The Child Molesters of the Mind Pervert More NZ Children

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2020-01-23 01:20

By Olivia Pierson

New Zealand schools are now nothing more than perverted institutions of political propaganda aimed at innocent children by leftist educational activists posing as teachers – otherwise known as child molesters of the mind. Lindsay Perigo, the boldest broadcaster we’ve ever seen in this country, labelled them thus years ago, but if anything, even he may have understated the case.

The ringleaders of this disgusting racket, Jacinda Ardern, James Shaw and Chris Hipkins, are about to unleash onto our nation’s 11-15 year-olds a ‘climate literacy’ course titled Climate Change – Prepare Today, Live Well Tomorrow, where, as Perigo points out, feelings are given priority over reason and facts.

Louis Houlbrooke of the NZ Taxpayers’ Union states in his press release about the course:

“The teacher resources even include a 15-page ‘wellbeing guide’ for teachers and parents, which warns: Children may respond to the climate change scientific material in a number of ways. They may experience a whole host of difficult emotions, including fear, helplessness, frustration, anger, guilt, grief, and confusion. When discussing the material, teachers may encounter students who cope through avoidance, denial, diversionary tactics, wishful thinking and a range of other coping mechanisms. This isn’t teaching kids how to think – it’s telling them how to feel.”

This course was piloted in 2018 at South New Brighton School, Christchurch – obviously the stupidest school in New Zealand. Now it is to be rolled out into all state schools.

Because the subject matter causes so much anxiety and fear in young children (as indoctrinating them about an imminent human extinction will tend to do), the emotional side had to be addressed by the mind molesters, so encouraging children to become activists against the so-called climate change impact is designed to mitigate their anxieties. The curriculum course is so blatantly Marxist that the notoriously leftist Guardian in the UK wrote a glowing piece about it.

Why the hell can youngsters not just be left alone to experience the golden weather of an innocent childhood along with some sensible, stimulating STEM?

“The new taxpayer-funded curriculum promotes the campaigns of Greta Thunberg, School Strike for Climate, and even Greenpeace,” says Houlbrooke. “Students are encouraged to reduce their feelings of climate guilt by participating in this kind of political activism.”

If parents of Western children in the year 2020 happen to be worried now about nurturing young adults through the trenches of mental illness, depression, sundry syndromes, nihilistic acts such as school shootings and drug use, just try to imagine what this very young generation will look like in another ten years after being the recipients of all this anxiety-inducing Extinction Rebellion garbage taught as science.

Forget the little freak Greta Thunberg, the mind molesters of our current government won’t be satisfied until we’ve turned out a nation full of little Jokers.

And just so we’re clear about the facts, National, under Simon Bridges, has done absolutely nothing to stop them, in fact, he’s on their side. Every single National MP unanimously voted along with Labour for the Zero Carbon Bill in parliament.

The only advice I can give to parents who see this evil for what it is: while you still can, put your children in a charter school or an integrated school of special character which does not have to teach this damaging crap. Yet.

Du Fresne’s last line...

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There's a disturbing whiff of totalitarianism in the way this secular religion permits no dissent. If you believe that it's dangerous in a democracy to allow one view to hold unchallenged sway, denialism starts to look like an honourable stance, purely on principle.

Excellent! Incredible that Stuff(ed) printed this.

Admirable Rational Anger, Lady Slapper!

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I see Karl du Fresne has stepped up too. I'm astonished that Woke Stuff published this:

While purporting to be based on solid science, the climate change curriculum is heavily freighted with ideology and represents a world view that's capable of being every bit as dogmatic and authoritarian as religious indoctrination.

It is quite explicit about its goal, which is to groom a generation of climate change activists. Apparently drawing inspiration from Greta Thunberg, the teaching resource is threaded with statements such as: "Climate change poses a severe threat to children's most basic rights".

It's a piece of work the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to call his own – one that targets malleable young minds in much the same way as the Hitler Youth did in the 1930s.


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is just disgusting, isn't it? I think the answer is to offer opposing classes, afterschool classes telling the 'truth' to the children about what is going on.

This is why it is so important, vital, for homeschooling and not buying into the commie education system.

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