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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Wed, 2005-12-07 10:23

SOLO Sports was created because I believed that Objectivists aren't just interested in pointy-headed discussions about metaphysics & ethics, they're also interested in topics that ignite our sense of competition and stir the unashamed collective pride we feel when our chosen team triumphs.

You may not claim to be a sports jock--I certainly don't--but that doesn't matter. Feel free to post on any subject no matter how tenuously related to sport it may be. Stories, recollections, match reports, pictures & links galore--they're all welcome. The more colourful & varied we can make this place the better.

Being a New Zealander I naturally go for sports like rugby union, rugby league, cricket, softball & netball. I also enjoy learning more about American sports like football, baseball & (strangely) lacrosse. X-sports are also a favourite.

But no matter how obscure your chosen sport or topic may be, it's welcome here because in the end it's all about the power & the passion!

Enjoy! Kia Kaha!


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Just wait 'til I find that

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Just wait 'til I find an audio file of the haka!

KASS photo!

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Now maybe the limp-dicks will understand us Kiwis better, Ross! If they don't shrivel up & die of fright first!

Pity it didn't quite work for us in the cricket tonight.

Ah, wait for the cries of "collectivism" to be raised.

It ain't collectivism. It's tribalism. Hahahaha!

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