The Bisexual Monkey

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Submitted by Rex Wilkinson on Sun, 2006-06-04 18:16

The Bonobo monkey is bisexual and sex is being performed infront of the group on a regular basis.Young and old male to male girl to girl and the most significant thing to me is the girls do it face to face.I don,t know of any other apart from us that share that with the Bonobo.The are a non violent female dominated society that uses mainly nuts for protien along with a few grubs and insects.If we are to choose one of the primates to be our ancestor for me it,s the Bonobo,their society has a lot in common with us.The males masturbate and sex in general is performed for pleasure.The moment in time when a male Bonobo decided he wanted to copy the ladies and do one of them face to face is probably one of the great turning points in our evolution.Looking into the eyes of your lover and sharing feelings.

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How did this string ever die?

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Are you a gerbil or do you just play one as an avatar? Speaking of animals and sexual acts! At least my avatar's Freudian interpretation is unambiguous. In Spain, all primates will soon have the same rights as bonobos, thanks to the wisdom of the ruling socialist coaltion. I, for one, can't wait to be reincarnated as an ape. It must be a shame being a Christian rodent, knowing that you'll have to settle for hymns in the afterlife rather than him's and her's in the missionary position.


The Joys of Beastliness

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Hi, Rex.

"Are we not beasts Bill? the animal lurks within us all and in some it's more obvious than others,I'm a bisexual Beast and proud of it!"

We sure are. We are born into this world as animals and have nothing but our reason with which to transcend that state to become moral beings -- i.e., human beings. Otherwise, we remain nothing more than clever beasts.

Then again, even those of us who have succeeded in becoming human beings can't always resist the temptation to be beastly. Case in point, my last post in another thread beating up on poor Jason. The bonobos no doubt would have been more civilized. But what can I say? I enjoyed it.

Good luck with your beastliness, Rex!

Regards, Bill

The Beasts

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Are we not beasts Bill? the animal lurks within us all and in some it's more obvious than others,I'm a bisexual Beast and proud of it!

I'll Settle for the Wheel

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Bonobos are certainly interesting animals, but I'm not sure there is much I want to learn from them. Maybe I'll change my mind when one of them comes up with a grand unified theory. Heck, I'll settle for a bonobo building a fire or making a wheel. Until then, I don't think I'll take my cues for sexual morality from the beasties.

Regards, Bill

From what I've read the

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From what I've read the human/chimpanzee split actually occurred before the chimpanzee/bonobo split; humans are genetically closer to common chimps, despite having more in common concerning sexuality with bonobos. Bonobos could be an embarassment for the more prudish minded scientists, let alone people opposed to evolution. I believe bonobos have also been observed in essentially prostitution - trading food for sex.


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Well I,m glad you got something out of it.I get the feeling what you got was not what I said.I think the blog is quite close to reality and I base my opinion on tv documentaries.What do you find funny,are you reluctant to think of yourself as a monkey?and of the primates which would you say are our closest relation.?

HAHAHA! Rex your posts have

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Rex your posts have to be some of the funniest things I have ever seen on this website.

- Jason

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