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Instead of just attacking evil filth with the Rogues Gallery, felt I should also highlight some heroes for freedom. Please add your own selections of those who advance the cause of freedom another step or two away from the abyss.

Number 51 - Harete Hipango

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(And people wonder why I vote Tory?!??)

"..For a PM who supports abortion to full term (yes that’s right a full term baby up until birth can be aborted- and for those who denounce and decry saying nonsense it would never occur, the fact is this PM supported this law being made - it is lawful, whether or not it is utilised) and other atrocious unnecessary violations of a human life in utero in amendments to the Abortion Act (where Abortion has for decades in NZ been lawful & treated as a health issue) - this recent stance by the PM is rank and riles me as a woman who is a mother and has also advocated for children’s welfare all my professional working life as a lawyer. The hypocrisy is astounding."

I have

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Just been shown how to copy and paste on this computer phone!

(Rawiri is a treasure, isn't he?)


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Guys win again...

Tucker Carlson now has the highest rating cable TV show in history. He stood up to the filth, told the truth, said what 3/4 of people are secretly thinking, and it resulted in stunning success.

It is another example of what I have been saying for a couple of years. The media propaganda is merely extrapolating their own opinions across the population.

In reality it reflects the views of a small minority. Protests, riots, preposterous claims - it's all astro turfing, not real.

I said this about Britain last year, and it's the same story in America today - with a landslide Trump victory in November to prove it.

One area where Tucker is mistaken, in my view, was in wanting conservatives to challenge the mob head on a month ago. I notice that various Republicans - today - are getting stuck into the filth as chop and statue destruction is winding down.

Apart from the consequences of a couple of million armed conservative patriots confronting faggy soy boys, the Republicans, being political animals, know a thing or two about timing..... you don't try and "reason" with a 3 year old throwing a tantrum.

Number 50 - Whoops, did I post this?

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Number 49 - Brought Tears To My Eyes

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President Trump has now sufficient delegates to be the Republican nominee for the 2020 Presidential election. A very moving video...

Number 48 - Conservative Women

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Number 47 - Newt Gingrich

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This morning I have been at a Doctors surgery fuming at the childish hypochondria of my spouse (Maoris really are babies and bloody hopeless, aren't they?); needless to say he doesn't have coronavirus (*sigh*), but simply would not listen to reason and insisted on wasting the time of a GP and, well, here I am....

Anyway, I found an old TIME magazine on the table and even by the standards of a Doctors Surgery it's date of October 10th 1995 is quite impressive! haha!

There is a piece in here on Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the House; a typical left wing media hit piece, and mentions something rather interesting. It states he ha[s] an approval rating of 26% and a negative rating of 56% (yes, they had fake polls even back then!). They then compared him with a slobbering over Bill Clinton (49%/40%); the implication being - isn't Newt disgusted with himself for being such a very bad person?

Fast forward a quarter of a century.....

Which of the two men is the elder statesman? who commands the affection of vast numbers of people? who is listened to when he gives a speech? who is widely respected?

And who is the discredited rapist, crook, liar, and embarrassment to the nation? Eye

(Sometimes victory takes a while, folks...)

Number 46 - Will Witt

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For reasons unclear the State Government of California seems hellbent on making Atlas Shrugged come to life; they also appear not to notice it is actually happening. All rather odd. Will Witt, up and coming conservative, has made this video which is quite an eye opener.

Number 45 - The solution to ALL your problems

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Sooner you start living like this, the sooner it happens....

Number 44 - Soy Man

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I never thought I would be saying this but I am putting Simon Bridges, Siminda, Soy Man Bruggess on the 'Hero' list.

Must confess to voting 2 ticks for the National Party since 2011, and Brett Hudson MP is a marvelous chap, but appalled at their limp dick craven behaviour in opposition - supporting all sorts of awful stuff like gun confiscation, and promoting filth like Bishop. But has a corner been turned?

In the last couple of days Soy Man has announced a "Bonfire of Regulations", listing 25 for the chopping block, all of which are excellent; announced the childish health and safety regulations will be scaled back significantly - stop treating people like babies; announced the unsustainable rises in the minimum wage will be canned (and possibly scaled back).

Even the ACT party is so shocked at having their thunder stolen they are footstamping in frustration! haha!

Number 43 - Alan Dershowitz

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A true hero of freedom, often at huge personal cost, and someone not prepared to bow to left wing attacks and childishness. Please take an hour and watch the entire interview as it is well worth it.

Number 42 - Dalia al-Aqidi

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This gal is a Muslime and a wog (she was born in Iraq) - but don't worry, she's a 'nice' one - and is the opponent of that sicko commie Ilhan Omar. She is very conservative and ticks a lot of boxes; fingers crossed for her success in November.

Here is her speech at CPAC the other day.

Number 41 - Dr Adrian Rogers

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Number 40 - Diamond and Silk

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As a rule I have nothing much to do with women - (I consider my misogyny a badge of honour, rather like the pride I take in my anti Roman Catholic bigotry) - but these two ladies are just marvelous!

They make a major contribution to the rise and rise in black people supporting President Trump and the Republican party (as does Candace) and their hilarious videos give me hours of pure joy. Delightful ladies. Here they were yesterday at President Trump's rally...

(46 seconds)

Number 39 - Glenn Interviews Candace!!

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Glenn Beck interviews Candace Owens - watch and enjoy!


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Yes, you will never hear that from any politician in our time.

Number 38 - Sir William Harcourt

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Harcourt was Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer in Gladstone's governments, in effect his deputy, and was quite the freedom advocate.

Can you imagine Seymour or Siminda making the following speech? or even privately believing any of this? (neither can I, alas). Harcourt said the following during a speech at Oxford in December 1872....

If there be any party which is more pledged than another to resist a policy of restrictive legislation, having for its object social coercion, that party is the Liberal party. (Cheers.) But liberty does not consist in making others do what you think right, (Hear, hear.) The difference between a free Government and a Government which is not free is principally this—that a Government which is not free interferes with everything it can, and a free Government interferes with nothing except what it must. A despotic Government tries to make everybody do what it wishes; a Liberal Government tries, as far as the safety of society will permit, to allow everybody to do as he wishes. It has been the tradition of the Liberal party consistently to maintain the doctrine of individual liberty. It is because they have done so that England is the place where people can do more what they please than in any other country in the world.......It is this practice of allowing one set of people to dictate to another set of people what they shall do, what they shall think, what they shall drink, when they shall go to bed, what they shall buy, and where they shall buy it, what wages they shall get and how they shall spend them, against which the Liberal party have always protested....

Number 37 - Moral Purity and Virtue

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Another Elijah (although he isn't a fabulous sex warrior like others with that name) has a show on Blaze TV called 'Slightly Offensive".

This really does warm the heart, really does show you that 'we' have already won the battle of ideas and the culture war. Watch the video, see these beautiful white people, and black people, and Hispanic people, and others, and realize that victory is at hand. There is a good reason why the MSM doesn't show this sort of stuff as it gives the game away fairly quickly.

Also take a look at the anti Trump people; notice how they all look like goblins? Shocked - Imagine being a parent who has raised someone like that?! - I'd be giving them a gun and telling them to kill themselves (goodbye and good riddance!). Amazing what a sense of shame some people have to endure compared with those who have raised normal, intelligent, patriotic kids.

Number 36 - Ken Cochrane

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Okay so you've never heard of this marvelous chap; neither had I until this morning - but he sounds the most amazing person!

Rather than sit there, listen to a lot of left wing stalinists trying to abolish fishing (because people they despise enjoy it), and 'take it' he fought back "...I sat there on day one and I thought, ‘I’m listening to a whole bunch of chick scientists who, if you look at the view they were pitching, everybody in New Zealand should not shave their armpits ... should whitebait in their jandals ... after they catch one patty for tea they should sit down, hold hands and sing Kumbaya." Sticking out tongue

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh boy - what a true hero of freedom!

I know that 'libertarians' throughout New Zealand will, by now, have a hanky covering their mouth in disgust - (like a 'wet' vicar does at the thought of sex on television) - but real freedom fighters will be roaring with laughter and emailing good old Ken messages of support. The email address is southland@fishandgame.org.nz


Number 35 - Elitists Helping To Re-Elect Trump

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That image says it all

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And what a contrast to Narcissistic moronnials and Obleftivists!

Number 34 - A "Sense of Life"

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Number 33 - Trump Supporters

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The Demoscum and their fellow travellers are nasty, greedy, selfish, self centred, mean spirited, horrible people - who know they are horrible people - and desperately wish they were like us; they'd give anything - anything - to be real Americans like we are; give anything to be nice, kind, and thoughtful like we are.

