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A collection of stories highlighting the reduction in freedoms of the people, and exposing those who are attempting to take those freedoms away. Sad thing is those who have stood back and allowed this to happen.

This will not be suitable for womenfolk prone to an attack of the vapors, or anyone who gets a queasy tummy, as there is a great deal of sickening evil to be exposed. These evil people need to be named and shamed - not surrendered to.


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Quintessential infantile, moronnial, fry-quacking, grandstanding, Narcissistic, Woke, stupid, evil, fascist member of the Ugly Wimmin's League:

Two More Faces of Pure Evil

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Now trying to insert Occasional Cortex's Green New Deal into the Chinese Communist Virus rescue package:


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This fry-quacking sub-human Tucker is interviewing is the epitome of the Evil of Woke. We don't have words accurately to describe her loathsomeness. The context is: she's been invited on to defend the equally vile Governor Ralph Northam's proposition that a baby that has survived an abortion attempt should be made comfortable while the mother and the doctors have a discussion as to whether to kill it or not. Bear in mind, MPs here in Woke Zealistan couldn't even bring themselves to vote for an amendment to a baby-killing bill, recently passed, which amendment would have required making the baby comfortable prior to its execution:

Number 54 - Self Explanatory

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Number 53 - Left Wingers Criticising Trump for Coronavirus

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Number 52 - Elder Abusers

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Those who work for, and are abusing, a 77 year old man by ignoring his obvious illness and putting him through a degrading and embarrassing few months before the inevitable Mcgovern/Mondale-style 49 state defeat in November.

Number 51 - Self loathing left wingers everywhere...

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Number 50 - Coronavirus Panic

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Once again the brilliant guys at 'Blue Collar Logic' sum things up perfectly.
(6 mins 27 sec)

Number 49 - Cowardly employers

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Once again Auckland bus drivers are on strike and causing huge inconvenience to vast numbers of people.

Far from showing any gratitude for a job and paycheque, the greedy b*ggers are asking for more! more! more! and now! now! now! - the usual story. Why bus drivers require such high wages is mystifying to me (it's not as if they are buying tickets to the Opera, is it? haha!), and even more mystifying is why their cowardly employers NZ Bus Ltd are simpering cowards about it.

If it were up to me I'd simply fire everybody and bring in 2000 bus drivers from the Philippines who will happily work for the minimum wage, and be grateful for the opportunity.

Cowardly indulging the ideological greediness of communist trade unionists is not the way to go; sending a strong message that you are the worker and will do as you're told (or else) is the way to go. Bit of backbone, in other words.

Number 48 - Complacency

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I always said that international communism was at its most dangerous when.....the Soviet Union collapsed; because everyone thought it was defeated and over, rover. It wasn't. By no one thinking it existed any longer it was actually more dangerous than ever.

Do not, for one moment, think this contest is over; it is not over yet folks; do not assume ANYTHING.

In 1980 - Edward Kennedy was down and out; written off after several defeats; came back in New York and went on to maul Carter until the convention.
In 1984 - Gary Hart stumbled, lost a couple of important primaries (Georgia and New York); came back in Ohio and Indiana; it was 'game on' from that point.

The danger of a commie candidate is still real, is still a serious prospect because Joe Biden probably cannot get through a 90 minute debate without showing his senility in all its glaring embarrassing ignominy and Bernie will pounce at the least stumble Biden makes. Now is the time to PANIC...

Number 47 - Most Anticipated Documentary Of The Year...

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More Woke Fascist Filth!

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notice how the conservative kids are all clean cut, wearing suits, softly spoken, and - one presumes - a source of great pride to their parents, teachers, and community. Also notice how the anti abortion kids all look like goblins.... Shocked

All this does is prove, yet again, that 'we' are on the right side; we are the good guys.

Baby Killers

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Just look at these deformities!

Number 44 - Europe

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Number 43 - Left Wing Hypocrisy

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Any questions?

Number 42 - Finland

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I must confess to being a bit hazy as to where Finland actually was (had to consult a map); the redoubtable Paul Joseph Watson has put together this video about Muslime rapists in Finland......and the Finlandianite response (ohhhhhhhh boy).

Not to worry Labour/National/Green/ACT/libertarian supporters ....this will be New Zealand circa. 2030 and you can visit your daughter in her hospital bed to explain why she can't be racist and, you know, call the POLICE or anything. And even then - when it's your own daughter - you still will won't accept reality (so "objective" eh comrade?) *shakes head*

Number 41 - Mini Mike (again)

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Oh dear - it is far worse than I had ever imagined. John Stossel delves into Bloomberg's track record and it should send a shiver down your spine....

Number 40 - Mini Mike

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Number 39 - Apologists for Evil

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I am a fairly self controlled, easy going, sort of chap; I am, and everyone who knows me will confirm this. But today I have been in such a rage after seeing this interview as it makes me very angry that anybody - let alone a Presidential candidate - would be an apologist for the Castro regime in Cuba.

"..they introduced a literacy program..." - well, whip-de-do! that is akin to a rapist trying to tell his victim that she just had sex.

Many moons ago I became rather unpopular in libertarian circles by being a bit too libertarian. Others had spent years showing off at parties, to friends, and to family members about: how politically incorrect they were, how much they hated government, how much they loved freedom, how 'libertarian' they are (blah, blah, blah).

And then I came along; the 'real thing'.

I actually said politically incorrect things, I ignored laws, never paid taxes, deliberately broke all the rules, told the truth, said what most people were thinking, and it led to those friends and family members of others asking them "Why aren't you more like him?" and "why don't you walk the walk too?" and "why did you just gasp when he said that? I thought you were politically incorrect?!?" - I showed them up, in other words. Quite unintentionally; I was just being me haha!

But needless to say when one causes others to lose respect and - let's face it - become a laughing stock to their family and friends - ("oh here's our crazy libertarian Uncle, but he's not a real one because there is this really cool guy called Eli....") - well that would never do, so then the tactics of their latent left wingism came into play; all a bore, and all they did was lose even more respect of their nearest and dearest which in most cases hasn't returned.

Now we may be approaching the 'King Hit' from which they cannot recover.

Imagine a "libertarian", or "objectivist", or "rational" person endorsing Sanders, a Communist - and all because of childish Trump Derangement Syndrome. You can't come back from that darling; and this time you - sure as A is A - can't blame me for making you an even bigger laughing stock! Eye

Number 38 - Political Bias

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Number 37 - Illegal Aliens

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you think so? oh right - sorry, I automatically assumed - with good reason in view of some of the people who work there - it was directed at UN staff members Eye Sticking out tongue

The last one ...

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... is clearly aimed at Muslims. "Avoid unprotected sex with live wild or farm animals." It fails on two counts: Muslims will continue to have unprotected sex with dead wild or farm animals; Chinese communists are spreading this virus intentionally and will not be stopped by WHO guidelines. Did someone say "Islamo-Marxism"? If so, is he in jail yet?

Number 36 - The United Nations

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Just because sickos like Helen, Charles Chauvel, Heather, Chris Carter, David Shearer are demented monsters they assume 'normal' people are like them and need 'warning labels' ...words fail me Shocked

Number 36 - Demoscum Hypocrisy

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The usual suspects are complaining - erroneously - that President Trump is abusing his Pardon power; lots of tears and quivering lips from the filth. Apart from the fact President Trump is not abusing said power (of course), is their convenient memory loss about the conduct of their heroes when it comes to abusing power.

All you have to say folks is ....'Marc Rich'

Number 35 - Socialist Governance

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The great city of San Francisco has been ruined by socialism; if you are unsure how bad things really are then take a look at this video; lasts about 15 minutes.

Once again thanks to our friends at Blaze TV (and a warning that there are some fairly awful things shown).

Number 34 - Oh How COULD You?

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One of the great unexplained oddities of history was the cultural renaissance of the US State of Georgia in the 1970s; it started with the movie 'Deliverance', and for a - (mercifully brief) - period Georgia was hot!

This bizarre phenomena saw Jimmy Carter as US President, 'Smokey and the Bandit' as a defining movie, Stuart Woods novel 'Chiefs' was a bestseller, Burt Reynolds as the number 1 movie star, and its apotheosis was "The Dukes Of Hazzard" as the number 1 television show in around 150 countries. Breathtaking, bizarre, and four decades later difficult to either understand or imagine it actually occurred! haha!

Georgia as the place which defined a period in history? oh how could you foist that upon us?? Sticking out tongue

If The Dukes Of Hazzard was the peak then there was nadir; oh yes, oh yes sirree! (I shall pause here to let you have a stiff drinkie or two before continuing).

That nadir was the film "Polk County Pot Plane", arguably the worst movie ever made (although Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie 'Hercules In New York' is another strong contender), and God knows what on earth they were thinking as this was being filmed. You really do need to watch it to see what a truly bad movie is like - (and what film investors can be conned into handing their money over for!). This is as bad as it gets folks....

Number 33 - Tweedle Dee Believers...

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There is a surprisingly large group of fools who say "there is no difference between the two parties" - and as a consequence, despite their love of America, do not vote.

For this glib one-liner to be true you would have to believe the Republican Party had candidates, members of congress, members of the RNC, and an election platform, which stated support and a belief in.....

1. The State owning businesses
2. Punitive taxation
3. The government running everybody's life
4. 200 genders
5. or maybe we are up to 300 by now?
6. Murdering babies
7. Open borders
8. Illegal aliens walking across the borders
9. Opposition to The Wall
10. Feminism
11. Gulags
12. Abolition of western civilisation
13. Racial stereotypes
14. Ethnic stereotypes
15. Massive welfare programs
16. 'Free' college
17. Single payer health care
18. A $25 minimum wage
19. Abolition of Christianity
20. Support of terrorists
21. Support of Islamic savagery
22. (Are you getting the general idea yet?)

So would any of the "they are all the same" crowd please point to any Republican member of congress, candidate, RNC member, or part of the Republican election platform, which does state a belief in any of these things, and a couple of hundred other nasties?

Therefore.... it must, logically, follow there are huge differences between the parties, and only one - the Demoscum - who want to destroy everything and enslave you.

Number 32 - "Liberals"

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Bill Whittle is the greatest debater I can think of; here is one of his earlier videos which demolishes the left in one easy lesson. (I've always said Lindsay should do videos like this!)

Watch and pick up a few debating points for the next time you are unfortunate enough to meet some up themselves wanker trying to pretend he's a liberal (and not a commie)

Number 31 - The Swamp

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The game is rigged folks!

Those who shed tears, lips a-quiver, and talk about a breakdown of the rule of law since Trump became President and how America is becoming a Dictatorship (no - not NZ 'libertarians', I was meaning CNN and MSNBC commentators), will be entirely silent about letting McCabe off from perjury and other charges. They won't denounce this decision despite it being an open and shut case. Hypocrites and scum.

Also indicates that Trump is hardly a Dictator or McCabe and many, many others would be in their 3rd year in prison. They are not and never will because they are Demoscum insiders. Anyone not denouncing this is just filth. Pure and simple. Are you scum? Eye


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is an old saying "Know Thine Enemy" - and by golly it has something I have always endeavoured to do, (and perhaps Siminda should try it sometime?)

Anybody who thinks I was exaggerating contraire! It appears My Little Pony read my post from yesterday because she has actually ADMITTED that I am correct! haha!

Miss Prissy No Mates (circa. 1990) mates, and consequently was reduced to - playing with possums! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Sticking out tongue Tongue - (as I said her hatred of farmers all stems from her childhood)

Number 30 - Labour Attacking Farmers

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Over the last couple of years the Labour government has declared war on farmers with huge numbers of rules, regulations, and quite imaginary claims about things which do not exist ("dirty dairying"). This has certainly taken its toll on the farming community and is akin to killing the golden goose.

The reason for this is not, as you may assumed (you naive little poppet), anything to do with ecology, or 'saving the environment'; oh no, oh no Siree!

Instead this is about two things -

1. Revenge
2. Envy

The 'Revenge' aspect is simple: when 'My Little Pony' was a schoolgirl in Morrinsville she was ugly; she was mercilessly teased by the daughters of wealthy farmers (who all had posters of pop stars on the wall, used makeup, had boyfriends, and were 'normal'). Jacinda by contrast was the ugly troll who everyone bullied, never invited to parties, avoided like the bubonic plague - and understandably so! Sticking out tongue haha!

25 years later she's back for revenge - such is her complete acceptance of all the criticisms of her - and her lack of any sort of self respect or dignity; revenge, by definition, concedes the other person is correct (and you hate them for it).

The 'Envy' aspect is also fairly simple: the white, urban, smartypants, middle class are promised a series of things by their teachers, their university lecturers, as being axiomatic. Things such as "go to school, study for exams, go to University, conform conform conform and the World is your oyster - as of right". Merely by being a member of that social class, and everyone you know being part of that social class, you are supposed to succeed in life as a 'given', an axiom; handed out with the rations, so to speak.

Insofar as that was ever actually true, it is something that is falling apart at the seams nowadays; student loan debt, housing costs, other living costs, stagnating incomes for middle class people have all meant this axiom is at best uncertain.

So the urban middle class, the white people, look at themselves and they see.... their marriages are over (or dying), their children are depressed and medicated, they don't have 3 bucks in their pocket, they can't even afford to get the car serviced without saving up for it, they spend hours a week in motorway traffic, they can't afford their mortgage, their career is going nowhere, their standard of living is falling, etc etc (sound familiar?)

They cast an eye at farmers and they see.... they are white, affluent, married, usually happily, their children are 'normal', they have huge appreciating assets, they take holidays in Europe during the winter, they buy new cars every year, they live in nice often grand houses, they tend to be honest, they tend to be practical people, they tend to be richer each year, etc etc

To the white, urban middle class those farmer f**kers have it all! that NZ Dream that they were promised - and are not receiving - is being enjoyed by lots of YOKELS?!? (what the f**k???). And that will never do comrades, will it? In short - they consider farmers unworthy of having wealth and happiness and marriages and good kids. It should be 'them' who has all those things.

So they declared war on farmers, invented various concepts which do not actually exist, and the Labour government are determined to solve them by imposing regulations and taxes on farmers - purely out of spite. Afterall why should those farmers have it all when they, who are EDUCATED (goddammit!) have nothing?

Spiteful, pathetic, all based on envy, and all done to make a decadent 'class' of useless people feel better about themselves as the bill from the credit card company arrives by email - and they can't pay it.

Number 29 - Sarah Dowie

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The temporary MP for Invercargill has decided to retire from politics in ignominy and disgrace. Good riddance!

She was the usual overrated female who, when her incompetence and mindlessness quickly came to light, fell back on the usual female trick of describing the critics as sexist (what else?) and herself infallible.

She has nothing but virulent contempt for her constituents whom she describes as stupid, ignorant, rednecks, when in Wellington - joining the Wellington Wanker set in laughing at the salt of the earth folk she represents - and showed this to be manifestly true with the business over Salford School where she supported another putrid incompetent female 'professional' ("we women victims of sexism need to stick together, sister") against the wishes of her constituents (who are all ignorant, racist, rednecks, don't forget). Sickening.

