Hilarious! Non-Moronnial Millennials Struck Dumb by Mario!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-01-15 04:19

If a few more "bros" reacted this way, the world could be saved!


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All humans, go post on their site:


Let them know their humanity is not unappreciated!


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seem like great kids. They remind me of another pair of twins; couple of cute Maori boys I once knew rather well (a couple of times a week) when I lived in Sandringham Eye haha!

But in my experience the lower down the totem pole a young person comes from, the better they are; the average working class teenager is actually a pretty decent person. It is only the 'up themselves', white, suburban middle class young folk who are utterly moronic and horrible people, mainly because they come from a social class which assumes (wrongly, obviously) it is 'educated' and intelligent.

I just realised ...

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It was unfair to call these guys "moronnials" since they are clearly smarter than most of the self-professedly sophisticated older musirati I know. I've changed the title of this thread accordingly.


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They witnessed a super-hero!


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a great video Lindsay! hilarious!

"no autotune, no robotic voices..."

"this guy's not real lad, he's not real

"hit that button if youse enjoyed it"

So funny. Maoris in NZ, like Black people in general, are 'natural' classical music and opera lovers - (rather like they are 'natural' conservatives) - if only they'd listen instead of that Hip Hop rubbish; when they do they are hooked for life (as I can attest from personal observation).

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