Amy and Jim Support Open Immigration

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sat, 2019-08-17 21:39

At around 45 min.


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The third statement doesn't follow from the first two.

Perfectly Reasonable and Proper

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Neil -- I'm sure their requirements were reasonable. No doubt they're proud of them and find them eminently proper. These two will not have any objections to you telling us what they are.


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I don't want to reveal something that was said in an email. But it was what Brook said to Linz plus at least 10 other restrictions.

What Restrictions?

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Neil -- What were the free speech restrictions Amy and James proposed?


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Someone should tell Amy (and Jim) that saying "right?" every 10 seconds or so doesn't make them sound more persuasive.

Amy and James

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I offered to debate Valliant (on my dime) on his two books on Amy's show and you wouldn't imagine the restrictions they placed on any debate. I rejected their conditions, as any self-respecting person would do.

Reply to Valliant's Mistake

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That’s right. And as it says on, even if it were true that grints vote Democrat because Republicans oppose, kinda sorta, immigration, what would that say about grints? It would say that a politician’s stand on immigration is all that matters to them. A Republican’s hostility to immigration, and his Democratic opponent’s lack of hostility, is all it takes for a grint to vote for the Democrat. They will vote socialist based just on a candidates immigration policy. And the people at ARI approve of that mentality?

But as you, Neil, point out, they would vote socialist anyway because socialism is what they want. These days immigration enthusiasm goes hand in hand with socialism so voting for one is like voting for the other.

Before WWII socialists were “the workers” advocate and opposed immigration. After the war they slowly changed to the non-worker / welfare recipient advocate. Now in addition to that they have become the grint advocate, to hell with “the workers.” Rand long ago pointed out that the real purpose of socialism is not to help anyone, it is nihilistic system simply out to destroy. Today it should be obvious to anyone.

Because immigration is a trapdoor, very difficult to undo, now there is a mirror image of what ARI claims is the grints’ attitude. Historic Americans will vote for an immigration restrictionist even if he stands in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoots somebody.

I can’t imagine what made me think of that.

Come on, Amy and James!

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Post your rebuttals of MOGA right here!!

Valliant's Mistake

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The idea that immigrants are voting Democratic only because the Republicans are meanies on immigration is a myth that has been exploded dozens of times. Hispanics have been voting Democratic since as long as there has been polling, which means before immigration became an issue. Reagan (who was pro-immigration) signed an amnesty in '87 and the Republicans did worse among Hispanics the next election cycle.

I could take ...

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... only the first five minutes or so, to the point where Valliant outright lied about Trump's characterisation of the Hong Kong protesters: a dishonesty all the more foul given evil Yawon's pandewing to the totalitawian wegime in Communist China.

I was struck in that first five minutes as to how the Obleftivists now proudly embrace the term. Good. That's a major step forward for MOGA! They are proud of their evil and honest in their pride! Perhaps now a debate, without pre-conditions?!

How is it that Occasional Cortex, Jihad Jacinda and Airhead Amy all look and sound the same? From which Orwellian, Sorosian production line do these identical triplets emanate?

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