Aussies Are Cancelling Woke PC—Why Oh Why Aren't We?!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2020-01-23 07:40

Aussies are clearly fed up with Woke PC Fash's Arm. Why aren't Kiwis?


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spend a bit of time over the Tasman taking care of business (I've had an office in Sydney since '07), and rather like Australia. Apart from their accents. And the heat.

Anyway, for several years the left wingers dominated the agenda - Malcolm Turnbull was basically a Labor politician - and the ABC, the Fairfax Media, and others were all left wingers, and they all believed their own publicity and thought they were going to have a Socialist government in last May's election. Didn't happen, of course.

Not only did they lose, not only have they collectively taken defeat very hard, but more importantly it was a discrediting of the left within the Australian discourse. When media which holds itself up as the gold standard of opinion backs a massive loser then it is difficult to come back from that. Remember this wasn't a lighthearted endorsement of one candidate over another, but a 5 year campaign of "this is what intelligent people must think - only Pauline Hanson and rednecks from the bush disagree"....only to spectacularly lose. No credibility. No one ever going to believe their (ahem) 'polls' or judgement or proclamations as to what Australians think.

Compare the 'going-through-the-motions' of Albanese, the Opposition Leader, over the past 6 months, who looks almost apologetic for wasting people's time whenever he appears on television, with the constant 24/7 dominating of the news cycle of leading Labor politicians in the years leading up to May 2019. Prissy Bill Shorten would lecture everyone on what bad people they are ("so there! you've been told off, you racist!") and endless curbside press conferences carried live on the ABC (several times per day).

It is yet another domino falling in the destruction of globalism. First the rise of Trump, then Brexit, then the election of Trump, then the shock (to them) defeat in Australia, the re-election of Trump, the discrediting of Trump's enemies, and so on it goes.

The good guys just need to play a waiting game. An example is to note the over the top, hysterical, nasty, spiteful behavior of the political class in Britain last year; you'd be forgiven for thinking they had some level of public support. What happened on election day? Boris won a huge victory backed up by the people and every Remainer wanker lost their seat. Please bear in mind that these people have nothing much to say (beyond "racist"), are advocating things nobody supports, and it is very much the city built on sand of Ozymandias which won't stand up to much in the way of criticism. Just have to wait it out.

As for New Zealand, there is no political leader who stands up to be counted. Everyone is scared of being excluded socially in Wellington - not getting invited to the right parties by Labour party staffers. Scared of being called a redneck racist and hillbilly by those same people, so the entire National Party and ACT party are silent little castrated mice. National MPs also openly - to appease and obtain the approbation they crave from Labour party staffers - deride and laugh at their own supporters when in Wellington. (Nice people, huh?)

It is a 'system' where a left wing orthodoxy has been 'proclaimed' and everybody has long since signed up to it; since at least the turn of the century. And I can only think of a handful of people who genuinely oppose it, the rest don't really believe in freedom or limited government, don't really believe the Labour, Greens, parties are forces for evil in NZ, don't really believe there is anything particularly wrong with the left wing orthodoxy....and certainly would never dream of doing anything about it. Kind of sad.

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