Britonistan Postponed!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2019-12-13 06:43

Oh joy!

Not since the vile Hillary went down and so-called journalists—the enemy of the people—abandoned all pretence of disinterestedness and professionalism, weeping and wailing openly at the triumph of Orange Man Bad, have I laughed so much. The vile Sorosian Socialist Commie Corbyn goes down. The vile Jo Swineson goes down. Orange Man Bad #2 Boris gets a thumping mandate to take Britain out of the vile Anti-European Union, finally. Only in Sorosian Londonistan, stabbing capital of the world—inundated as it has been by primitive superstitionists with an obvious investment in open borders—does Remain get any traction. Oh, and Sorosian Scotland, where "nationalists" who want to surrender national sovereignty to the vile EU have done inexplicably well. In spite of them, and because of the lingering influence of patriotism, decency, and a genuine commitment to freedom, Britonistan has been postponed!!

Worth watching

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This guy David Starkey has many pertinent points on British politics. I'm impressed.


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I agree, Boris will probably be nothing like Trump.

What we do expect him to do is get Brexit done, that's all.

I am not a British citizen, and what they decide to do after that is basically their own problem.

From his "victory speech" I gather he is a centrist and is kissing behinds on issues like "zero carbon."

If Lineberry is correct, then this apparent centrism is normal.

What he actually does vs what he has said, we'll see.

The immigration fix for England will have to come at a later date, once brexit is done and taken care of.

An immigration fix can come only from a true right-wing nationalist candidate, centrists will never get anything significant done.

I gather Boris wants to introduce an "Australian" style point-based system. I guess that's better than nothing.

On a side note, Scotland should be Left to leave the UK and go its own socialist way.

UK Elections Revisited

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So Boris has won a predictable (at least by me!) victory which saw several dozen seats won by his party in parts of England which traditionally elect Labour MPs. There is a lot of handwringing on the left about this but should it really surprise anybody?

I know this may sound a bit odd, but in historical terms (over the last couple of hundred years of UK political history) Margaret Thatcher was an outlier, an aberration, for the UK Conservative party. She dusted off Gladstonian Liberalism (the ideology of low taxes, little government intervention in the economy, free trade, unfettered capitalism) - a century after its heyday - and made it fashionable again during the 1980s for what was in the scheme of things a fairly short period of time.

For all of its history, sans Thatcher, the Conservatives have been the party of what is known as 'Tory Democracy' (a rather clumsy phrase) or "One Nation" conservatism - the concept that upper class grandees (Boris, for instance) feel they have a duty to take care of the poor and less fortunate, whilst maintaining clear class and hierarchical structures within society. An example of this (albeit fictional) would be Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey who funds a local cottage hospital and school, provides a great deal of employment on his estate, and is very polite to the servants; in return the local population show him a great deal of respect by virtue of his position in the local area.

If you look at British political history you find this concept has been the status quo more often than not, and working class people have voted for it accordingly. Anyone who thinks last Thursday was a freak election result is quite wrong. Upper class grandees who captured the votes (if not the hearts and minds) of the British working class include Harold MacMillan, Winston Churchill, Stanley Baldwin, David Bonar Law, and David Cameron (remember him?), with Boris Johnson merely the latest of a surprisingly long list. It is simply because Thatcher was the exception - and so dominant - that it seems like something new has occurred. It hasn't.

What frustrates the left - particularly the extreme left loons - in Britain over the last century is that the working class hasn't been especially supportive of socialism, working class people not swallowing the notion that they can have the fruits of somebody else's labour without having to work for it. Extremist lunacy such as wealth taxes, the government owning entire industries, destroying the basic structure of society, labor unions running industries, central control by a politburo - all have been rejected by working class voters over the 101 years since everyone in Britain gained the right to vote.

When all the people got the vote in 1918 they ushered in a long period of Conservative dominance lasting until 1945 with a couple of short breaks (10 months in 1924, and a couple of years between 1929 and 31); both short periods ending with landslide election wins for the Tory party!

After the Labour government elected in 1945 was voted out of office in 1951 the Conservatives once again dominated for a long period, and even when ejected from government in 1964 they barely lost the election (304 seats to the Labour party's 317). Most in the Conservative party prefer to draw an embarrassed veil over the short lived Ted Heath government of the 1970s (sort of like the retarded cousin who has been in the booby hatch for 20 years), but Margaret Thatcher and John Major dominated with yet another long, long period of Tory government from 1979 on the votes of the working class and by winning plenty of seats in the north of England.

So you can see there is nothing unusual about the election last week as Britain's dominant party of government is the Conservatives who have been in government (one way or another) for 67 out of the last 101 years. Only the current crop of seemingly ignorant left wing journalists, academics, and politicians seem unaware of this fact.

Thank you Nigel for Boris

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Let us not forget the most effective politician in our recent times, the magnificent Nigel Farage.

Probably a fraud

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Bruno, Linz, gregster,

Boris Johnson’s history of action and speech show that he is for open borders and mass immigration even if during the election he promised to cut migration. In the same breath he says he is “not hostile to immigration” and wants open immigration for “skilled” immigrants.

In 2013 he said “I'm probably about the only politician I know of who is actually willing to stand up and say that he’s pro-immigration.”

When he was mayor of London he supported violence against the British National Party. In 2018 he boasted of the benefits of EU migration into London and called for amnesty for illegal aliens who had been in the country ten years (which of course would only encourage more would-be illegal aliens).

From this distance we can’t tell for sure but I rather doubt Johnson has seen the error of his ways. Probably he just tried to appear to oppose immigration during the election in order to get votes and will soon revert to type.

Brexit by itself is not enough, Britain’s leadership must follow through with real immigration restriction.

Brendan O'Neill ...

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... on the revenge of the humans over the globalist monsters:

More Crying Corbynistas!

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Soros' Pathetic Snowflakes Throw Tantrums!

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End of the Twitterati. Three Hundred Cheers!

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With the death of Corbyn-Filth comes the death of the Twitterati-Filth:

Do it!

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Go, Boris! Go! Make Brexit Happen!

Did he do zero carbon?

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In that case he's a fraud.

Epic positive for the world

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Boris is a metoo man but infinitely preferable. (He promises state spending all over the show). Great to see the Poms vote with commonly held sense. Yaron will not be pleased, Boris being an archetypal nationalist with intentions to curb immigration of his enemies.

Congratulations to the home country. You now will be inundated with investment and prosperity.

Just ditch that zero carbon crap. Tell them you only said it for votes!

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