I won't dwell on her nocturnal activities as it would be a bit rich for someone with my track record to criticise other people's rooting.

Delighted she is going; she won't be missed; and hopefully the Invercargill National Party won't make the horrific mistake of choosing a woman as their MP again!

Number 28 - Coal Train To Westport

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One of the oddities about left wingers is their obsession with, and usually orgasmic reaction to, mass murder; they really get amped up over the very thought of killing vast numbers of people.

In left wing narratives of revolutions they begin with the French Revolution in 1789. A bloody, violent uprising by peasants against the Ancien Regime of aristocrats and the King which ushered in the "Reign of Terror" where 40,000 people were beheaded by the guillotine, and a long period of despotism and tyranny in France by Robespierre and Napoleon.

Note they completely ignore the American Revolution which took place a short time earlier and ushered know..."actual" freedom. In left wing-land our own Revolution simply doesn't exist.

Left wingers then go on to lament the 19th century period of history. This was a century of peace from the Battle of Waterloo to WW1 largely brought about thanks to the rise of free enterprise capitalism and trade between nations.

And that will never do, will it comrades?

So this period is constantly demonized by the left as a time of racism (what else?), imperialism, exploitation, and gosh darn it an awful period of time in history. The reality of 0% inflation, incomes doubling several times, a huge number of inventions, life getting better and easier for almost everybody, a sense of progress in the air, most people knowing they were considerably better off than their parents and grandparents. Travel, electricity, consumer goods, insurance, home ownership, freedom and numerous other things becoming widely available - (vis-a-vis the hovels and grinding poverty of the 18th century or middle ages) - are presumably ignored by the left in this narrative. I say presumably because God knows what goes through the minds of left winger sickos.

Then the average left winger moves on with the history lesson to the good stuff; the blood starts flowing, they start spraying spittle when they speak, their voices rise an octave, and those orgasmic feelings start bubbling up because they get to.... World War One. Trench warfare, millions killed, troops going "over the top" in flanders and being slaughtered. Oh the left wingers start salivating at the thought.

Here they have the perfect opportunity to criticize war (virtue signalling), support cowardice (ie: themselves) by lifting conscientious objectors to saintly status, claiming how it was the working class who experienced the greatest losses thanks to their 'Boss-class, capitalist exploiters', and - of course - their virulent anti semitism with claims it was all the fault of Jews (who else?).

Then the Russian Revolution began halfway through World War One - another opportunity for mass murder to delight the hearts of the average left winger. According to the left wing narrative (and if you believe this you have simply swallowed Commie propaganda, by the way) brave freedom fighters (*cough*splutter*) brought down a cruel and evil Tsar and ushered in a workers paradise.

The reality: that Tsar Nicholas was a benign, harmless, hapless, out of his depth, family man who hated being a monarch is, yet again, simply ignored. There being no evidence (pre 1917) to support any of the post-Commie propaganda of how the Tsar and his family have been portrayed.

Then the left get into a long period of ascendency with the era of Champagne Socialism - elitists and intellectuals embracing left wing ideology - of the 1920s and 30s, and the murdering excesses of socialists in Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and elsewhere. "It was all in the workers best interests, comrades!".

World War Two was another chance for mass killing for the left as they laud the 20 million Russians killed defending the Motherland, the 30 million of others, and the opportunity to create the United Nations mass murder can be a perpetual undertaking.

The post war years saw mass killing as various British colonies sought independence (all those bodies strewn across Africa and Kashmir) - something to get left wingers REALLY orgasmic - and then their salivating at the subsequent mass murdering in independent nations by such tyrants as Idi Amin, Mugabe, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Banda and numerous others.

"Oh the working classes now have such marvelous freedom as evidenced by tyrants murdering millions of them" a twisted, sick, demented logic likely to cause left wingers to shoot in their pants (where do you think Bernie got the inspiration to write all that porn when he was younger?).

I could go on and on, but I think you get the general idea; left wingers love mass murder - and the more 'mass' the murdering, the more they love it.

If you ever need proof you are on the right team by being a liberty lover, or some liberty values to instill in your children, you only need cast a wary eye at the left's attitude to murder of millions of innocent people. They view 'The Killing Fields' of Cambodia as nothing more than a bit of fun and games, the Russian gulags as an important component of the toolbox; torture chambers, starvation, tyranny in general as no big deal.

There is also no middle ground, no exceptions, and if you think otherwise then engage a left winger in conversation; you'll find they ALL begin with the French Revolution (not the American one which happened around the same time) and move on from there highlighting example after example of killing innocent people in the cause of socialism and communism.

Sick. Demented. Insane. As I say, dear reader, you are definitely on the right team by not being a left winger.


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sick, demented, ghastly females; it's a wonder they are allowed on television!

The Entities of The View

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I occasionally hear these things referred to as "The Ladies of The View." It was my understanding that "ladies" were human, but I see no evidence of that:

Number 27 - Joe Walsh

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(No - another one)

Joe Walsh is a former temporary Congressman, habitual debtor, deadbeat Dad, and sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome on a breathtaking scale. He challenged Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination and - like the 'Joe Walsh Era' of Illinois politics - it fizzled out after 348 votes.

After conning Tea Party folk for many years pretending to be a conservative, his true colours have finally become clear as he dropped out of the race and announced his endorsement for any socialist lunatic the Demoscum Party nominate later this year. Another liar, con artist, and scumbag to add to the list.

Number 26 - Willard Romney

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Romney's behavior yesterday reminded me of Enoch Powell's famous one liner "Judas was paid! Judas was paid! I am making a sacrifice" when heckled after he urged people to vote Labour at the February 1974 UK election. Powell knew exactly what he was doing; ending his dominance of the right wing faction of the UK Tory party because he was so filled with hatred at Ted Heath being Prime Minister and not him. Unfortunately for Powell, less than a year later there was a leadership vacancy....(he was not a candidate)

In my defence at voting for Romney in 2012, let me point out I strongly supported Rick Santorum for the Republican nomination and voted for him in the Primary.

Number 25 - Three Faces of Pure Evil

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It would be difficult to decide which of these three scumbags is the worse, so may as well include them all. Peas in a pod in their hatred for America.


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excellent candidate, thanks PhilipD. Bishop always gives the impression he is on the High School debate team - doesn't realize he is no longer in the 6th form.


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Yes, Bishop is an especially slimy, over-stuffed snake. He has infamously said that free speech is not under threat in NZ. His isn't, since all he ever utters is bromides, and they're allowed.

Low-life. Part of The Filth.

Chris Bishop

PhilipD's picture

His smug face, fattened at the taxpayers’ expense riles me. His sloppiness that suggests a shirt permanently untucked at the back and gravy stained at the front, grates. And a 36 year old man tweeting and snap-chatting about attending the music gigs of crap, malevolent bands in an attempt to portray himself as some sort of cool, young MP, creeps me out. But there is much more to the vileness of Christopher Bishop.

Here he was in 2014, seeking the National party nomination for Hutt South.

‘Between 2011 and 2013 I spent two years working in Auckland as a Corporate Affairs Manager for a large international corporate.’

The large corporate, the name of which he’s so keen to hide, is cigarette company Philip Morris, the position he held that of political lobbyist. Bishop knows this job plays badly with many New Zealanders, so he cowardly conceals it whenever he can, and weakly defends it if he must.

Bishop continued:

“I learned a lot, very quickly, about what makes business tick.”

Old US slang for a lobbyist is ‘Dress suit burglar.’ Sounds fair. And when it comes to real business Chris couldn’t push an egg off a fence: he’s a serial trougher, with no relevant skills, experience, or appetite for risk.

