NZ Freedom-Lovers: Do Not Vote for Popper/Soros's ACT Party Under Any Circumstances!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2020-01-27 05:30

The following anti-Trump press release from the open borders ACT Party speaks for itself. Riding on Orange Man Bad's "MAGA" coat-tails, they nonetheless denounce as "insane" Trump's level of spending in "good times" without asking how the "good times" came about. Radical deregulation and tax-lowering, perhaps—things ACT claims to believe in? Do they think there'd have been good times under their pin-up, Crooked? No acknowledgement of the need to rebuild the military after Obamarx's deliberate, treasonous neutering of it, either. If ACT aren't the best example out there of "controlled opposition" I don't know what is. Pretend to stand for free speech and the right to self-defence—but be conveniently absent from the House when crucial votes are taken, and scoff at those who demand a serious commitment to taking New Zealand out of the Global Migration Compact, under which criticism of Islam is about to be criminalised. Get Gutless Gormless Goofy out!

Free Press | ACT: For Freedom
Free Press is Back

After a seven-month hiatus, the Free Press is back on a Monday. If you previously received Politics in Full Sentences at the end of the week, we are bringing back ACT’s forward-looking weekly for election year. If you like Free Press, please forward it to your contacts, so they can subscribe at this link.

Superficial Times

Media took the bait hook, line and sinker, going nuts at the title of our Waitangi Day State of the Nation Address (Make Aotearoa Great Again). As the week went on, smart commentators pointed out their good-people-and-bad-people, with-us-or-against-us reaction was Trumpian. Meanwhile, if you want to have a pleasant brunch at a fun and informative event to kick off election year, please join us by registering here.

What’s at Stake

This year will decide whether we are governed by spin or substance. The current Prime Minister’s idea of an election year kick-off announcement is that she’s changing the Labour Party’s Facebook settings. The real issues remain untouched. Productivity growth is woeful, education test scores are sliding down the international rankings, and we still can’t build houses at prices the average person can afford.

Government Spending

Will we return to restrained government spending, or give an emboldened Labour government a blank cheque? Before the last election, Treasury forecast the government would spend $86 billion in 2020. After three years of this Government, Treasury now forecasts this year’s spending will be $94 billion. Revenue forecasts have risen fractionally, but in three years the Government has turned a forecast $6 billion dollar surplus into a $1 billion deficit. ACT’s 17.5 per cent flat tax is the antidote, putting new and dopey spending off the table in favour of the private sector.

Trump-Ardern 2020

Free Press predicts Trump will be re-elected. His fiscal policy of running deficits in good times is insane but he’s delivering for his voters. The hangover from this binge will be nasty, but he’s exclusively focused on re-election. Ironically, Jacinda Ardern also needs the global economy to stay rosy until election time later this year, so she’s counting on him. She’s also running the well dry in election year, and the private sector is paying for it.

Regulatory Assault

Will the constant regulatory assault on business in general and the rural sector in particular be turned back? Abrupt charter school closures, oil and gas exploration ban, firearm laws, plastic bag ban, Zero Carbon Act, freshwater regulations, and market studies on whole sectors have chilled the New Zealand economy. When your rights can be struck out by a pen stroke (or an announcement in the case of oil and gas), why plan for and invest in the future? ACT’s Regulatory Constitution would deliver something New Zealanders have never had: rights they can uphold against Parliament.


The National-Labour consensus: wave hands wildly but carefully do nothing effective is the single biggest policy failing of the past 30 years. Free Press spoke to American truckies who earned $70,000 and were mortified by $180,000 houses. “Our market is going crazy”, they cried… Now they’re just grateful they don’t live in New Zealand. Working people must be able to afford their own future in our country. Industry insiders quietly tell ACT that only our policy would work: Replace the RMA. Share GST on new builds with the consenting council. Replace council building consents with private insurance.


Will New Zealand have a firearms register? The Government will find it technically impossible to implement it before the election, so the winner can cancel it before the Police lose everyone’s details. The gun buyback was a disaster. The most honest handed in the least dangerous guns and bought new ones. Meanwhile the firearm community’s faith in the Police is at an all-time low. A perfect environment for the next terrorist. ACT’s policy is no register, a restored E-Category, and to get the woeful Police out of administering firearm laws.

Free Speech

Will free speech remain a cornerstone of our liberal democracy? