Trump Derangement Syndrome in My Inbox

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-08-08 10:44

Recently I was contacted by a friend, a Kiwi who still resides in this, his country of birth, I hadn't heard from in many years. He'd been prompted to make contact because he'd just seen the Mark Vincent/Mario Lanza duet on YouTube and it made him think of me. I delightedly replied saying how great it was to hear from him after all this time. I asked what he was up to these days. From his reply, it was clear he hadn't been reading SOLO! He said he spends a lot of time studying "the insanity of Trump."

Trump's behaviour is almost an obsession with me and I salivate at the prospect of seeing him dragged by his heels down the steps of 1600, hurled into the back of a Paddy Wagon and locked up for the rest of my life. The vision of that happening is my fuel.

I'm still scratching my head. This guy was not one to lose his head when all about him were losing theirs. What on earth gets into folk?!