for "non-binding."

Seymour has no intention of seeing his Bill through seeking repeal of Section 61, abolition of the Human Wrongs Commissariat, etc. I was agreeably astonished when he came up with it, since I had been agitating for these exact measures for years and banging my head against a wall. Alas in Seymour's case it would seem to be just a ploy to attract the votes of decent people who, confronted by these outrages, will look for an alternative party on the "Right," since ACT is useless. The Free Speech Coalition, incidentally, is an ACT front designed to push votes in that direction, not to protect free speech. I'll have much more to say about this soon enough.

Seymour's as much a scum-bucket as Winston and Jihad Jacinda. Humans should not go near ACT. I don't know what the alternative is yet for next year's election—I've not kept up with the sundry "conservative" parties I'm told are pending or already extant.

Now, an eye-witness account of the meeting, with attendant warning not to go near ACT:

I won’t tolerate that, I emailed info@act

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“Backsliding will be punished

Hi team

There are rumours you are not going to support free speech, or are to water down your policy.

You’d better not.

Gregory Davis.
[phone no. supplied]”

Stop the Presses! Seymour Doesn't Meant It!

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Stand by for details!

Seymour on FSC Podcast

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This may be old news to many

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This may be old news to many here, but Karl du Fresne wrote an excellent column a few weeks back on NZ Green MP Golriz Ghahraman's efforts (uncritically abetted by many in the media) to paint David Seymour as an incitor of violence against her:


Du Fresne goes on to observe that Seymour, "to his great credit, ... stood his ground. Would that other centre-right politicians showed similar spine when the pressure is on."

In an equally good follow-up post on his blog, Du Fresne also highlights the double standards of the Left:

I was fascinated to learn last week that two years ago, the “comedian” Guy Williams (I put that word in inverted commas because it has become a synonym for tiresome prig) took a photo of Don Brash crossing a street in Ponsonby and posted it on Twitter with a comment indicating a desire to run him over.
Obviously there was no real intent to carry out the threat, and Williams later apologised. But the mere fact that he expressed the thought, even flippantly, is telling.
It becomes even more intriguing when you learn that Williams is the boyfriend of Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, who made a melodramatic pitch for public sympathy last week – supported by Williams – after ACT leader David Seymour upset her by calling her a menace to freedom because of her demands for tougher controls on what New Zealanders are permitted to say.

It’s interesting to speculate on what might have happened if the names were re-arranged here, and it was Seymour who had jokingly threatened to run Ghahraman down on Ponsonby Rd.  I think we can safely say the Left would have been up on its hind legs demanding that he be strung up.   


Good to see the New Zealand

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Good to see the New Zealand Herald reporting today on David Seymour's bill (along with some astute observations from Richard Prebble):


And Daring David hits the nail on the head here:

"For a long time, we could rely on the liberal left to uphold freedom of expression. They may have wanted to take your property, but at least they'd let you have your thoughts and opinions."

My "share" is not working either

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None of the options comes up.

Mmm. Can't make the Share

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Mmm. Can't make the Share This (to twitter) link work ... will do manually, but not sure if my settings or yours, Linz.

Very, very heartening...

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to see David Seymour and ACT put the Freedom of Speech Deniers on the defensive!
Great stuff! Smiling


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I shall keep "Gutless Gormless Goofy" up my sleeve, just in case "Daring David" backslides! Smiling

Bravo indeed! It’s been a

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Bravo indeed!

It’s been a very long time since a New Zealand politician showed such a thrilling combination of balls, intellect and passionate reason. I’m as surprised as I am impressed by this new Daring David. (“Goofy” no longer!)

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