Bishop’s role was to work against the National party’s plans to hike excise on tobacco and enforce plain-packaging. But when seeking the candidacy for Hutt South Bishop said he agreed with the Government's policy on both.

"That's my Chris Bishop view, that I agree with the prime minister.”

I’ve no idea how this fits with his stated belief in ‘limited government that respects individual freedom, choice and personal responsibility.’

Other Bishop ‘limited government’ highlights include attempting to force the ratepayers of Hutt Valley into subsidising student bus and train fares, and his proposal to make it mandatory for cyclists to use dedicated lanes, and fine those who do not.

He was also part of a bollocks cross-party group that looked at and advocated for LGBTI rights, and still refuses to say if he supports removing the free-fees scheme for first year tertiary students. And he’s on the climate-change bandwagon, of course. Likely he tweeted about it shortly after his flight to England for the Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup.

“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others,” said Groucho.

“Indeed,” said Bishop. (“And so say all of us,” sang the rest of the National party MPs)

Number 23 - Rewriters of History

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There is a lot of talk in conservative circles about the Demoscum politicians trotting out the "no one is above the law" one liner ad infinitum. This is usually followed up by snide comments about 'except Hillary Clinton', along with listing numerous crimes committed by Obarmarx, ending with "and the Demo[scum]s didn't Impeach Obama[rx]".

Oh the unfairness of it all!

Oh the double standard of it all!

Well let me just raise my hand and be ever so slightly nitpicky here for a moment.... and remind those conservatives that not only did the Demoscum politicians not Impeach Obarmarx for his crimes, but neither did Republicans. You remember the Republicans? the chaps who controlled the House of Representatives from 2011 and the Senate from 2015? ring any bells? Eye

So let's not pretend that Republicans are not swamp creatures too; are not part of the same hypocrisy; are not saying one thing (defunding Planned Parenthood, for instance) until the exact moment when they can actually implement that thing.

Number 22 - Remoaners

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As the minutes count down to Britain becoming a free country again after 47 years, it is interesting to reflect on the stupidity of the anti-Brexit crowd; the Remoaners. These people have suffered a total defeat; this isn't a case of losing an election and waiting until next time - this is Napoleon after Waterloo stuff. The Remainers have been destroyed completely.

For 50 years the narrative went something like this - being in Europe made Britain competitive as exporters across the Channel no longer would attract tariffs (there was a 20% tariff prior to joining), made foreign holidays cheaper, made Britain "modern and cosmopolitan" (as an aside, this was one of the main motivations of Edward Heath, by the way; he saw Common Market membership as 'hip' and sophisticated), made a 3rd World War impossible, and was the preferred option of 'intelligent people'.

The flip side narrative went something like this - only stupid people don't support British membership (and it is interesting to note that in the 1970s popular culture it was only reactionary figures like Alf Garnett and Basil Fawlty who opposed it), opponents were declared 'Eurosceptics' - an all encompassing pejorative term for small minded stupid people, every argument against continued membership was dismissed as baseless, and there was something wrong with you if you were against continued membership.

During the first referendum in 1975 those leading the 'Remain' Campaign - like Roy Jenkins and Edward Heath - were able to (quite truthfully, it must be admitted) show a huge increase in British exports as evidence that access to a massive market, tariff free, was bringing home the bacon. It may surprise you to learn that from 1 January 1973 when Britain joined, to June 1975 when that first Referendum occurred, British exports doubled - and this during a period of enormous economic problems for Britain in general.

Those opposing membership in that first Referendum (although the term 'Brexit' or 'Brexiteer' hadn't been invented) tended to be people who were viewed as extremists - such as Enoch Powell and Tony Benn - were left scrambling around with difficult to understand, often esoteric, arguments on issues such as 'sovereignty' (and then Enoch would make a 2 hour speech on the finer points of this). Politically it was amateur-hour stuff. Most people found it confusing, quite boring, and no match for an easy to grasp "Exports have doubled due to no tariffs" message. Despite heavy reservations by the man in the street (and never, for one moment, think opponents of British Membership were confined to Basil Fawlty and Alf Garnett figures of fun) 65% voted to remain.

Anyway, my point is this - after the first, 1975, Referendum those opposing British membership were defeated but hadn't been destroyed. The 'Eurosceptic' faction managed to apply the brakes in various ways as the years went by - most notably by ensuring Britain never adopted the Euro as its currency - and were taken, if not seriously by the clever dick smarty pants brigade, were certainly impossible to ignore and so things got moderated time and time again over the next 40 years.

However, things are different now.

The behavior of the Remainer set in the last couple of years, openly talking about ignoring a Referendum, their appalling tactics, their disgraceful 'attitude' towards Brexit supporters, their deliberate attempts to prevent Brexit happening - culminated in a crushing election defeat (almost no Remainers of any consequence are in the Tory Party caucus any longer), and complete discrediting of their viewpoint.

Had they been political animals rather than elitist scumbags they could quite easily have gotten some meaningful concessions - just as Powell and Benn et al managed to do over the years - as compromise was most definitely on the table. Instead, their own hubris and sense of importance and intolerance of others opinions has left them with nothing. Not only have they lost, but they are also fairly discredited and no longer dominating the agenda. There are no straws to grasp, no ability to claim any sort of compromise, nothing.

I also suspect that after tomorrow Boris has not the slightest intention of 'negotiating' with the EU; this 'lets thrash out details over the next few months' is all for show but if you had just won a complete victory and discredited your opponents would you waste time on this stuff? Boris is far more interested in far more important matters such as..... turning Yorkshire into a low tax, low regulation, 'Enterprise Zone' to regenerate various industrial cities.

Edgy Butt

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Edgy Butt, Pronoun Pete of "microaggressions" infamy, is easily the most reprehensible reptile among the whole Dem-scum line-up. Militantly, moronnially shallow and evil, demanding taxpayer-funded welfare for illegals and the decriminalisation of illegal entry; a supporter of the Green New Deal. An unutterable scumbag.

“I can’t watch it too often because I just cry like in the first 20 seconds. I’m just bawling,” he said, referring to the show This Is Us at a campaign event earlier this month ..."

Like, in the first, like, 20 seconds, like?!

Vile Narcissistic sub-human, like, fascist.

Apart from that he's admirable.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

isn't it?

Trump Derangement Syndromer Don Lemon, supposedly a neutral journalist, and two of his fellows in derangement, displayed their colours shamelessly on FakeNews CNN the other night:

I was so appalled and angry seeing this online yesterday I was speechless; this filth really are beyond evil. As I have long predicted - Trump wins 59 States (all except Vermont), 58% of the popular vote, and 532 in the Electoral College, along with 250 in the House, and gain Senate seats in Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire

Number 20 - Welfare State

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Yet again the Welfare State proves how evil it truly is.

I was just in the New World Supermarket purchasing something for luncheon, as you do, and because I have been around the block a few times - (and despite having made a killing after shorting the ANZ Bank at $30 per share a few weeks back, so being flush with readies) - am very thrifty; economise wherever possible.

So I felt that 2 chargrilled chicken breasts and one scoop of coleslaw from the delicatessen (I got the lady to do the scoop three times, as I felt she had put far too much coleslaw on the scoop spoon thingy), along with 6 bread rolls from the 'bargain' trolley (a wonderful new innovation at New World whereby you can get discounted 'yesterdays' packs of bread rolls for $1.49!!), would be sufficient for all of us. Believe me I can stretch all that out among a six pack of bread rolls!

Anyway, off we went across the street to the Children's Playground to one of the picnic tables to have our feast. I cast an eye around to the other picnic tables to compare those of us who are spending our own money with those who are spending other people's. There were a couple of old ladies at the next table hoeing into very expensive chicken salads ($6.99 each) they had just bought - no doubt having spent their lives being housewives. After ruining the life of, and churning their way through, their husband's hard earned money and driving the poor pr*cks into an early grave, are now scamming the taxpayer by trousering pension money.

At the table on the other side were a Maori family. Things got ever so slightly off on the wrong foot, and was a bit embarrassing, when they said "Hey bro" to Rawiri (my other half) only to be completely ignored - which he usually does whenever he meets other Maoris. They were devouring all manner of takeaways, bottles of soft drink (just the thing for their children!), and all the proceeds of this week's dole payment.

Compare this with the Wives of a couple of local farmers who were at the playground with their children; driving nice cars, wearing nice clothing, eating nice food, and being well groomed - after probably being up at 4am to assist with milking. Good people, affluent people, profiting from exports and getting stuck in and earning a quid. They were also eating 'economically' like we were! haha!

So it was certainly an eye opening contrast between those who are given everything without having to earn it, and if they run out of readies can simply moan and be handed even more of someone else's, and those of us who have had to create wealth from scratch and watch our hundred dollar notes (ie: me).

What is so sad about this (apart from the children from the Maori family having their lives destroyed by attending the local Kura Kaupapa nonsense) is how dehumanised they all are. Unable to think for themselves, unable to utilise their brains and talents, unable to engage in self help or the pioneering spirit as it has been bred out of them by 80 years of a welfare state specifically designed to destroy their lives. Programmed to stand at an ATM every week for a handout. Socialism in action.

As you can see from the cartoon (that's Sid Holland, by the way, if you didn't immediately recognise him) - this sort of handout culture has been around for decades!

Don Lemon

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Trump Derangement Syndromer Don Lemon, supposedly a neutral journalist, and two of his fellows in derangement, displayed their colours shamelessly on FakeNews CNN the other night:

Lemon has subsequently claimed he was laughing only at the joke and couldn't hear what was being said while he laughed. John Nolte has written a superb piece on Breitbart, informing his commentary on the Lemon debacle with some salient reminders from history:

For some reason, CNN anti-Trump activist Don Lemon found it necessary to separate himself from comments made by Never Trump grifter Rick Wilson and New York Times writer Wajahat Ali.

And I say “for some reason,” because it makes no sense Lemon would feel the need to explain away his “belittling” of Trump supporters during a Saturday night segment on Lemon’s own show, a segment where Trump supporters were ridiculed as illiterate “rubes.”

Yes, the word “rubes” was actually used.

And I say “it makes no sense” because CNN and Lemon have been “belittling” Trump supporters for years, belittling us as Nazis and racists, as ignorant and haters, and this “ist” and that “phobe,” for years.

In fact, Lemon, who has been credibly accused of sexual assault, has gone so far as to praise the left-wing terrorist group Antifa, who make a habit of physically assaulting us rubes.

I hope it goes without saying that I don’t believe Lemon’s excuse.


The idea he was laughing only at Wilson’s lame “Ukraine joke” and didn’t hear the 30 or so seconds of “belittling” that followed, is almost certainly a lie — and an audacious one. Lemon wasn’t laughing out loud. He was laughing silently and quietly, and in my experience, the earpiece everyone wears while on TV allows you to hear everything more clearly than the audience at home. So, since the 14 people who were watching that night heard every word, CNN’s credibly-accused sexual assaulter almost certainly did.

Another reason to not believe Lemon, is that that CNN clipped and proudly promoted the segment.

Anyway, whatever the reason, one of the most shamelessly hateful anchors at the most shamelessly hateful cable channel in all of broadcast history, felt the need to explain his way out of this…

One final note that I have for you because this is personally important to me to address this. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you, I don’t believe in belittling people. Belittling anyone for who they are, for what they believe, or where they’re from. During an interview on Saturday night, one of my guests said something that made me laugh. And while in the moment I found the joke humorous, and I didn’t catch everything that was said. Just to make this perfectly clear — I was laughing at the joke and not at any group of people.

…but in doing so, he left his left-wing pals exposed.

Both Wilson and Ali spent most of their Tuesday doubling-tripling-quadrupling-and whatever comes after “quadrupling” (sorry, I went to public schools) down on the very same “belittling” Lemon now says he finds so terribly wrong, so wrong in fact, he feels the need to audaciously lie about not participating in or even having been aware of any of it.

Oh, you know what…? Now that I’ve had a little time to think about it, I think I’ve figured out why Lemon threw Wilson and Ali went under the bus…

“They think you’re a joke” is the name of the Republican National Committee ad, and President Trump has already tweeted out video of the original CNN segment, while declaring Lemon the “dumbest man on television (with terrible ratings!)” — which is only half true.

Yes, Lemon’s ratings are terrible, laughably bad in fact, but Wolf Blitzer and Chris Cuomo are dumber than Lemon.

You see, Lemon understands just how helpful his segment is to Trump politically, how revealing it is, not just of the elite media, but of the left in general.

But a lot of people are misunderstanding why the segment is helpful, even those who support Trump.

The “belittling” CNN segment doesn’t help Trump because the president’s supporters don’t like to be ridiculed. That’s not it at all, actually. In today’s media and pop culture world, we’re pretty immune to ridicule.

No, it’s something deeper than that.

It’s not that we don’t want to be ridiculed, it’s that we don’t want to be ruled by these bigoted, narrow-minded monsters.

As I mentioned Tuesday, the anti-Trump Resistance and those Democrats who embrace it — like Lemon, Wilson, and Ali — remind me very much of another group of Democrats who declared themselves “The Resistance” a half-century ago, and I am of course talking about Democrat segregationists, those Jim Crow Democrats who used bigotry and violence against blacks as a means to hold on to power in the face of the Civil Rights movement.

Whether it’s Selma, Alabama, in 1965, or CNN and CNN’s Antifa allies today, Democrats have not changed. Whenever their power is threatened, Democrats turn to hate, bigotry, and violence. And their frustrations at losing power, at losing elections, reveals who they really are. We saw that in 1965 and we are seeing it again today.

Just as Bull Connor (a Democrat) turned fire hoses on peaceful black people, Don Lemon’s Antifa pals physically harass and assault peaceful Trump supporters.

Just as Selma Mayor Joe Smitherman (a Democrat) referred to Rev. Martin Luther King as “Martin Luther Coon” during a nationally televised statement in 1965, Lemon’s nationally televised segment refers to Trump supporters as “rubes.”

The hate, the bigotry, the violence, the willingness to do anything in pursuit of power… This is the same Democrat Party that started a Civil War to hold on to their slaves, that launched the Ku Klux Klan, that turned firehoses on women and children.

These are bad people and we do not want to be ruled by them.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC. Follow his Facebook Page here.

Number 19 - North Carolina

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Look what has been allowed to happen....

"..A North Carolina woman has been arrested for providing care without a license to more than two dozen animals left behind during Hurricane Florence. Tammie Hedges, the owner of a nonprofit animal rescue called Crazy’s Claws N Paws, was in the process of turning a warehouse space into a certified animal shelter when news of Florence hit. She opened the unregistered space for evacuating owners to drop off their pets, aiming to provide a safe, dry home for them to wait out the storm......."

Number 17 - NZ political realities 1945 to now.

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Unfortunately for New Zealand there was no centrist, liberal, political party catering to urban/suburban voters emerging after the war and becoming the main party of government.

What would have been great was if such a party had emerged, perhaps along the lines of the Liberal Party in Canada (pre Justin), or even the Australian Liberal Party (although across the Tasman there were visceral sectarian political divides which don't make it quite the sort of thing I am meaning). A party committed to the free enterprise system, limited government, aspirations, free trade, encouraging people getting ahead as the World evolved in the post war period.

Instead there was a very left wing Labour party run by the trade unions, and the National Party which was run entirely by its rural interests until (at least) Don Brash became leader in 2003. Neither really appealed the great mass of the new middle class suburbia which emerged over the decades, which is why the whole system was falling apart by the late 1970s. Things were so bad 20% of people turned to the Social Credit lunatics as an option!

Had such a 'Liberal' party (for lack of a better name) emerged after the war and vacuumed up the votes of middle NZers living in cities, it would have left a rural based National Party on the right (similar to the Country Party in Australia) holding 15 or so rural seats, and a discredited left wing Labour party on the left winning 20 or so working class seats full of ghastly losers. Both of no particular consequence and certainly neither would have dominated the agenda for decades with their left wing twaddle leaving the country impoverished and Stalinist.

It would have meant that various people with political ambitions would have joined such a party and been far happier and successful than they were/are.

People such as Nikki Kaye, Paul Goldsmith, Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett, Michael Woodhouse, Chris Bishop et al (and historical figures such as Jim McClay, Jack Marshall, Simon Upton, Don McKinnon et al) wouldn't have had to waste their lives and talents pretending to be Tories.

Similarly Stuart Nash, Damian O'Connor, Grant Robertson, Trevor Mallard (and historical figures such as Annette King, David Lange, Richard Prebble, Roger Douglas, David Caygill, Mike Moore, Clayton Cosgrove, Geoffrey Palmer et al) wouldn't have wasted their lives and talents pretending to be socialists.

By any measure New Zealand is the poorer, less free, and less successful for such a political party not existing. The political 'received wisdom' of clinging to failed left wing policies of a welfare state, failed education system, and the government "cracking down" on any little thing that goes wrong is based entirely on political realities rather than necessity or principle.

No one implementing and governing over such nonsense actually believes in it. They simply want to be re-elected, and don't want everyone thinking they are an a**ehole and being attacked by a left wing media and special interest groups as some sort of Dickensian Mill Owner casting widows and orphans out into the snow on Christmas eve.

So it continues indefinitely....

Number 16 - Sir Richard Acland

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Okay I am not suggesting any of you have heard of him, he is a fairly obscure person historically, but he undertook some actions which were saturated in 'wetness', and resulted in Acland learning a rather harsh lesson about human nature.

He came from an old established family of Gentry in Devon; he himself was the 15th Baronet - giving you an indication of how old and established the Acland family was - who became a Liberal MP in 1935. Soon afterwards he went mad, became very left wing, and even formed his own political party called Common Wealth to promote socialism.

Evidence that he had gone completely mad was his truly bizarre belief that people were their brother's keeper, and if only they had access to the wealth of the nation everybody would do the right thing and only keep what they needed. Nobody would be greedy or selfish if only they had 'plenty' in their midst; (presumably, to use the modern wanker-speak, he viewed greed or selfishness as "social constructs" gender Eye haha!).

Further evidence of his madness was his desire to set an example to everyone else, to the horror of his wife and children. He threw away 15 generations of wealth and property belonging to his family by....gifting it all to the nation. His lands and grand country house and almost all other assets (except a few paintings and crockery) were simply given away. See what a 'good person' he was? aren't you jealous you aren't as good as him?

And having set an example - which he portrayed as a kind of Gold Standard of morality - then surely everyone else, especially the lower classes, would all see the evil lurking within them. Their envy and greed and selfishness to outdo the other chap and get ahead would be seen as very bad things and cast aside if only we all owned the wealth.

Ummmmmm....not exactly.

It appeared that Ayn Rand and others (Harold MacMillan, for instance) knew human nature a lot better than some cosseted, unworldly, deranged, grandee; Acland's gift to the nation occuring at about the moment Britain began a massive consumer boom.

In the late 1950s and 60s, as the lower orders rushed to buy clothes, washing machines, television sets, record players, package holidays, cars, lounge suites, and numerous other products they couldn't hitherto afford, Acland lamented the greedy selfishness of it all (why couldn't they see he was trying to save them from the bad side of their nature?) - and apparently he really did view consumerism and other rises in living standards - caused by postwar prosperity courtesy of the free enterprise system - with a sense of disgust. The only person marching in step.

Having given away his family fortune, and lost his seat in Parliament, Sir Richard Acland was reduced to teaching Geography at a local school and never heard of again. Loser.

Number 15 - Auschwitz

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Today is the poignant 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, the only place in the history of the World specifically built in order to commit mass murder. Chilling. It is also a reminder, dear reader, as to why we - the good guys - not only are the good guys, but why we need to constantly be fighting against the filth for our freedoms.

There are myriad of online documentaries, essays, books, TV programmes, and other information - most of which is quite difficult to watch/read - about Auschwitz, what happened there, the death marches, and its eventual liberation, so I cannot really add anything except to mark the occasion.

I have noticed on social media today the 'usual suspects' are out in force trying to pretend it never happened, was all a canard; a hoax. All I can suggest is you don't bother engaging these loons in any sort of debate; their parents must be really proud....

Number 14 - North and South

Mr_Lineberry's picture

This morning, about an hour ago as I write this, I was in the local New World Supermarket cafe (where the cheap b*astards make the teapots so small you can only get 1 and a half, rather than 2, cups of tea out of it); I happened to notice some magazines available to read and picked up North and South which I hadn't read for perhaps a decade. Boy oh boy was I in for a shock!

The latest issue of North and South Magazine is just shocking in its left wing propaganda, which if the sheeple were to swallow it whole and some of this nonsense became the received wisdom, then it is further proof that New Zealand is finished as a first world nation. Sort of like the Argentine a century ago.

The February issue has a major focus on infanticide - urging people to be childless to save the planet - and it goes on for page after page with this rubbish. Then profiles various 'Usual Suspects' who did similar things in the past.

It profiles some virtue signaling wanker who doesn't fly in planes to save the planet (actually his sole motivation is so all his friends know what a "good person" he is - the corollary being "what a bad person you are!").

Then there is a article about some chap from Eketahuna who was killed in the Vietnam War, an article which is nothing more than propaganda suggesting a legitimacy of Communism (and those engaging in military action opposing Communist tyranny really ought to be ashamed of themselves).

And on and on and on it goes; page after page of lunacy and virtue signaling twaddle which it urges its readers to adopt - because only stupid redneck hicks disagree ("you racist!")

There was a time when North and South employed Deborah Coddington (who gave up libertarianism and politics by becoming an ACT MP) with her truly breathtaking 'gift for fiction' with such gems as: “Asian crime continues to greet us with monotonous regularity” and “as each week passes with news of yet another arrest involving a Chinese sounding name” . Once we had all finished roaring with laughter at the thought the owners of North and South actually paid her good money for this stuff - we "understood"; it was all a bit of a lark; not to be taken seriously.

However, now North and South is portraying itself as serious, as imparting important information, of it all being factual. Were the things in just this one issue to be adopted by ordinary people or government the number of freedoms that would be abolished would usher in 1000 years of darkness; and that is the plan all along, right?

Number 13 - John Banks

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Banks is included here for a couple of reasons:

1. He openly admits to assisting his Father in committing very serious crimes - being a getaway driver after a major robbery - which you can read about in the book about the Bassett Road Machine Gun Murders, by Scott Bainbridge. No thought for the victims of said crime/s and the loss of their property, oh no, just a big laugh at what fun it all was. Disgusting.

