The Great Boltio Loves The Great Mario!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-12-19 07:23

Andrew Bolt, one of the last hold-outs for civilised values on Australian TV, shows himself to be the man of rational passion and passionate reason we always knew he had to be:

"It’s sad, but some things we can’t really share. Not completely. And they include our favourite Christmas carols.

"Take mine. My top of tops is Mario Lanza’s Christmas album, Pavarotti singing O Holy Night and a choir growling through Ich Bete an die Macht der Liebe.

"See? If I hadn’t lost you with my first choice, I did with my last.

"Then you’ll say: 'What about Bing Crosby and White Christmas?' Bing so reminds you of Christmas with your parents.

"Or, if you’re younger, maybe you’ll say: 'All I Want for Christmas! My family watches Love Actually every year.' "

That’s great...

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I can’t read the whole article because I’m not a subscriber, but the fact that Bolt loves Mario explains quite a lot. The Australian accent is sooo ugly, even worse than Kiwi when it comes to it, but Bolt has always impressed me with his speech - as well as his views. Amazing he’s on air every night. NZ has no such equivalent on air waves. Our two countries are so close, yet when it comes to quality papers and broadcasting, something akin to a grand canyon exists between them. It’s our loss.

Bolt is excellent

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Not only does he rail against the bullshitters all week, on Thursdays he likes to savour a whiskey with one of his worthy guests. I was surprised that my parents admitted to enjoying his Sky show. That shows he is enjoying a crossover audience. His son was on recently too. Not a brainwashed bastard like most youths. I'm avoiding Christmas because the music and the season is irritating--nice to hear Mario can alleviate that torture.

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