Now do you see why they hate us so much? Eye

Number 32 - Iwo Jima

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It is the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, an iconic moment in the fight for freedom and this amazing photograph. According to Bernie, Mike, Biden, Obarmarx, Bootyboy, Nancy and many, many others..."America was NEVER great" Shocked

Draw your own conclusions folks - and remember, if you don't support Trump and the Republicans you are a very bad person.

Number 31 - The Good Guys

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Number 30 - Freedom over Nanny State

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Number 29 - Western Civilisation

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This is hot off the press from PragerU; the redoubtable Niall Ferguson sums things up brilliantly.

Number 28 - Barack Obamarx

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Okay before you get an attack of the vapors, or start wondering if I have taken leave of my senses - read on....

Barack Obamarx has refused, point blank, to endorse Joe Biden for President. Such an endorsement and a couple of rallies in Des Moine would have led to Biden winning Iowa (where Obamarx is still popular), possibly New Hampshire, but certainly Biden would be heading to victory in Nevada and South Carolina, and wrapping things up on March 3rd. But none has been forthcoming and "under no circumstances" has been leaked to various pro Obarmarx reporters.

Now let us consider this in greater detail for a moment.

They have known each other for a couple of decades and immediately hit it off when they met. Biden (at the time going through a period of being ignored) was flattered to be asked (begged?) by an unknown candidate in Chicago to come and campaign for him back in 1996 - a chance to prove how important Joe was ("See! candidates for the State Legislature in Illinois want me to campaign for them because they know it's the only way they'll win!").

Biden encouraged him to seek the US Senate seat in 2004, was a mentor to Obarmarx in the Senate 15 years ago (handing him a seat on Foreign Relations on his first day!), and Obarmarx never considered anyone else to be his Vice President. When in the White House they also worked very closely together and it has been a genuine friendship.

Let us also consider Joe Biden in greater detail.

He's had a long history of lying and opportunism. He cheated in law school; he lied in 1988 about numerous things; he exaggerates, he makes things up. He fondles young girls with impunity. He says whatever comes into his mouth. His son is a crook accepting bribes on behalf of the Biden family. His brother isn't much better. It's all pretty rotten and yet we know all of this. Much of this was even known when Biden was Vice President.

So why the silence from Obarmarx? nobody really believes the twaddle about "I need to do this on my own"; Biden is such a political animal he saw Al Gore lose the Presidency by 537 votes by being THAT dumb, and Richard Nixon happily milk endorsements and campaigning by IKE to win the Presidency, to know which side his bread is buttered on.

Are we meant to think that after all these years as a close friend Obarmarx is actually a pretty rotten friend? doing the dirty on his close buddy when he needs help the most? (do you really think that about him? the man who stood by Bill Ayers and other filth friends). A bit implausible, wouldn't you agree?

Or......what has Joe really been upto?

What is so terrible, so shocking, so beyond the pale - and so unknown at this point - it is disqualifying to be US President and will contaminate everyone within a large radius when it finally comes to light? Is it possible that by his silence Obamarx is doing the World a huge favour?

In short - what does Obarmarx .....KNOW? Eye

Number 27 - Who Else?

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Number 26 - Boris Johnson

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Boris really is amazing! my hero!

He has done what any Prime Minister with any gumption would do and sacked all the womenfolk! Three of these ghastly females were sacked in a period of 10 minutes this morning and I am delighted. Imagine how awful it would be for the menfolk at a Cabinet meeting, trying to govern the country with lots of blood spraying around the room and 'menopausal background noise' going on? - *shudder* - and I am pleased Boris is having none of it. Even Margaret Thatcher couldn't stand other women and never let any of them anywhere near the Cabinet table.

All out. Good riddance.

You know what the ladies are like; give them 5 minutes and the voice starts rising an octave (or two), then the bizarre statements get made, then the completely out-to-lunch lunacy starts spouting forth at 300 words per minute. God save us! I cannot stand being in the company of a female for more than 15 minutes at a time (and even that is a stretch), and certainly wouldn't engage in the madness of having them run something important or valuable! eekkk!

The token fillies Boris does have in his Cabinet all hold non jobs - Minister without Portfolio, Paymaster General, Leader of the Lords - where they can't do much harm.

