Ardern and Peters Call to Appease the Psychopaths of Iran for Oil

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Submitted by Olivia on Fri, 2019-07-05 06:57

By Olivia Pierson

As the week’s past events have shown, President Trump refuses to be goaded into outright war with Iran, even though they appear to be spoiling for one. Shooting down a US unmanned drone and lying about it flying over Iranian airspace is an act of war by the Iranian regime.

At the last moment, President Trump called off a retaliatory targeted bombing raid, which might have cost the Iranians 150 lives, thus showing not only that he exercises immense restraint, but also that he has the ability to confound his own generals; to say nothing of the anti-Trump media. Good! The Iranian regime is again on notice and, as the president stated, “I’m in no hurry to deal with Iran.” Knowing full well that their actions are aggressively provocative, they are left dangling nervously over a precipice, where they deserve to hang until their betters are ready to deal with them in their own sweet time.

Stiffer economic sanctions which pinch even harder around the dopes in the upper echelons of Iranian leadership have followed, while they dangle from a noose they forced President Trump to tighten around their necks.

Speaking of dopes, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has commented minimally on these portentous events, as she hunkers down in her obvious political impotence, by calling for “tensions to de-escalate” and irrelevantly reiterating that:

“Our preference of course had been to maintain the Iran nuclear deal – that puts us alongside members of the EU.”

This also puts Ardern on the wrong side of history; unfortunately, a side for which she seems to have a striking affinity.

Our PM has been so busy indulging in psychobabble about “wellbeing” and all such Woman’s Weekly stuff, that she failed to notice that the The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was a piece of chronic appeasement that gave Iran a direct path to developing a nuclear weapon! The deal was found to be so wanting; it did not even bother to address any of Iran’s well-known worldwide terrorism activities, nor the supporters of the regime’s primitive habit of chanting, “Death to Israel! Death to America!”

At the time that Jacinda’s pin-ups, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, constructed the hastily cobbled-together semi-treaty, a deal which was never ratified by Congress, they willingly turned a blind eye to the Iranian Hezbollah network, which notorious criminal Tareck El Aissami established in Venezuela when he worked closely with late dictator Hugo Chavez and current presidential thug Nicolas Maduro.

El Aissami had the authority to issue residency permits in the country, allowing Hezbollah intelligence networks to gain a foothold not only throughout Latin America, but also the British Virgin Islands, Panama, the United Kingdom and the United States. As soon as Trump became president, he slapped restrictive sanctions on El Aissami including his frontman Lopez Bello and the thirteen criminal drug companies connected to both men.

Only two weeks ago, a bombshell report came out in Britain, revealing that during the Iran nuclear deal talks in 2015, former British PM David Cameron and former Foreign Secretary Theresa May covered up an explosive discovery that Hezbollah had stored 3 metric tonnes of ammonium nitrate, concealed in disposable ice-packs, inside a London factory – that’s a third more than Oklahoma City bomber,Timothy McVeigh, used to kill 168 people in 1995:

“In February this year the Conservative government proscribed Hezbollah as a terrorist group in its entirety, after earlier having only treated the ‘military wing’ as a terrorist entity. Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government and as a result, a number of countries, along with the European Union, differentiate between the group’s ‘military’ and ‘political’ activities. The U.S. and several others – now including Britain – do not distinguish between the supposed wings.”

Apparently this is what Hezbollah and Iran have been up to on British soil, while British and EU leaders quibble, in the most puerile manner, about whether the fanatical terrorist group’s ‘political wing’ is morally any better than its ‘military wing’. Imagine for a moment how silly it would have been for Winston Churchill’s administration to spend one iota of time furrowing their brows over whether any moral difference existed between the Nazi Party’s Gestapo wing and that of its SS?

Iran’s toxic tyrant, dictator Hassan Rouhani, announced last week his threat to Europe, that unless they deliver Tehran a new deal “by July 7th 2019, the Islamic Republic would increase its enrichment of uranium” – which means closer to ‘weapons grade’ enrichment.

Remembering that this murderous mullah is the side that our New Zealand prime minister firmly keeps us on, (along with the floundering, globalist EU), Foreign Minister Winston Peters has had to say this in response to the toxic dictator’s open threat, before Iran had even engaged in shooting down the U.S drone:

“While fortunately no-one has been killed, these latest attacks on vessels near the Strait of Hormuz are dramatically raising tensions in the region, and could have wider consequences… At this time any misstep or a miscalculation could lead to a serious escalation. As this Government stated in a press release on 10 May, we call on all parties involved to exercise caution, restraint and common-sense and to avoid steps that could undermine peace and security in the region.”

Escalation is exactly what Iran’s regime wants – and is crying out for. We know from the brutality of the regime’s actions against its own private citizens, that it does not value Iranian lives.

These are the types of leaders Ardern and Peters choose to appease, but why? Because New Zealand buys about half its oil from the Middle East which gets shipped through the Strait of Hormuz.

America, thanks to President Trump, is now the largest producer of oil in the world. It’s no skin off America’s nose if Iran wants to hold the rest of the world to ransom over oil shipping, it won’t directly affect the USA, but what is the rest of the world prepared to do in order to keep those sea lanes open – patrol the whole of the Persian Gulf? I think not.

If Ardern and Peters had any sense about the integrity of Western civilisation, they would be asking President Trump for an oil deal, not insisting on going the route of appeasing a psychopathic regime, which is hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the world map, while threatening the EU.

But Ardern does not possess any sense, because following on in the vogue of mindless sheeple who only know how to “baaaaaaaa,” she mimics the witless narratives of socialist leaders and media who despise President Trump, thereby preferring to keep our country firmly allied to the world’s worst actors instead of those who value civilisation and liberty.

Shame on Ardern and Peters – and a pox on both their houses.