Faces of The Filth—Freak Show Extraordinaire!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-07-16 06:05

Remember, Islam is just a mosquito-bite, and Twump is the biggest thweat to Western Civilisation, according to another Filth-beholden fweak, Obleftivist Bwook!

Send Her Back!!

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Turns out that thing got in under false pretences. Sub-Filth:


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Is the connection between upward-inflecting fry-quacking, moronry and evil sinking in yet? If the Sualid Squad don't reveal it I don't know who ever will.

I think it was ...

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"Send HER back" since she, the evil bitch Iran Ilhan, came from Somalia. The other Filth was born in the USA. But Trump's original point stands: they are ALL free, the Squad AND Bwook, since they hate Twump and Amewica so much, to go to any shithole country of their choice (Bwook alweady went to Puerto Wico to avoid taxes). We just need Trump not to buckle to RINOs when there's a furore. That was an awful climb-down by him the next day. The RINOs a bit like the quivering cowards within Objectivism who won't speak out publicly against Obleftivism, but trash me privately for doing so in bold language.

Send them back!

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Beautiful chant, beautiful sentiment.
True love of nation.

Alas ...

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... he abandoned his "rightful righteousness" the next day and said he was "not happy" with the chant. Sickening.

If only he had the "rightful righteousness" of Filth like Ilhan Iran.

The Trump re-election squad

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Donald will win by a margin next time and he thanks the idiocy of his opponents in ensuring that the greatest country gets a little more breathing space before it heads further towards enacting known failure statist-socialist policies. Great to see his confidence and rightful righteousness.

"Send Her Back!"

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Trump takes The Filth on directly; crowd gets it.

Send other anti-American, pro-Islam Filth like Bwook back too:

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