Also delighted he has kept the old Etonians and appointed several new ones, so everybody knows precisely who their masters are - as nature intended (if you know what I mean?). I did notice he had a spot of bother with the 'token wog' seat at the Cabinet table; one threw a hissy fit and quit and another was hastily made Chancellor (to make it look good), which is a bit childish in my opinion, but everyone knows Boris is his own Chancellor in all but name (rather like Gladstone, Thatcher and Lloyd George were) so it doesn't really make any difference.

Boris really is making Britain great again.

Tucker was Magnificent on this Today

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Right after the hilarious take-down of Pocahontas. Haven't seen it come up on YT yet.

Number 25 - Roger Stone

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Another great Freedom Hero.

Roger Stone has been around since the early 1970s as a political operative and consultant where he worked on Richard Nixon's re-election campaign - and engaged in some hilarious larks which annoyed the Demoscum Filth. He then made a career out of it. Stone simply told the truth about various Demoscum Politicians and when they were actually introduced to the voters they tended to lose. Demoscum called it dirty tricks, but it was little more than showing what horrible, nasty, elitists this filth actually was.

He has worked on the Presidential campaigns of Nixon, Reagan, Kemp, Dole, George W (where he led the fight to stop Al Bore from stealing Florida), and Trump. This is his only crime and for which he has been prosecuted.

There is a marvelous documentary "Get Me Roger Stone" which is on Netflix and highly entertaining; watch it if you can.

It seems likely President Trump will do the right thing and pardon him to demonstrate what utter nonsense this whole caper has been, so stay tuned.

Number 24 - John George Russell

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This man really is a premier hero of freedom in New Zealand. He simply refused to pay taxes to the Inland Revenue - and rightly so! Taxation is theft, morally unjustified, and anyone not paying them is striking a blow for freedom. Anyone who does pay taxes is just a slave and deserves to be treated as such.

In 1977 he obtained a letter from IRD which stated that using tax losses from a company to offset future profits was perfectly legal, and Russell then went into business purchasing 'shell companies' (those which had no assets other than tax losses) and encouraging clients to use them as vehicles to avoid paying the government theft. In 1986 the government changed the rules - which John George Russell promptly ignored - and he carried on his merry way. In the process he made a huge fortune for himself and his family members and good on them!

For over 30 years he put the IRD to enormous trouble, winning Court battle after Court battle against them (contrary to the media and IRD spin which implies the opposite), and when he died in 2018 he still hadn't actually paid them any money hahahaha!! Sticking out tongue

I met him once, in Papakura at New World (of all places), recognised him, invited him to lunch where I found him to be excellent company. Nice chap. Talking with him that day he was definitely a true believer - like me he genuinely believed taxation to be theft and simply refused to pay on principle. He also rather enjoyed causing misery to pathetic 'little men' with no balls who can't get a real job so go and work as civil servants at the IRD.

Number 23 - William Gladstone

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I mentioned him in another post, and felt he needs to be in the Heroes Gallery. A great defender of freedom who had an impact upon the World which is still being felt in so many ways. A great man and I've included some of his quotations - he really knew his stuff!

On votes for Women -

I am inclined to say that the personal attendance and intervention of women in election proceedings, even apart from any suspicion of the wider objects of many of the promoters of the present movement, would be a practical evil not only of the gravest, but even of an intolerable character. - (a work of genius!)

On Islam -

Let me endeavour, very briefly to sketch, in the rudest outline what the Turkish race was and what it is. They were, upon the whole, from the black day when they first entered Europe, the one great anti-human specimen of humanity. Wherever they went a broad line of blood marked the track behind them, and, as far as their dominion reached, civilization vanished from view. They represented everywhere government by force as opposed to government by law. – Yet a government by force can not be maintained without the aid of an intellectual element. – Hence there grew up, what has been rare in the history of the world, a kind of tolerance in the midst of cruelty, tyranny and rapine. Much of Christian life was contemptuously left alone and a race of Greeks was attracted to Constantinople which has all along made up, in some degree, the deficiencies of Turkish Islam in the element of mind! ....(sound familiar?)

