Fact-Flouting Feral Feelings = Fash's Arm!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2020-01-13 05:40

I republish here a press release from the usually-excellent but sometimes-anaemic Taxpayers' Union. The writer does a stellar job of highlighting the most obscene atrocities in the curriculum; where he goes wrong is in the limp depiction of the evil Jihadi Jacinda's loathsome, illegitimate government as merely "skirting close" to "taxpayer-funded propaganda," when in fact these child-molesters of the mind are a million miles over that line. The press release also unquestioningly accepts the dogma that "carbon emissions" are a problem.

The ultimate viciousness in Sorosian Jacinda's diabolical curriculum is the promotion of the primacy of blind, unformed, uninformed, infantile, feral feelings, ramped up by brainwashers masquerading as teachers, over reason and fact. This has always been a recipe for force and fascism—or "Fash's arm," as leading contemporary fascist, Jihadi Jacinda's twin sister, fry-quacking Occasional Cortex, squawks it.

The Nazis were among the world's first Greenies. "Blood and soil." "Mind and logic" nowhere in sight. The Greenies are among the world's current Nazis. For them, 1984 is not a warning but a playbook. Read this and weep. "Woke" New Zealand is now, officially, well on its way to becoming a Third World, totalitarian, shit-hole country:


Climate change curriculum skirts close to taxpayer-funded propaganda

13 JANUARY 2020


The Government’s new climate change educational material for year 7 and 8 students skirts close to taxpayer-funded propaganda, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “The new taxpayer-funded curriculum promotes the campaigns of Greta Thunberg, School Strike for Climate, and even Greenpeace. Students are encouraged to reduce their feelings of climate guilt by participating in this kind of political activism.”

“Left-wing campaign groups would be spewing if the national curriculum ever promoted the Taxpayers’ Union vision of a prosperous low-tax New Zealand. The national curriculum should not be used to promote particular political groups or agendas.”

“A sensible climate change policy would focus on the science and policy options. But even on these points, the course is weak: it promotes a tax on carbon while failing to mention that we already have an Emissions Trading Scheme.”

“A major portion of the material is fluffy, condescending rubbish. Students will have to sit through five different sessions focused on their feelings about climate change, with activities including a ‘feelings splash’ and a ‘feelings thermometer’.”

The teacher resources even include a 15-page ‘wellbeing guide’ for teachers and parents, which warns: Children may respond to the climate change scientific material in a number of ways. They may experience a whole host of difficult emotions, including fear, helplessness, frustration, anger, guilt, grief, and confusion. When discussing the material, teachers may encounter students who cope through avoidance, denial, diversionary tactics, wishful thinking and a range of other coping mechanisms.

“This isn’t teaching kids how to think – it’s telling them how to feel.”



Louis Houlbrooke
021 950 191

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No, when one sees cowardice, apathy, and the continued acceptance of evil by those claiming to be freedom lovers, or libertarian, one sort of concluded that some things are not really worth saving.


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God forbid spending 20 years organising protest marches in every main centre, leaflet campaigns, door knocking, fundraising, promoting the values and principles of freedom, opposing evil and attacking the left on a 24/7 basis, may have been a better use of time....

Thank Goodness you've spent the last 20 years doing just that, Eli! It's what has saved us, for the time being at least, to be sure!!


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VERY sick!

A pity the freedom loving, libertarian, side of NZ politics have spent 20 years engaging in civil wars, ennui, infantile point scoring, parroting the rhetoric of the left, refusing to contest elections, refusing to campaign in elections, conceding the moral basis of the left by acting embarrassed for not supporting the left's position, getting drunk, fighting amongst themselves, getting passports in the names of dead babies, creating disastrous city councils, gorging themselves on expenses, dissolving their parties..... otherwise this sort of thing may have been stopped!

God forbid spending 20 years organising protest marches in every main centre, leaflet campaigns, door knocking, fundraising, promoting the values and principles of freedom, opposing evil and attacking the left on a 24/7 basis, may have been a better use of time....(but what do I know?) Wink

This is very sick...

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"Being in the conversation itself causes stress,” he said [James Shaw]. By necessity, he added, students would “delve into the bad news” of the science explaining the climate crisis. But the resources had been bolstered with “quite an emphasis on talking through with students how they’re feeling about it,” he said.

“Climate Literacy” - they call it.

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