Who you going to believe, Carl Barney or your lying eyes?

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Apparently Parts One and Two of “Regarding Carl Barney and Scientology” weren't enough to convince readers of The Objective Standard because a Part Three has been added. This time Barney addresses people directly. ARI Watch reviews what he says at
                    Barney Sticks to His Story
You can find The Objective Standard article by Internet searching “Carl Barney,” it will be near the top.

ADDED:  A couple of new comments have appeared beneath the TOS article, reviewed at  Barney as Roark?

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Some similarities ...

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The following is adapted from “Who Is Carl Barney?” on ARI Watch.

ARI excommunicates you (e.g. the Reismans and McCaskey), Co$ declares you SP (Suppressive Person).  In both cases you are required to take the truth of the denunciation on trust.

The cult of personality, Ayn Rand in the case of ARI,  L. Ron Hubbard in the case of Co$.

Robot-like repetition of doctrine.  ARI turns Rand’s writings into mindless cant, Hubbard’s began that way.

Some of what ARI says is true and valuable taken by itself.  Scientology’s crusade against certain abominable practices of the psychiatric profession is true and valuable likewise.  But considering their other activities neither organization is worthy of support.


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What is the difference between scientology and orgoism, anyway?

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