Speaks for itself -

The Chancellor of the Exchequer should boldly uphold economy in detail; and it is the mark of a chicken-hearted Chancellor when he shrinks from upholding economy in detail, when because it is a question of only two or three thousand pounds, he says it is no matter. He is ridiculed, no doubt, for what is called candle-ends and cheese-parings, but he is not worth his salt if he is not ready to save what are meant by candle-ends and cheese-parings in the cause of the country. No Chancellor of the Exchequer is worth his salt who makes his own popularity either his consideration, or any consideration at all, in administering the public purse. In my opinion, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is the trusted and confidential steward of the public. He is under a sacred obligation with regard to all that he consents to spend

Mass production is the way to riches, folks! -

The reason why the foreign producer gets his produce to market cheaper, relatively, is this — that foreign produce is collected and brought in such large quantities and is sent in great masses to the market. That is the secret of cheap carriage... We must try to make our pounds of produce into tons — or must bring together a number of producers. If you small agriculturists can collectively offer a great bulk of merchandise to the railway companies, they will give you good terms.

Number 22 - People who wrote the following...

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Number 21 - William Massey

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One of the truly great Prime Ministers of New Zealand.

He allowed vast numbers of tenant farmers to purchase their own farms; he smashed commie union thugs at Waihi by organising a militia to belt up troublemakers; he led New Zealand during World War 1; and rather than importing vast numbers of diseased Chinamen (as Ardern is doing) he kept them out!

During an era when New Zealanders were into self help, improving their lot in life, solving their own problems, and making progress he was a man for the times who if he hadn't died from cancer would have remained in office as our longest serving leader. A great man. A true freedom fighter.

Number 20 - Rush Limbaugh

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Shocked and saddened to hear he has lung cancer! I try and listen to his show several days per week (kinda love waking at 4am to do so) and it is only $100 NZD per year to do so.

Rush is a true hero of freedom; for over three decades he has railed against the filth and promoted the cause of freedom from behind his radio microphone with enormous success. He has the top rated radio show in the World, and like Lindsay with his Politically Incorrect Show has led campaigns against all manner of left wing proposals and managed to rally the forces of Good over Evil. Shows the power of talkback radio.

I am sure all the good guys will join me in wishing him a full recovery in his hour of need.

Number 19 - Katrina Holte

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This dear lady sounds like a true hero of freedom! She has rejected feminazi filth and is imitating the lifestyle of a 1950s housewife and she has my great admiration.

I shall let Bill Whittle and Scott Ott tell you more...


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what an amazing video - when was it recorded? I am guessing 1960s? Great voices, great talents.

Louis Armstrong and Mahalia Jackson

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Just look at this! And look at the state of race relations in this video, long before Woke SJW Fascists came along with their anti-white racism. All the actual anti-black racism, of course, as manifest in the Klan and Jim Crow laws, came from Dem-Scum:

Number 16 - "Bloody Friday"

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In the bad old days the Unions in New Zealand were all run by Communists and gangsters.

The people portrayed in 'The Irishman' movie like Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino's character), were babe-in-toyland amateurs compared with corrupt scum like Fintan Patrick Walsh, Ken Douglas, Tom Skinner, Jim Knox, Pat Kelly, Helen Kelly and the rest of the filth who made private fortunes out of extorting money from companies they didn't like - and needless to say were aided and abetted by complicit Labour and cowardly National governments (or at least until 1991).

In 1978 the Alliance Meat Company in Southland refused to pay up.

Be under no illusions, dear reader, the Union was not seeking a pay increase for its members - (they couldn't give a toss about them) - but rather the payment of a substantial and completely bogus invoice for 'consultancy services' which had been sent to the Alliance Group by a company registered in Hong Kong (in case you were wondering where Skinner and Knox got the money to pay for their huge number of property investments). Strike action followed and pretty much wrecked the 1978 killing season causing all sorts of problems for farmers.

In June 1978 a group of Southland Farmers, the true salt of the earth, were so fed up they decided to take action. They ran some 1300 ewes down Dee Street to the old Victoria Ave showgrounds where they slaughtered them; an event known as 'Bloody Friday'.

Number 15 - March for Life

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Here is a great video from Blaze TV, Glenn Beck's network mentioned below. What marvelous people these are and notice how they are all 'normal', not strung out or violent or otherwise scary like you would find from left wingers. No one screaming abuse, no one talking over anyone else, just white people being white people. Warms the heart.

(Notice the cute guy at 58 seconds, the one nodding his head Eye haha!)

