Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ...

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-08-20 08:30

... who is the ugliest of us all?

The world's Ugliest Wimmin line up for the Mzzzzzzzzzz Anti-Universe Competition. Jew-hating, life-hating, happiness-hating, beauty-hating, America-hating fry-quacking Islamo-Marxists try to out-do each other in hideousness. It's a tough call. Obleftivists not there; would have made it even tougher:

What argument has been lost?

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Certainly no argument addressed by "gregster".

Linz, Linz

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You ought to watch the video past the first 30 sec. You perhaps are taken in by the outward decorum of the pro-lifers in their matching smart dress. Once they start their religious claptrap they have lost any argument, even against screeching know-nothings. They can't fight stupid with stupid.

More grotesqueries

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These screeching baby-killers have to be heard to be (dis)believed:


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Here is someone even uglier than the afore-mentioned harridans! How do the Dems manage to be almost as ugly as they are evil?!

That Somali rat is brainless

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"a policy that has been edged on.."


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deformed souls indeed. I’m not convinced that Rashida Thalib is not a trans-gender man.

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