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Submitted by Bruno on Sat, 2019-11-02 01:39

It is now November 2019.

Exactly ZERO, 0, nada, nisba, NIHIL, response to #MOGA.

Happy Halloween.

Well, well, well ...

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I'm not up to speed with all this "groypers" stuff, any more than I am with various colours of pills, but it appears Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro have sold out to George Soros and have been called on it. Ben spent a whole speech attacking his main "groyper" critic without mentioning him by name. I believe that's what Yawon Sowos was doing in the podcast I linked to in the previous post—which podcast, cuwiously, Yawon Sowos didn't put up on YouTube.

Here's Red Elephants, whom I enjoy apart from his anti-Israeli garbage, on the subject:

This Was It

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I believe the following, posted a few weeks after MOGA, was Obleftivist-in-Chief Yawon's wesponse to Make Objectivism Great Again, but of course, he didn't acknowledge that and most of us didn't see it until recently. When I discovered it by accident a few weeks back I posted it on the Michelle Malkin thread and called it "pure evil from start to finish." It is!


Bruno, we'll never go broke overestimating the number of craven cowards, cultists and lickspittles within OrgOism. That includes the very people right here you've just rightly called out on other threads for their uselessness and gutlessness. It includes the jellyfish who attacked me to you in secret Faecesbook societies when we started our series.

We are at a culmination of the battle between humanity and sub-humanity. The former includes many people who are not Objectivists, such as Donald Trump. The latter includes Obleftivists. I don't doubt the Obleftivists will be supporting the rotten, lying treason of sub-human Adam Schiff in his treasonous agenda to impeach Trump on utterly trumped-up charges; and they will be echoing the sub-human cohort of the sub-human Brennan who said today, "Thank God for the Deep State."

The sub-humans are snakes, and the whole world is fair slithering with them. But they haven't won yet.

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