Number 14 - The Oil Industry

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This industry has been making people free for a century and a half, and has improved the lives of literally billions of people. The industry also highlights further failures of Obarmarx and the great success of President Trump (hence the left wingers changing the subject with hoaxes about Russia and Impeachment)

Number 13 - Justice Gorsuch

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President Trump's first appointment to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, has rebuked lower court Judges for being Demoscum Party lackeys...Bit by bit the good guys are chipping away at the Deep State traitors - just as in Britain and Australia. We just need to keep at it.

"Today the Court (rightly) grants a stay, allowing the government to pursue (for now) its policy everywhere save Illinois,” Gorsuch wrote. “But, in light of all that’s come before, it would be delusional to think that one stay today suffices to remedy the problem. The real problem here is the increasingly common practice of trial courts ordering relief that transcends the cases before them. Whether framed as injunctions of ‘nationwide,’ ‘universal,’ or ‘cosmic’ scope, these orders share the same basic flaw — they direct how the defendant must act toward persons who are not parties to the case.”

He continued, “When a district court orders the government not to enforce a rule against the plaintiffs in the case before it, the court redresses the injury that gives rise to its jurisdiction in the first place. But when a court goes further than that, ordering the government to take (or not take) some action with respect to those who are strangers to the suit, it is hard to see how the court could still be acting in the judicial role of resolving cases and controversies. Injunctions like these thus raise serious questions about the scope of courts’ equitable powers under Article III.”

“It has become increasingly apparent that this Court must, at some point, confront these important objections to this increasingly widespread practice,” Gorsuch argued. “As the brief and furious history of the regulation before us illustrates, the routine issuance of universal injunctions is patently unworkable, sowing chaos for litigants, the government, courts, and all those affected by these conflicting decisions. … By their nature, universal injunctions tend to force judges into making rushed, high-stakes, low-information decisions.”

Gorsuch concluded, “A single loss and the policy goes on ice — possibly for good, or just as possibly for some indeterminate period of time until another court jumps in to grant a stay. And all that can repeat, ad infinitum, until either one side gives up or this Court grants certiorari. What in this gamesmanship and chaos can we be proud of? I concur in the Court’s decision to issue a stay. But I hope, too, that we might at an appropriate juncture take up some of the underlying equitable and constitutional questions raised by the rise of nationwide injunctions.”....


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I am trying not to look and feel so smug this morning; without success Sticking out tongue

More Hahahahaha!

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Eli: so you're an anchor baby??!! Hahahahaha!

What a thrill to be able to vote for Orange Man Bad.

Number 12 - When good men do their part...

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This is what it's all about folks. After all of the talk, all of the trench warfare, all of the lobbing grenades at the other chap, it all comes down to votes.

I have been registered to vote in California since 1996, which I am fully entitled to do as a US citizen whose parent resided in that State. This despite not only having never lived there... but never having actually been to California! haha! Sticking out tongue (I've been to around a dozen American States but not that Commie sh*thole!). Over the years I have proudly used this right to vote for Bob Dole in '96, George W (twice), couldn't - I just couldn't - bring myself to vote for McCain in 2008, Romney in 2012, and President Trump in 2016.

On March 3rd they are having their Presidential Primary and here is the 'before' and 'after' photo - making my selection on the election officials website, and after having printed it out. Now off to NZ Post to send it away!

We, the good guys, can rest easy in our beds tonight knowing the World is that much safer from Commie Filth.

Number 11 - Abraham Lincoln

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He ended slavery in America by refusing to go along with what had been the longstanding excuse to tolerate that evil, namely that slaves were the property of their owners and the government shouldn't tell property owners what they could and could not do with their own property. So there!

Abe Lincoln took the view of "well f**k THAT bucko!"; slaves were actually people not property, and sick demented scumbags were no longer going to dismiss 'people' as inconsequential, and because they were people he was going to save them - at the point of a gun if necessary - and this pernicious evil was never going to occur again!

Fortunately he just happened to have an army to back him up in this. Brave chap and it ultimately cost him his life, alas...

(P.S: If you cross out the word 'slaves' and substitute "babies" you may find it reminiscent of the arguments put forward in the modern era by the bad guys who are pro abortion/choice) Eye

Number 10 - John Stossel

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Another freedom fighter who has made a career out of promoting the cause of freedom at Fox News, Fox Business, and earlier at the ABC network, which gathered quite a large audience from across the spectrum - always a good sign.

These days he does a weekly video from a libertarian perspective, and I have included his latest one.


