Re: ObLeftivist Criticism! (ObLeftivist collapse)

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Submitted by Bruno on Tue, 2019-08-20 19:58

ObLeftivists have finally (somewhat) decided to address #MOGA ??

What a sad attempt!!

#AynRand #Objectivism #Determinism

Make Objectivism Great Again here:

The ObLeftivists' collapsing influence must be making them desperate for attention..

Don't Feel Dejected

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Lots of good people and real Objectivists have listened to your and Linz's videos. I wish you would do more.

You can bet that the Obleftivists also are listening. But, you're right. They're too cowardly to reply or debate.

Empty hall

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There is nothing but an empty hall listening to the #MOGA series.

Utterly useless cowards.

Well said!

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Well said!

Obleftivist Spluttering

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I can't begin to imagine the Obleftivist spluttering that must must be going on after Trump said "I hereby order" private companies to seek out alternatives to the filthy regime in Communist China, which they, Obleftivists, love so much. That regime is totalitarian, not merely "authowitawian" and an American president does have the right to forbid contact with it. I hope Trump goes stronger on this. No trade at all with that ghastly regime. And that he resurrects a complete ban on Muslim migration while he's about it. We're at war: Western Civilisation vs Islamo-Marxism.

The world is perishing from an orgy of not calling evil "evil." Yawon Bwook is a participant, repulsive and unmemorable, in this orgy.

BTW, Bruno ...

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The video is your best yet. Helped by the fact that your dander is up and you let it show.

Of course the orthodox misinterpretation of Rand on "tabula rasa" is egregious, but she did feed it occasionally. There's that "myth of innate endowment" passage which I often quote. My first Objectivist mentor believed that. He thought anyone could become a concert pianist with the right amount of perseverance and practice!

Of course the view you and I espouse is common sense. Common sense is what is missing among the cultists who, as you say, just repair to the relevant entry in the Binswanker Lexicon whenever any topic comes up.

The awful truth remains that OrgOism is still a cult. The fact that no one is allowed to mention your or my name is further evidence of that.

Again, let any Obleftivist just go through the Open Letter point by point; I'm more than willing to be shown my errors. That includes Amy, James and Casey, all of whom are signed up here—come post your rebuttal here or on YouTube or wherever.


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Now, from your video, I understand "The Italian gentleman and his friend" in your Skype message. Hahahahaha! Well, at least they called you a gentleman! Hahahahaha.

I repeat my challenge: let them go through the Open Letter point by point. Same for Amy and James.

Aspetta e spera!

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Caro Linzio,

As you are well aware of there is a clear danger in over-exposure to ugliness, and I'm afraid my tolerance for Yawon's speech patterns is quite limited.

I have however taken the time to listen to parts of the discussions where we are directly or indirectly addressed in other venues.

#MakeObLeftivistsMadAgain #TrumpSlide2020

Caro Bruno

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Hate to break it to you, but it's you who must watch the whole video below and report back. Eye As noted, I could stomach only five minutes, but I did register how frequently the term "Obleftivism" was used. They should do a vid going through MOGA point by point. Then they might get an audience, and apostates like you and I will be shown where we are in error.

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