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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-12-05 04:19

Here, to invoke Bruno from the thread below, are three "purposeful and calculated liars," all law professors, whose evil certainly does not lie in their refusing to focus. At the same time they are so hideous it's hard to believe it's all their own work, that they're not drawing from a common cesspool of diabolical dimensions. I suppose they are, and the cesspool is called "Academia." The one from the Ugly Wimmin's Collective could be Prissy Brazen Fraud's twin sister. What is it with lying, upward-inflecting, fry-quacking communist wimmin?! Anyway, the great Gaetz tore these grotesqueries apart:

The Great Gaetz Again!

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Interrogating a swamp-creature who was covering for Adam Schitt, Obleftivist pin-up from The Filth:


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always enjoy seeing him on Tucker and Hannity; Matt Gaetz is great. It is marvelous that he won't let the filth away with a single thing - any little thing and he wallops them; compare him with, say, Lindsay Graham and his 25 years of cowardice (lest he no longer gets invited to the right cocktail parties if he speaks up), his tolerance of evil and his surrender.


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Trump is far too passive in the face of his detractors' evil. They should have been jailed long since. He takes far too much notice of fry-quacking Ivanka and the other fry-quacking deformities who surround him.

It all reminds me of the refusal of self-proclaimed Objectivists to take sides in the war against Obleftivism, which is every bit as evil as the things it helps enable.

Next term Trump

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Donald needs to jail the corrupt politicians for their obvious criminality. Obama and Clinton should top the list. I can't see it though, unfortunately. The way the Demscum go after him currently for unproved deeds, he needs to act.

IG Report

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Gaetz: “If wiretapping a political opponent is an impeachable offense I look forward to that Inspector General’s Report because maybe it’s a different President we should be impeaching.”

TRUMP 2020

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Donald Trump started it all.

Finally a "republican" fighting back.

Good for all those who follow his lead.

The republican "cucks" need to be expunged from the party.

This creature below was kept out of the white house thanks to the god-emperor:

Yawon Bwook et al sided with the devil.


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From Gaetz!
Great to see Republicans growing a pair finally - now they see just how low, scummy and pernicious their Leftist rivals actually are.

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