Yaron Brook Discovers the Fifth-Column

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Thu, 2019-07-25 05:56

Unfortunately, the fifth-column Brook calls out on his latest video are patriotic Objectivists who don't hate President Trump. More on this later, after the context is set.


Brook is really in a black pilled mood during the course of this tirade. He's all doom and gloom. He begins by criticizing the "far left" for its overt nihilism. But, he mainly characterizes the left as "nutty" and "insane." Of course, he did not identify the left (including the "Squad") as evil, which they obviously are. 

Brook then lashes into the "right." As is typical, he creates a strawman on who/what the "right" is and then attacks his own creation. He contends that the "right" is as hostile to individualism/freedom as the demented left. His view indicates a profound ignorance on the "right." He apparently doesn't frequent such popular "right" websites/blogs as PJMedia, Breitbart, Daniel Greenfield or the Gateway Pundit among many others.  

Instead, Brook cites Stefan Molyneux as an example of "right-wing" racism. He provides a single quote to support his contention. It could be anti-Semitism on Molyneux's part. Or, more likely, Molyneux was just pointing out Jeffrey Epstein's own, peculiar form of ethno-centrism. But, we can't have any of that. Brook also cites socialist Richard Spencer as representative of the mainstream "right." Then, of course, he lumps Donald Trump in with these two disparate individuals: 

Americans think they have to choose between the Squad and the crazy nuttiness of the left, and Donald Trump and the crazy nuttiness on the right.

How does he know this from his gated condo in Puerto Rico? When was the last time Brook actually talked to and listened to anyone in middle America? Actually, patriotic Americans know the choice is between a decent, if flawed, nationalist right and a globalist left that wants them dead and replaced. Brook even implies that it's time to strike;

This is what Ayn Rand meant by going on strike. Disassociate yourself and fight. Fight from the high ground.

Then, he states that his idea of striking is to speak out on Facebook and to get Rand's books into the hands of as many people as possible. John Galt did not strike by globe-trotting and giving speeches for an income of several $100,000 a year. John Galt did not strike from the "high ground" of a luxury condo in tax haven Puerto Rico.

Yaron Brook's Barricade of Freedom

At around the forty minute mark, Brook really lets his hair down and goes after who's really bothering him. Only an extended quote of his rambling diatribe can do it justice:

Those of you who are apologists for Donald Trump, please never use the word 'Objectivism' to associate it with yourself. Because you cannot be Objectivists. You are not Objectivists, if you apologize for this guy. 

And you are not doing anyone a favor by selling-out, selling-out the fundamental ideas that we are for. For the sake of what? Popularity, defeating the left? 

You're sell-outs, you're the fifth-column within Objectivism.

No, Yaron. The real sell-outs are making six figures at the Ayn Rand Institute. And, Yaron is at the top of the list. Popularity? Yes, the ObjectivistResistance is real popular with Brook and his minions. We have been called every name in the book by these Obleftivists. We have been demonetized by Brook's Soviet Valley heroes. But, the Resistance will keep fighting for the fundamental ideas we believe in.  

It should be noted that Yaron Brook would never characterize such creatures as Congressjihadi Ilhan Omar as fifth-columnists. That's exactly what they are. In fact, Obleftivists were in high dudgeon over Trump's statement that the America hating fifth-columnists should go back to their shitholes. But, he will use that term, which originally referred to Communist traitors, to describe Objectivists who are patriotic Americans. 

I don't ever apologize for Donald Trump. I do support his reelection and many of his policies. He loves America and wants a free, prosperous decent country. For this thoughtcrime, people like me are continually and viciously smeared by Brook and his AynRandbots. Yaron Brook doesn't get to decide who is or is not an Objectivist. He is not the Objectivist Pope. 

Pope Yawon

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How tediously familiar are these voting fatwas from the self-appointed Popes of Objectivism?! Did Yawon weally say you cannot be an Objectivist if you support Twump? That must be news to Peter Thiel among others. Presumably you can be an Objectivist if you support Hillary, Harris, Nadler, Pelosi, the Squalid Squad, Elijah Cummings, Beto, Pocahontas or any other piece of Islamo-Marxist excrement? Bwook is Obleftivist excwement, pwomoting the agenda of Sowos, the most evil "person" on the planet, filthier than the streets of Bwooktown Baltimore. This latest fatwa alone is philosophical grounds to impeach it, Bwook, let alone the appalling aesthetic cwime against humanity it, Bwook, wepwesents.

Here's something to help humans cleanse themselves after encountering things like it, Bwook, that dwag us down:


An alternate speech

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Consider this little speech, which Brook did not make:
Those of you who urged us to vote for Hillary Clinton, please never use the word “Objectivism” to associate it with yourself. Because you cannot be Objectivists. You are not Objectivists if you apologize for this creature.

And you are not doing anyone a favor by selling-out the fundamental ideas that we are for. For the sake of what? Popularity? Defeating the right?

Now which makes more sense, Brook’s speech or the above?

Like Grant I do not apologize for Trump. As president he has been a huge disappointment after what his campaign speeches led us to expect. Immigration, legal and illegal, continues apace. Still, he is better than Hillary would have been – all around, in every way. And ineffectual though is, he has opened a national discussion on the immigration disaster and that genie will never go back in the bottle. This may be why Brook hates him so.

Brook opted for three (at least) Ginsburgs on the Supreme Court. And he calls himself an Objectivist?


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Yawon's chutzpah is off the charts. He's the consummate opportunist accusing Objectivists of principle with "selling out."

Mark, a friend said Yawon mentioned his new digs on one of his endless videos. I don't listen to them all. This last one as particularly awful, so I devoted some time to it. To be honest, I didn't even listen to the whole thing. It's torture. Making prisoners listen to Bwook's show in an endless loop to break them would be against the Geneva Convention. But, I bet it would work.

In other news, according to Yawon: "You gotta love Puerto Ricans. They are great people" Someday he may learn Spanish and actually socialize with actual Puerto Ricans. Naaa, just kidding. Of course, Yawon would never say anything positive about the American people, who he hates.


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Good article. The situation is just the opposite of what Brook claims. It is the so-called Ayn Rand Institute (Yaron Brook), The Objective Standard (Craig Biddle), and the Prometheus Foundation (Carl Barney) that are the fifth column of Objectivism.

Where did you discover Brook’s location in Puerto Rico?

Great Piece, Grant!

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Just don't ask me to listen to the podcast. The voice of that thing is as hideous as those of the Islamo-Squad. No coincidence I'm sure.

I'm reassured to know that thing would consider us "deplorable" and "irredeemable." I'm curious, though. At whom is he directing his accusation of selling out for popularity? Isn't that pots-and-kettles territory? Not to mention for money, of course. Roark would never sell out for either.

Yawon is selling out Objectivism to Islamo-Marxism. For Koch Bros' hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ensuing ability to live in a Ghated community in Shithole tax haven Puerto Rico whose Governor has just resigned over corruption charges.

Reason, freedom and authenticity anyone?!

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