Who Is Richard Minns?

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Sun, 2019-10-27 23:54

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Way beyond the pale

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This tragedy in our sub-culture is not unique but directly related to all the other institutional collapses we have witnessed, are witnessing and will soon learn more of. Everything, every institution everywhere, got infiltrated and corrupted. At every level of culture and commerce, all over the world. News today of Norwegian Royals’ connections to Epstein. Bill Gates was Epstein’s little puppet. He had his way with finances at Harvard, MIT. Everything. Everywhere. This was accomplished by a single, tightly unified, highly organized bloodline family/cult/entity that has been working toward one world government (by [them], it goes without saying) for generations. Your government is under the control of this entity. The group that recruited Trump to be their face is locked in a battle to death with this entity. If they lose we are all fucked.

Airhead Fry-Quacker ...

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... represents TAS? Wotta surprise.

All OrgOism is beyond the pale.


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On Tue, 2019-10-29,  I said that the CEO of The Atlas Society, Jennifer Grossman, interviewed Minns in Israel. Though Minns is an Israeli it turns out he has a place in London where he sometimes stays. Grossman interviewed him there.

TAS scrubbed her article about this from its archive but part of it can still be found using the Internet Wayback Machine. See
Artist as Atlas: A Visit with Richard Minns

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ

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Gregster, the abomination that is the Anti Rand Institute is Peikoff's creation. He owns it 100%. But now he's old, so gets a pass on his slow-motion, thirty-five year train-wreck.


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The name says it all.


When have you once addressed any serious issue on this forum?


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Peikoff a good man for a long time?  ARI Watch is one long disagreement.

Peikoff’s latest blunder is allowing a textbook psychopath to sell his ugly statuettes under the name “Atlas Shrugged” while that psychopath goes about saying The Fountainhead had a profound influence on him and boasting that he is like Howard Roark.


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Good to see one of Leonard's 86th birthday parties. I can understand the edited guest tributes to him. He was a good man for a long time. It appears that he is being subdued and perhaps seduced by forces beyond his control. Who's gonna be the next intellectual heir? Eye

Same old same old

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It seems this vile corruption can be exposed till the cows come home, but still there's no rebellion among the rank and file. Not only that, but there's a huge resistance to answering the question, *why* is there no rebellion?

My take: Soros and the Kochs drive it all. Their objective is a pedophile Islamo-Marxist theocracy wordwide where fucking of kids, human and goat, is the norm. Christians and Objectivists just lie down and take it all because they have long since become mere social metaphysicians. Obleftivists dogmatically reject the notion that they might, in the current circumstances, have common cause with Christians, allowing for a repudiation of Catholic pedophilia. Rationalism run amok.

Note the homo-erotic art in the Barney video, similar to Leonard's. I don't mind that, obviously. I'd just like these closet cases to be up front. And to renounce the shoving of homosexuality down everyone else's throat. LGTBQ blah bah blah blah is as evil as it is boring.


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Glad you liked the article. Until I started to dig I hadn't heard of Minns outside of TOS and ARI/ARCI.

In Barney's party video it looks like Barney owns some Minns statuary.

In other news

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Leonard Peikoff and Carl Barney: BFFs.


reply to Linz

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“... a man who put out a contract on his ex, resulting in her being not killed but paralysed, is now the toast of, and big donor to, both the ARI and TAS, who had to know about this ...”

Yes except: Any donation of his would probably be confined to the Ayn Rand Center Israel, but it isn’t clear how much he donates. It might be just a statue once a year, I don’t know. Also, besides ARI and TAS, add TOS.

Thanks for the spelling correction. I’ll check for others.

I’m actually still working on the Conclusion section. I jumped the gun publishing the article. I felt so strongly about it that I wanted to get it to the attention of search engines as quickly as possible.

The long quotes are necessary. I trimmed them (...) as much as possible. The story is incredible and requires lots of evidence. You can skip them on first reading.


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Kyrel's struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder is well enough known, but on this occasion I'd have to agree with him. This is far too long, especially given the enormity of its content, if I have understood it correctly. I'd respectfully suggest dividing it up into parts, each with its own headings and conclusions. Give it a final conclusion that better summarises the nub of the case than the current one. Fix all the occasions where you use a comma instead of a full-stop. Fix mis-spellings such as "hypocracy."

Am I correct that what you have said here is that a man who put out a contract on his ex, resulting in her being not killed but paralysed, is now the toast of, and big donor to, both the ARI and TAS, who had to know about this?! If that's the case, no surprise in the case of Bwook, who'd take money from anyone ... but TAS does take me aback, even though I know it's as Obleftivist as ARI. I'm certain David Kelley would never have gone along with anything so contemptible.

It does make one wonder if one can ever divorce OrgOism (Obleftivism) from William Hickman. It makes me think I should take SOLO offline permanently because it has the word "Objectivists" in it, even though Objectivism is 100% opposed to the embrace and practice of psychopathy, let alone murderous psychopathy. OrgOists didn't get the memo, apparently, and a civilised human being might be better to steer clear of their entire orbit, including their purported philosophy.

reply to Kyrel

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“And if ARI didn’t exist, The Atlas Society, or some new Objectivist group, would probably have far more principle, passion, members, money, and influence.”

Not The Atlas Society. Three years ago its CEO, Jennifer Grossman, visited Minns – I keep typing Nimms and having to correct it even though I've typed it a couple dozen times – in Israel and published a TAS article about it called “Atlas as Artist: A Visit with Richard Minns.” That article wasn’t archived. Two years ago she published “Where Brawn Meets Brain” and there refers to Minns as an “Objectivist sculptor.”

And she knows about Minns’ past, as I argue in my article.

Yes it is long; if you read it you will understand that it had to be. Read the first two sections (which are very short) and half the third, that ought to pique your interest.

New Exposé

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ARI is a fundamentally cultist organization. They're mostly enemies and destroyers of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. The world would be better off if they never existed. As far as I can judge, they do more harm than good. They make today's ascending liberal philosophy, culture, lifestyle, and politics seem contemptible and depraved. They make almost all people laugh at, and casually dismiss, Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and neoliberalism. So they need to be "watched" and examined closely.

And if ARI didn't exist, The Atlas Society, or some new Objectivist group, would probably have far more principle, passion, members, money, and influence.

That said, ARI is gradually becoming more philosophical and less religious over time, especially since 2004. They deserve grudging credit for this.

The ARI Watch article above is remarkably long and none too interesting. Can anyone summarize it? I think a published 10% précis would be very helpful for those seeking the truth about ARI and this new character.

Thanks Mark

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Much thanks Mark for all your work exposing these creatures. I've never heard of Minns until your expose. The one thing leftists can't tolerate is exposure.

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