Peter Hitchens on Britonistan, Gramsci, Blair and Other Filth

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2019-09-08 05:33

Peter Hitchens is right on the money here. My only issue is that when he advises patriots to leave the country he can't suggest an alternative ... because there isn't one. Every formerly civilised country is now in the "foothills of catastrophe":

Ban all middle eastern barbarity

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Anne Marie, you are absolutely correct.
Ban all middle eastern barbarity in England, including both "halal" and "halakha".

Repulsive Licking of Islamo-Ass by Boris

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I wonder where the usual leftie suspects, including vegan nose-ring Obleftivists, are in this matter? And where is the SPCA??!!

Will we hear the party line from Obleftivists that animals don't have rights, even as they defend the rights of animals to migrate from shit-hole countries and perpetrate atrocities? Someone please monitor what evil Yawon and Amy are saying on these developments.

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