Terrorism Must Be Met With the Death Penalty

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2019-12-12 07:03

By Olivia Pierson

“The nobility of England, my lord, would have snored through the Sermon on the Mount. But you’ll labour like Thomas Aquinas over a rat-dog’s pedigree! Now what’s the name of those distorted creatures you’re all breeding at the moment?”
(Sir Thomas More, from Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons)

One could put it to England’s 16th-century Lord Chancellor More that the distorted creatures the nobles of England now breed are called terrorists, though that wouldn’t be entirely fair. Modern Englishmen do not exactly breed terrorists, but it certainly could be argued that they encourage them by allowing them to breathe the same air as human beings.

People constantly confuse terrorists with human beings, but they are not of the same species outside of sharing a common ancestor. They’ve branched off into a sub-species all their own by pure volition. A terrorist betrays any semblance of its own humanity as soon as it begins to plot the multiple deaths of innocent people going about their daily business.

After yet another terrorist rampage in England on London Bridge last week, leaving two outstanding young people dead in the prime of their respective lives: Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, along with three other innocents injured, the nation is reacting in horror to the fact that the perpetrator had already been convicted of terrorism in the UK and was let out of prison early. Rat-dog Usman Khan was jailed in 2012 on terrorism charges for plotting to blow-up nothing less than the great and ancient London Stock Exchange.

The UK prison system is absolutely teeming with Muslim terrorists, so everyone ought to be prepared to bet their once-secure communities that there exists plenty of others like Khan, who are just waiting to get back out into society – as well as others of their munted species who are living free in society (Anjem Choudary springs to mind) – salivating at the very thought of wreaking deadly havoc upon it. As surely as night follows day, they will do so.

Since we know that literally thousands of Islamic State jihadists have made their way back to their European countries of origin, and untold numbers of “foreign refugees” along with them, who came by taking advantage of the migrant crisis of 2015, such as the two Iraqis involved in the brutal 2015 Paris attacks, the only civilised response to terrorists bringing hell to Western nations is the good old-fashioned death penalty, because Death is their trade of choice. Any individual known to be involved with planning the slaughter of innocent citizens should be put-down before he manages to carry it off.

The West will not even begin to deal properly with this now-common threat until it’s prepared to take a much tougher stance in the name of protecting ordinary, decent citizens.

Earlier this year, it came to light that British intelligence were tipped-off by Mossad back in 2015 that the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah (backed by Iran) were plotting bomb attacks – if not inside the UK – at least from the UK. The tip-off led British police to a North London factory where three metric-tonnes of ammonium nitrate were stored in thousands of ice-packs. A man in his forties arrested under suspicion of terrorism was released without charge. There was speculation that the plot was kept strictly secret because former Prime Minister Cameron had just signed the Iran nuclear deal, spear-headed by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. How awkward.

This plot was discovered while UK officials and political consultants were still quibbling like scholars – or labouring like Thomas Aquinas (though he would’ve had superior insight) – about whether or not Hezbollah, the Party of God, should be formally labelled a “terrorist organisation” outside of just its military wing. It since has been labelled thus. (You’d think that if an Islamic political party actually even possesses a paramilitary wing, it may present an obvious problem to the Western mind.)

Last week on his podcast, NZ broadcaster Leighton Smith interviewed a terrorism expert, Boaz Ganor, who gave his objective, working definition of what exactly terrorism is. Ganor said:

Terrorism is the use of violence aimed at civilian targets by non-state actors to achieve political ends.

Such a definition would certainly include Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant (according to his manifesto that we’re not allowed to read), as well as the far more ubiquitous Islamic terrorists who kill in the name of their theocratic ideology (according to their Koranic manifesto that we are allowed to read).

We must bear in mind that Islam is not just some defanged religion, as Christianity is now, but rather a virulent, oppressive political ideology which contains a smattering of two borrowed religions, minus the civilising political innovation that a separation of mosque and state might bring about. The glaring lack of such a profound tenet keeps it entrenched as a religion of backwardness and of deadliness.

When police respond to an active terrorist they often shoot to kill bringing about its death, as was the case in this latest London Bridge incident. But the rat-dog had already taken the lives of two beautiful young people and hurt others, so too late mate.

It’s way past time that the terrorists of this world were given the swift justice of a death penalty before they manage to go out and kill the civilians of European civilisation – or any other civilisation for that matter.

If Europe continues on its “no-death penalty for any crime” trajectory, enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, they will one day have to admit that in order to hold this legal principle as some sort of “civilised ideal,” they are fully prepared to sacrifice many innocents within their civilian populations to an imported and omnipresent evil which is only going to get much worse as this century unfolds. We can already see the shape, form and matter of its design clearly. You’d have to be willfully blind, deaf and dumb not to.

During the 16th Century Reformation, Lord Chancellor Thomas More (dubbed the so-called Man for All Seasons) had many heretics executed, including English bible translator William Tyndale (1536). A year before Tyndale’s discovery, arrest and death in Brussels, More, who had put out a price on Tyndale’s head, himself went to the scaffold for opposing King Henry VIII’s divorce, under the auspices of his successor, Lord Chancellor Thomas Cromwell. Five years later, Cromwell also was to meet his death on the scaffold for treason and heresy, upon orders from King Henry after his fourth marriage, to Anne of Cleves, ended in an annulment.

This illustrates not why the death penalty ought to be eliminated from human affairs, but why religious tolerance with its wall of separation ought to exist between religion and state.

In our current climate, rabid, rat-dog jihadists do not recognise such a separation, so every peaceable citizen who does not believe what they believe is considered an enemy combatant in spirit – an infidel worthy of death.

Nothing could be more openly hostile toward our hard-won civilisation than this toxic practice which is now played out in real time, resulting in indiscriminate multiple killings of women, children and men on their own national soil.

This barbarous malevolence must be taken seriously and be met with a severe deterrent that is proportionate. The death penalty is that proportionate deterrent. If any one terrorist is involved in a plot to kill as many lives as possible during peacetime, they individually should have their one life taken from them before they get to commit such a despicable atrocity. Justice, rationality and the continuation of precious liberty demands it!

I end this with an observation that all European governments, including Australia’s and New Zealand’s, should take note of: if they fail to deal seriously with this repulsive and incomparable problem via the strong hand of proper justice and laws which befit crimes, there will only be more Brenton Tarrants who will take the law wrongly into their own hands in an attempt to deal with the likes of Usman Khans and Anjem Choudarys – only, as we have seen, innocent people die in their stead. As a clear-eyed citizen watching these ghastly events unfold during my lifetime, of that I am certain.