When Linz takes a powder

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Wed, 2020-01-08 01:57

Apparently SoloPassion is a one man show. When Linz goes on vacation there is no one to keep an eye on the forum so he shuts it down when he goes away. Then all old posts are inaccessible, every Internet link to them is dead.

Instead of shutting the forum down entirely like that, why not simply turn off the ability to post, or what amounts to the same thing, the ability to log on? Then when someone google’s whatever and finds a link to a SoloPassion post, he isn’t met with an “On Vacation” sign for the trouble of clicking it. People could access and search old posts. Those in the habit of visiting won’t be completely disappointed.

SoloPassion will become a ghost forum if Linz keeps up these random and prolonged disappearances.

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I first read the title of this topic I misread it as "When Linz Takes Power" and got so excited. I was going to ask him if I could be Foreign Minister (and line up "Official Visits" to various Caribbean nations during the freezing depths of winter).

But Mark - surely Linz is entitled to the occasional holiday; can't expect him to be farting around with solopassion when lying on a beach and trying to catch the eye of cute lifeguards, can you? haha!

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