2. He, as a temporary Association of Compulsion Touters MP, supported the evil Search and Surveillance Act which gave Police officers unnecessary powers they didn't require, and basically left the population fearful. Those who were not fearful are just sheeple (and sheep get slaughtered).

I won't even bother addressing Banks' hysterical behavior in 1985/86 opposing gay sex as his actions speak for themselves. It is difficult to pinpoint anything John Banks did during a 3 decade political career which assisted the cause of freedom, yet he often portrayed himself as some kind of liberty lover. Orwellian.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

you PhilipD - please contribute; add names to each category as I don't want it to seem little more than my own opinions. Let's face it there are plenty of people who can be added.

Heroes and Rogues: You are

PhilipD's picture

Heroes and Rogues: You are doing good work here, Elijah. Enjoying it tremendously.

Number 12 - Beehive Bagnio

Mr_Lineberry's picture

There is so much fertile ground for a Rogues Gallery from that building full of $10 tarts it is difficult to know where to begin..... so I shall just stick to one thing.

One matter which has always annoyed me, and where its justification for being abolished has finally come to light, is the pernicious "accommodation supplement"; a handout to poor people to pay their rent.

Unlike almost everyone else in New Zealand I happen to be a huge fan of the so called 'housing crisis', the exponential rise in real estate values during the last few years, which is constantly criticised by the media and commentators from one end of the country to the other. Call me old fashioned if you like, possums - but personally I think one's house rising in value is a marvelous thing!

The best thing about the massive increase in real estate values in recent years - and I suspect the census will confirm this - is it has greatly improved the demographics of our nicer places to live because 'certain types' of people can no longer afford to live there. And thank god for that! The 'Usual Suspects' are not to be found in the more affluent parts of Wellington and Auckland, or Taupo, or Queenstown, or Havelock North, or numerous other pleasant corners of our country. These areas are reserved for normal people who deserve to be there whilst the rest are living in....(well, who cares?).

Although among property owners you are unlikely to bump into any old scummy Tom, Rajiv or Rangi types - (the way it was in the dark, egalitarian, State Advances Corporation days when anybody dragged in off the street could get a housing loan) - it is not the case if there are houses for rent in your street, and this is entirely due to the accommodation supplement handout to losers.

Today I heard on the radio news how Wellington rents have hit $600 per week; excellent news for landlords, excellent news for the next door neighbours who can have an educated guess that you are not some lazy, feckless, poor person - and consequently are unlikely to burgle their house or host mid week parties with the Far Now - with the resulting lowering of the neighbourhood. Why RNZ views this number, or other rental figures in other cities, to be a bad thing we should all wring hands over, is as unfathomable to me as why the doubling of house prices constitutes a 'crisis'.

If the accommodation supplement was abolished then the free market would be allowed to operate with impunity; Wellington and Auckland would really empty out its scummiest people in double quick time, crime would fall, streets would become safe, and all would be well. Once again the government fails and reduces the freedoms of its people by allowing this evil scheme to continue.

Number 11 - Chloe Thickasabrick

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Here is a young female who has never -

1. Gotten married
2. Had children
3. Made lunches
4. Run a business
5. Done a school run
6. Made a payroll
7. Sat up all night with an ill child
8. Created anything
9. Managed an organisation
10. Been short of money
11. Had to scramble to pay bills
12. Bought a house
13. Had to economise to make ends meet
14. Had a job
15. Read a book
16. Been to an Opera
17. Been on a farm
18. Gone tramping in the bush
19. Had to compete with minimum wage immigrants to get a job
20. Been discriminated against
21. etc etc why should we doubt for one moment her credentials to tell us all how to live our lives? Eye

Number 10 - Libertarian Party of America

Mr_Lineberry's picture

They really ought to change their name to the "Junior Demoscum Party" as they have long since given up the ghost of libertarianism. In recent times all they talk about or support are rights for trannies and "thing persons" claiming to have 200 genders, and all their activists are the usual left wing crowd with green hair and scruffy clothing. Embarrassing. Equally embarrassing to think I was a registered Libertarian voter in California for several years! (Ugh!)

At the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans their newly adopted true colours were fully on full display. Some muslime ("Dr Ahmed") proposed an anti Israel, anti semitic resolution, as you can see in the video and not only was it adopted unanimously but listen to how orgasmic the crowd was; Corbynista stuff! True enemies of freedom, true evil putrid filth if ever there was.

Needless to say the usual anti semitic trick of using rinky dink catch phrases was used, to pretend they were not doing what they clearly were, and I doubt anybody is fooled any more than Jeremy Corbyn (or Hamas) are fooling anybody.

(The relevant part begins at 1 hour, 54 minutes, 18 seconds)

Number 9 - Greta Scumberg

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Our friends at Right Angle: Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green - sum things up perfectly as usual. A denunciation of that stupid Swedish brat and of the left wing filth for scaring young people in order to gain political power. Pure evil.

I love the Right Angle guys and have been watching their videos for around a decade, from their days at PJ Media. Go to the channel and subscribe, or and become a member. They are also organizing a cruise - I have already bought my ticket - in May; be great to meet them in person.

(on a humorous note, I must confess to having always thought Steve Green is a bit of a wanker Sticking out tongue - notice his joke at 5 mins 22 secs bombs spectacularly haha!)

Number 8 - Representative-ette Kirkpatrick

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Ann Kirkpatrick, Congressfemale from Arizona, spends her days in the US House of Representatives advocating for - infanticide, numerous genders, higher taxes, confiscating guns, imposing regulations on business, imposing regulations on people, taking away rights from people, abolishing the US Constitution, open borders, the raping of 92 year old women due to those open borders, turning hospitals into chop shops thanks to single payer, sanctioning the victim, turning the US population into slaves, etc etc etc (you get the general idea)

After engaging in such anti-freedom evil throughout her days, did Congressfemale Kirkpatrick celebrate these activities with nights of sobriety?

Ummmm..... no. So much so that Kirkpatrick is now on a leave of abstinence - opps, I mean 'absence' - from Congress, drying out at a rehab clinic somewhere.

This goes to show that the Demoscum don't really believe a word of what they say, don't believe in anything they do, and are filled with self disgust and loathing at the evil they are engaging in. Kirkpatrick skulls bottle after bottle of hard liquor to try and blot out her part in destroying America, and understandably so!

She knows she is wrong and IN THE WRONG - and it's another example of why we, the good guys, are indeed the good guys.

Number 7 - the aptly named Mr Savage

Mr_Lineberry's picture

One of the truly Orwellian things about New Zealand is the welfare state is seen as a good thing; is viewed as somehow 'helping' people. It all began in 1935 when the Labour party was elected to government with Michael Joseph Savage as the Prime Minister.

Prior to that New Zealanders - our ancestors - had been into self reliance, dealing with their own problems, freedom of the individual, building things, creating things, and had accomplished the little matter of, oh I don't know, ummmmmm.... creating towns, cities, farms, businesses, export industries, houses, ports, railways, roads, and 1001 other things, out of an untouched wasteland, and doing so in a fairly short period of time; around 65 years.

And that would never do, would it comrades? Eye

So along comes the Labour party - full of the 'Usual Suspects': Irish (enough said!), Catholics (enough said!), the losers, the envious, trade union gangsters, Champagne Socialists ('literally' in the case of Brewing tycoon Ernest Davis! haha!), the mediocre, the feckless, and Maoris. Suddenly everything that had been created at lightning speed by hardworking pioneers seeking a better life was deemed to be wrong, and henceforth everything had to be deemed a "basic human right" provided by the state.

