America and the West Need to Support Hong Kong

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sun, 2019-09-08 11:18

Americans and all nations in the West need to support the people of the sovereign city-state of Hong Kong.

(Excerpts from Wall Street Journal article:)

Hong Kong Protesters Flood Streets to Call for U.S. Support
Tens of thousands of people rally, capping a weekend of smaller, heated protests

(Sept. 8, 2019)
"HONG KONG—Tens of thousands of demonstrators called on the U.S. to protect human rights in Hong Kong, capping a weekend of smaller, heated protests that continued even after the government’s recent attempt at conciliation.

"Protesters, many waving American flags, gathered at a park in the city’s main business district during the early afternoon on Sunday and for hours marched past the sprawling U.S. consular complex up a nearby hill.

"Protests on Friday and Saturday turned violent at several subway stations toward the late hours. On Sunday, demonstrators shouted at police who had cordoned off city streets, and authorities closed down a main subway station near the U.S. consulate as protesters swelled in number.

"Early in the evening, cardboard boxes and displaced road fencing were set on fire in front of an entrance to the station. At other entrances, windows were smashed and protesters threw rocks.

"The weekend of demonstrations signals that recent moves by the government—including withdrawing a bill that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China for trial—have failed to pacify the city’s protest movement. That bill sparked the unrest, now in its 14th weekend.

"Sunday’s demonstration was intended to call on the U.S. to act to protect Hong Kong and support the protest movement. The day’s march began with organizers playing the U.S. national anthem as many waved large American and British-colonial flags. Later in the afternoon, chants of 'U.S.A.! U.S.A.!' could be heard."

Fake News

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You really believe that "many" protesters were waving the American flag? Why trust the news which we know is fake?

America First. Good luck, China folk.

So, to more pressing matters, when is that big beautiful wall getting built? And where's that deportation force?

About those flag wavers

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We don't need yet another foreign intervention.

For over a generation the Hong Kong were content to act as a facilitator between China and the West. Now they expect the West to help them by going to war with China?

The purpose of the U.S. government does not include defending Hong Kong, on the opposite side of the earth.

Even a moral defense is misplaced. One’s circle of concern is necessarily limited. There are injustices close to home we should address before worrying about Hong Kong.

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