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He's back. Banned from everywhere but this one snuk through. Watch it before YouTube takes it down:

Number 8 - Glenn Beck

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I love Glenn. I do. He is a wonderful fellow, a freedom fighter since way back.

He was a major figure at Fox News before being fired - for being too successful leading the opposition to Obarmarx - then established his own media company, Blaze TV. If you haven't already I heartily endorse you to go to blazetv.com and become a member; it's pretty cheap to subscribe ($15 NZD per month) and you get myriad shows and numerous hosts. All great stuff. I went to the site, subscribed, and was up and running on this laptop in 70 seconds - it is that easy folks!

As an aside... I must make a confession and say I never expected online TV to become as successful as it has; never thought it would catch on. But Beck has basically created a TV network which is exclusively online and highly successful - but without the sort of overhead which has sent TV3 in NZ bankrupt (for the 3rd time). Others have also created online TV networks and it really is the way of the future.

One thing you should do is watch the enclosed video; if you've ever wondered why bothering going on when swimming amongst the filth - Beck tells you why you should keep on fighting. And before anyone gets silly he uses the word 'conservative' in an American context, a kind of shorthand covering a range of things but all meaning "freedom lovers".

One further thing - like Bill Whittle and co - Glenn has a cruise taking place in a couple of months sailing for 12 days from Venice to Israel and back. It's going to be enormous fun!! Bill O'Reilly and a couple of others from Blaze TV will also be there. If anyone is interested go to the website and join the waiting list; you may be lucky and get a last minute ticket.

Number 7 - Nigel Farage

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A truly great man. A true hero of freedom. He is the epitome of the good man doing something so evil doesn't succeed.

For a generation he led a lonely fight to take Britain out of the Commie EU and during this time he was widely attacked as racist, an oddball, stupid, misguided, and all manner of other things as he fought deposit-losing elections in such places as Eastleigh, Salisbury, and elsewhere preaching his message in the wilderness; all very Churchill circa. 1934. Turns out he was right all along.

It would have been very easy to have given up; very easy to have shrugged his shoulders, taken part in the Brussels gravy train enriching himself and enjoying numerous perks as an MEP. Very easy to have done the New Zealand trick of surrendering and saying there is nothing we can do as it's all been decided. But he didn't; he fought on - often entirely on his own - and has finally succeeded.

He now stands alongside the likes of Churchill (no, the other one - John - who saved Britain), Wellington, Cromwell, Thatcher, and other great Britons who opposed evil, dirty smelly foreigners, and prevailed against the odds.

Number 6 - Tom Fitton

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Tom is a great freedom warrior as head of the conservative activist organisation Judicial Watch where he has had enormous success in exposing the filth time and time again.

Evidence of Tom's great success comes in two halves -

1. His success in suing and exposing Demoscum scandals in the Clinton and Obamarx Administrations are deemed to be "widely investigated and completely debunked. So there you RACISTS!"

2. His success in exposing various other scandals against left wingers are dismissed as "conspiracy theories - widely investigated and completely debunked; so there you RACISTS!"

Needless to say the use of the words 'debunked' and 'conspiracy theory' and 'racist' is always a sign of positive proof the left wingers are 1000% guilty of serious criminal activity, and that Tom Fitton is actually 101% correct in all his campaigns. A true warrior for freedom.

His current efforts are to target Biden and his corruption - ("widely investigated and completely....") - but Tom appears to be unconcerned as he has uncovered the goods on the Bidens which he has been passing along to others.

I have included an interview of Tom, hot off the press, with Dan Bongino which I am sure you will enjoy (scroll through to 6 mins 20 to avoid all of Dan's adverts)

Hear! Hear!

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Tucker is certainly a hero, though he's fallen into this ghastly moronnial atrocity of speaking querulously, far too fast, mangling words and not finishing sentences.

He was a co-founder of The Daily Caller, which recently sported this gem among the comments on an article:

Dems don't need no stinkin' elections. They got protests. They got riots. They got BLM and Antifa. They got Soro$, Bloomberg Steyer and Obama to buy judges and AGs. They got hate, corruption galore and unlimited crime wherever they reign. They got illegal immigrants, homeless, and they got pooop and needles in the streets. They got outrage and violence. They got shooters and cheaters. They got all the media and Hollywood. They got Pelosi and Schiff to lie and bully until they get what they want. They got socialism and communism. Dems don't need no stinkin' elections.