Houses - now to be provided by the State. Whenever somebody pointed out that everyone already lived in a house, they were attacked as greedy, selfish, and clearly hated their neighbours. The problem, apparently, was the existing houses were not a "right"; existing houses were private and therefore somehow suspicious.

Handouts - now everybody was to be given their own money back. If a mugger mugged you, stole $300 out of your wallet, and then gave you $70 back, nothing 'virtuous' is occuring, nor are you receiving 'free' money. (Remember when above I mentioned the Labour party was supported by those who were Catholics and of Irish descent? well now you see the sort of thick b*ggers were able to be conned into thinking "the guv'mun is giving us somefink for nuffink"). So yes, on Tuesday everyone paid income taxes and on Wednesday they were given the 'Family Benefit' - and told it was free money and frightfully benevolent.

Consumer goods - basically banned, unless manufactured locally. Imports leading to the shops being full of products which were commonplace elsewhere in the World were stopped. This, too, was somehow seen as benevolent and virtuous because it supposedly led to full employment. (Once again, only people of a certain religion and ethnic background could be that dumb!). Needless to say anybody who criticised the retail wasteland of New Zealand was dismissed as 'greedy' who hates his neighbours (etc etc)

The pioneering spirit was snuffed out, three generations of (admittedly ghastly) working class people were made dependent upon the State, conformity was in and 'life' was out, perfectly happy Maoris were told they were victims, and every freedom you care to mention - from fishing in a river to making a profit - was to be either banned or heavily regulated. Evil, destructive, and the beginning of the end of New Zealand.

The weirdest part of all this is the way the Savage government is viewed historically; held up as some kind of gold standard, a by-word for "benevolence" and virtue.

The reality? Savage had a 'little man' complex, was indecisive, weak, and fairly ineffectual. A full One THIRD of the Cabinet Ministers were criminals - ex jailbirds. Leading figures like Peter Fraser had openly supported the enemy as teenaged boys were slaughtered at Gallipoli and Passchendaele (and naturally claimed it was 'other people' who 'hated their neighbours'). Most predictable and disgusting of all is that according to John A Lee's writings it appears most of the government MPs were riddled with gonorrhea! Barf!

These were despicable people by any measure so I am in no way exaggerating when I say this ludicrous historical view of the Savage government really is Ministry of Truth stuff.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

thanks babe! (sorry if I seem pretty over the top with some of this, but these people really get my goat with their evil behavior)

Keep ‘em coming Elijah...

Olivia's picture

... all very instructive! Smiling

Number 6 - Senatorette Pocahantas

Mr_Lineberry's picture

"Senator Warren is it disqualifying for a Presidential candidate to lie to the American public about anything?"

(a little humour to lighten the atmosphere)

Number 5 - Siminda

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Simon Bridges. *SIGH* Shocked

I call him Siminda as he has a 99% commonality with that dreadful Ardern woman - guns, abortions, high taxes, resource management act, choking regulations on farmers and businessmen, global warming, Nanny State etc etc etc - they are siamese twins, and don't be fooled if he says otherwise.

If you think I am being frightfully unfair then by all means please list the "Top 20 Labour Policies" Simon has promised will be repealed by Christmas (hint: you can't, because there is no such list); ask your local National MP to rattle off the items on the list if you really want to have some fun and cause them huge embarrassment.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, and Simon Bridges returned from a communist hell hole - with torture chambers, gulags, re-education camps, slave labour camps, slave labour factories, a chilling 'Social Credit' scheme (quite different from our own 'social credit' nutters); a history of mass murder, famine, degradation and numerous other nasties.

Did he condemn these evil crooks for the way they treat their own people? give them a good dressing down the way you and I, dear reader, would do?

No - of course not; he saw it as some sort of training manual.

"My impression is one of amazement... having been in both Shanghai and Beijing before, it is very different even from just a few years ago.." - yes, cupcake, now they have that 'social credit' system whereby anybody stepping out of line can be destroyed immediately. Presumably Siminda was shooting in his pants at the thought of introducing it in NZ in 2021; great way to settle scores with people he doesn't like, and anyone calling out his cowardice and mediocrity (which is pretty much everybody).

Oh and do I need to point out which party - full of *ahem* "Libertarians" Eye (*cough*splutter) - fully intends to put Siminda in power later this year and by default are endorsing his endorsement of Chinky communism? a party which has been denounced and abandoned by its founder (who is considerably more principled than some people I can think of). Food for thought as you donate any more money, or deliver leaflets, for the ACT Party.

Number 4 - Scott Morrison

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Let me first of all make it clear that I quite like Scott Morrison and think he looks quite attractive haha! I also predicted his election victory several months before it occurred - an event which was so unexpected to the left in Australia (although not to anyone awake and paying attention) that they have been very quiet and castrated ever since.

However, with Morrison in charge it seems the left wingers need not worry about their socialist tyranny agenda being implemented.

Morrison has banned the use of cash - banknotes - to buy things over $10,000. This policy is to supposedly to "prevent criminals from laundering money", and needless to say has been universally ignored by criminals, but not by ordinary Australians who can no longer do what they want with their own money. Busybodies can now stick their nose into everyone else's business and those who like using cash have had restrictions imposed upon them.

Another victory for the mediocre and envious. Another defeat for freedom.

Number 3 - Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood are planning to spend a whopping $45 million of taxpayer money on election advertising this year. The organisation will be running ads which trot out the usual lines about "choice" and "the government shouldn't tell me what to do with my body", and the Usual Suspects will 'coo' and 'gush' at how frightfully virtuous it all is.

Sickening, isn't it?

We should all applaud infanticide? The government should not be involved in preventing murder? (seriously?). People truly believe there is something virtuous about murdering babies? even once they are actually born if you are in Noo Yawk and want to be seen as really woke, hip, and 'right on'.

Do I need to point out how Republican politicians, when fundraising or addressing Tea Party rallies ("I need your donations so I can continue the fight in Congress") all tried to outdo each other in declaring themselves the most 'pro life' and 100% committed to banning abortions until...... precisely 3 years ago (almost to the minute, as I write this) when they gained control of all three branches of government?

And then promptly continued funding of Planned Parenthood - because getting invited to the right cocktail parties, and not being seen as a backwards redneck hick by left wingers who despise you is far more important than doing the correct thing, (right kids?)

Words fail me....

Number 2

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A Bernie Sanders employee has been exposed advocating "re-education camps" and all manner of violence in the streets once the Demoscum return to power. Pretty chilling stuff and, in my view, not something to brush off as meaningless. It was the brushing off of similar sorts of loons in days gone by which has led to someone like Sanders being a serious contender today!

Instead of ignoring him his views - which are actually fairly mainstream within the Demoscum Party these days - need to be widely disseminated and voters asked the question as to whether this is the America they truly want. As usual, the apologists and "Never Trumpers" are entirely responsible for this. As their children are starving in a gulag or in hospital after being hit in the head with a brick or baseball bat, I wonder if certain Obleftivists and RINOs will explain to them again what was so bad about Donald Trump Eye

The Filth who needs no introduction

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Governor Blackface (or Klansman) Part 2

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Northam has declared a State of Emergency in order to ban opinions he disagrees with.

The left wingers always run the line that "only stupid redneck racist people are against this - are YOU a racist redneck hick too?" over all manner of things which involve protests they disagree with. Most liberty lovers - especially in NZ - swallow this line whole every single time and consequently support the leftists every single time (yes, I am being bitchy Eye - but it's true), however you may decide to watch the video and find out what is really going on in Virginia.

Number 1 - Ralph Northam, Governor Blackface

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