Collectivism Repackaged

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Submitted by Marcus on Sun, 2006-06-04 20:53

Birth of a Tory lie. Now an economist is trying to repackage collectivism to sound like it were Libertarianism. What a mess!

"A new book, The Origin of Wealth by Eric Beinhocker (Random House) has been described by the economist John Kay as the most important business book of the year."

“People are strong reciprocators,” says Beinhocker. “They’re neither selfishly individualistic nor inherently altruistic. They try to do unto others as you would have them do unto you — but if others don’t do it unto you, then nail them.”

“We may not be able to control or predict the future direction of society, but we can ensure that its three elements — states, markets and communities — work together to create wealth, social capital and opportunity.”

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Deleted - double post

The problem is

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That this book is supposed the inspiration for new Tory Leader David Cameron. The rest of the article is worth reading because the book is much worse that the sections by Marcus.

It's call the Third Way.

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It's call the Third Way.


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And how exactly does a state or a community create wealth again?

I've seen a lot of communities that are just people hanging around getting drunk/stoned. Granted the dealers are to some degree creating some wealth but damn some comunities just aren't that productive.


Inking is sexy.

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