Go Bloody Bongkers, Brexiteers!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-01-18 04:43

The Fascist Filth, as they are affectionately known—The Filth for short!—in America call themselves the Resistance. They're submerged in Orange Man Bad Impeachment right now. In Britain, The Filth are called Remainers. They're submerged in overturning the liberation from Nazism rendered by the recent General Election result. Remainers, many of whom are Profa, are planning to "ruin" the Brexit celebration party in Parliament Square on January 31. Given Soros-funded Profa's track record, who knows what Blackshirt atrocities that will mean?! Meanwhile, Deep State Remainers within the bureaucracy are refusing to allow the bonging of Big Ben to consecrate Britain's defeat of the Fourth Reich as it did the defeat of the Third. But humans are ahead of The Filth!

This Boy Is Just Wonderful!

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Let's hope the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commissariat gets disestablished after this. "200 Brexiteers"?!

And in NZ, abolish TVNZ and RNZ. I used to work for them. I knew then how corrupt, agenda-driven and militantly stupid they had become. They are much worse now. They are an integral part of The Filth, along with academia, the rest of the media, the Sorosian National/Labour duopoly, New Zealand Last, Gutless Gormless Goofy's pro-Global Migration Compact ACT Party, and bit-player Obleftivist weasels.

Wondered ...

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... where this guy got to yesterday!!

It Is Done!

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And 15 minutes ago the US Senate voted not to allow any new new witnesses in the disgraceful sham impeachment of Orange Man Bad. The Filth are being crushed. There's a God after all!

Brexit Day is here at last. There were many times over the past three-and-a-half years when it looked like it might never arrive. When it looked like the largest democratic vote in British history would be overthrown. Soon, we hope, the fact that some people actually tried to do that – actually tried to prevent the enactment of 17.4million votes – will come to be seen as the alarmingly illiberal and elitist campaign that it was. But we made it. We stood up to the EU and our own domestic elites and we insisted that our democratic voice be heard. We won. That should be savoured and celebrated. Democracy is in rude health. For more than a decade spiked has pushed the Eurosceptic argument. As our old slogan put it, we are ‘for Europe and against the EU’. That still stands. We will continue to argue against the elitist bureaucracy of Brussels while reaching out to our European cousins who share our love of European history, culture and values. Happy Brexit Day, everyone!

—Brendan O'Neill


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It apparently happens at 11am on Saturday morning our time. Getting very exciting counting down the hours until D-Day!! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

Yet another thing Enoch was right about....


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That repulsive officious member of the Ugly Wimmin's Squad epitomises the plague of Ugly Wimmin across the globe. Ridden with hate herself, she presumes to scold Nigel for using the word "hate" as in "We love Europe; we just hate the European Union." Humourless sanctimonious bitch. Loathsome. Good riddance to be out of that cesspool of Narcissism, Nazism, globalism and power-lust. One day to go!!!!!

Nigel Farage's Final Speech

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"If you disobey the rules you get cut off" - doesn't that Orwellian voiceover at the end pretty much sum up the entire EU? Sticking out tongue hahahahaha!!


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is a fairly shocking story in the Daily Express about how the UK Prime Minister who took Britain into Europe, Edward Heath, had not only been paid off, but knew all the tyranny was in the pipeline; shall include the link but first highlight some salient points....

...he was awarded the Charlemagne Prize in 1963 for his work done towards European unification...Mr Heath received £75,000 as part of his prize. In today’s money that equates to around £1.5million..."

...in June 1971, a White Paper had been sent to every home in the UK, promising: "There is no question of Britain losing essential sovereignty." Then, in a television broadcast in January 1973 to mark his signing of the Treaty of Rome, Mr Heath went even further. He said: “There are some in this country who fear that, in going into Europe, we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. “These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified.” ....

...In complete contrast with Mr Heath’s claims, civil servants claimed that if the plan was fully implemented, member states would have ended up with less autonomy than US states as the EEC's aim was to become a political union. The assessment said: “At the ultimate stage, economic sovereignty would to all intents and purposes disappear at the national level and the Community would itself be the master of overall economic policy...."



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warms the heart doesn't it? I am getting so excited that Britain's independence is almost here and Boris joins Churchill and other great leaders in defeating tyranny. (Btw, that chap has stolen my line of "freedom fighters" haha!). Isn't that doggie soooooooooo cute!!!! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

Her Majesty Confirms!

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Rule Britannia!

The Filth Fold

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If ONLY there were some way to solve that problem....

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And Still The Filth Persist

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The Filth are still trying to block Brexit. Now it's the House of Lords. Abolish them!



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shall make a prediction....

Several pro-Brexiteers will be arrested at the celebration party for "racist, sexist" activity. A search of their houses/flats/cars will - by a truly amazing coincidence - result in "finding vast amounts of anti-Islamic material and propaganda", along with detailed plans to assassinate _________ (write any name in here; the Queen? an Imam? a popular entertainer?), and "a cache of weapons".

This brilliant, swift, and devastatingly successful detective work is by the same Police Force who couldn't catch Lord Lucan, Usman Khan, Levi Bellfield or Jimmy Saville by the way.

The media will have a feeding frenzy on this fake news (currently being invented in News Rooms ready for broadcast), along with the usual "it's been debunked as a conspiracy theory" line for anyone suggesting it is fake news, and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Mayor London, head of MI5, heads of other govt agencies will all be at the Press Conference denouncing this appalling behaviour.

Within 15 minutes news stories denouncing the "slow response by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to condemn these evil people" will be running, along with tearful Labour leadership candidates being interviewed to get their views on the deafening silence from Number 10 ("I can only conclude Boris Johnson wholeheartedly supports these people *sniff*...")



NB: remember NONE of it will be actually true; they are currently brainstorming to think up names for the perpetrators, and recording (ahem) "live" broadcasts from "our reporter on the scene" ready to go to air on the 31st.

Oh and does this standard playbook stuff remind you of anything? Christchurch March 15th-wise? Eye

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