The whitewashing of Carl Barney continues

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Sat, 2019-09-14 04:33

Last July Craig Biddle of The Objective Standard published “Regarding Carl Barney and Scientology.” That didn’t satisfy some of his readers so a few days ago he published a Part Two, same webpage as what is now Part One. I review it at:

Barney Continues Telling His Story

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Puewto Wico

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Maybe Yawon can fund his own organization with the tax cuts he is getting fwom having fled to Puewto Wico.

Oh, wait. As Mark has exposed, the ARI is a money making machine for its employees.

ARI donors can rest assured, theirs are well spent donations to fund the Ghated communities of Yawon & Co.

So ...

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Let's await the James and Amy Oleftivist podcast defending the Scientologist.

Except, he's stopped funding ARIRIS, no?

So if the remaining Koch Sorosian pulls out as well, it's curtains. No more Ghated communites for Islamo-Marxist Yawon. Oh dear, how sad. Maybe Orgoism can get back to promoting reason and freedom, which disqualifies open borders and one-sided fwee twade with totalitawian wegimes.

Thanks Mark

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Thanks Mark for all your hard work exposing this scandal. It's not surprising that Craig Biddle defends his meal ticket. Other Obleftivists who refuse to address the copious evidence you've uncovered again just demonstrate their basic dishonesty.


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Yes, granted. "Randists", Rand herself disagreeing all she likes, would be a proper term to describe anyone genuinely influenced by her philosophy, such as the case with the terms "Aristotelians", "Platonists", etc.


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The Randroids.

After leafing through issues of the Co$’s The Auditor journal from the 1960s and 1970s it struck me that the Co$ is a caricature of the Ayn Rand Institute, which is itself a caricature of Objectivism.

From one cult to another

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Barney is an expert cultist. The Randists were the perfect segue.

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