What Next from Orange Man Bad?

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-01-08 08:43

I think he has played brilliant chess thus far. Taking out Salmonella almost caused the Iranians to toss the chess board into the water. But did they blink instead? Were their retaliations token, designed to miss their targets and thus thus avoid crossing Trump's "kill no Americans" red line?

By the time I wake up in the morning we'll know.

If the retaliations weren't token, then I hope by the time I wake up some Irani-fascist oilfields have been taken out along with a nuclear site or seven.

Brexit Finally ... Fuck VeryPC SJWs and Obleftivists!!

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I wish that on Inauguration Day President Trump - live on the podium - had nuked Iran, China, and North Korea, (and while he was at it... lob a couple into Cuba as well so we'd be rid of them too!). Everyone has had a gutsful of these savages and Commies, so the sooner the button gets pushed, the better!
Time to make the World a better and safer place for the good guys and freedom.

They blinked!

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Much sound and fury signifying nothing!

Dem-Scum, meanwhile, mourn Salmonella.

What a start to the New Year!

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This - and Ricky Gervais!

And what of this Ukrainian airplane and the poor 180 souls now dead - that just has to be the result of a missile, as the Iranians blinked.
As if that’s going to be taken lying down.
Orange Man is certainly the world’s biggest bad ass. Iran is just pure evil.

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