Number 5 - Tucker Carlson

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I love Tucker Carlson Tonight - my compulsory viewing. Tucker was born into the American ruling class, is a proud member of that ruling class, yet hasn't been afraid to call it out in recent times for the abuse of political and financial power which certain corrupt members of a Ship of Fools have been engaging in for years.

Unlike the author and perpetually unhappy whinger, Gore Vidal, another scion of the American ruling class who became its strongest critic, Carlson doesn't want to recline in his Italian villa and destroy America, but rather he fights everyday on Fox News and dailycaller.com for a return to what America used to be before socialism and some incredibly evil people started being taken seriously.

He has managed to see off attempts to get advertisers to cancel their support for his show, to intimidate him by way of violence outside his house, and other harassment by an out of control left wing mob. We can all feel relieved the attempts to destroy Tucker have failed; we good guys are made of stronger stuff than that!

Tucker really is "the sworn enemy of lying, pomosity, smugness and group think" haha!

Sean Hannity

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... for going after evil Sorosian member of The Filth, Adam Schiff, and for his relentless exposure of the Deep State.

Sean Hannity did not hold back Wednesday night, blasting the Senate impeachment trial and impeachment manager Adam Schiff, D-Calif., describing his performance as "never-ending, nonstop feigned moral outrage" by a "lunatic."

"He looked like a lunatic who's lost his mind. Babbling, repeating over and over and over and over again incoherently," Hannity said on his television program.

The host didn't stop there, playing a montage and time-lapse of Schiff reiterating his dislike of the performance.

"He's monotonous, repetitive, boring. For three long, horrific hours he waged the single most crooked, lying, dishonest smear campaign, the likes of which, even for Washington, took my breath away," Hannity said. "He is a national disgrace, a stain on the Democratic Party, a walking, talking, lying con man, a perfect representation of everything that is wrong in the D.C. swamp."


In the comments, one poster says this:

The Hunter Biden Barisma connection just got blown wide open. Documents have emerged that the whistleblower Eric Ciaramella had meetings in the White House in January of 2016 with Ukranian prosecutors and anti-corruption officials to discuss the investigations into Barisma and the problems it could cause for Hunter's sweetheart deal as a member of the board. A NYT reporter discovered the meetings while working on a story that was later killed by the paper. Now Hunter and Eric C. MUST testify. Schiff knows this because he talked to the whistleblower Ciaramella before the complaint was filed. This ties Joe and Barry into the scam.

Hahahaha! :-)

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The average socialist's children are pathetic, depressed, medicated, selfish, nasty people - a source of shame and embarrassment for their parents - and so they look at 'normal' children with that green eyed monster. Oh how they would cut off their left nut to have such a son as the Covington boys rather than the poofy girly man they are actually lumbered with.

Shivers that’s funny Elijah - had me in stitches! Smiling

Number 3 - Nick Sandmann

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Another freedom fighter. He was doing nothing wrong, literally just standing there; got accosted by some dreadful Red Indian, and the Usual Suspects in the media and left went mad. They attacked him and his friends accusing them of all manner of sins, abused these innocent boys worldwide, only for none of it to be true. He sued and won as CNN settled last week.

A great victory for freedom, for the good guys!

The 'real' crime in all of this, of course, is these boys are what all left wingers secretly wish their children were like. The average socialist's children are pathetic, depressed, medicated, selfish, nasty people - a source of shame and embarrassment for their parents - and so they look at 'normal' children with that green eyed monster. Oh how they would cut off their left nut to have such a son as the Covington boys rather than the poofy girly man they are actually lumbered with Eye - be under no illusions about that folks haha!

Love Candace!

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She’s a miracle.

I keep having a premonition about her being America’s first female president. Smiling
It’ll be between her and the communist AOC, 2028.

Number 2 - Candace Owens

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She really is a marvelous gal. Her work in demonstrating - beyond any doubt - why Black people are not only natural conservatives, but why they should abandon the Demoscum Party, is legendary. She has a show online which you can watch on youtube.com.

Needless to say the "diversity" left wingers - who always claim to want more black women in important positions - have attacked Candace almost constantly with nasty, spiteful, racist filth; the only racists you ever find are on the left. Fortunately Candace is made of strong stuff and simply ignores these horrible people.

Number 1 - Virginia Gun Protesters

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One picture not only says 1001 words but manages to discredit the ENTIRE left wing and media narrative....(it's called "Checkmate" cupcakes!)

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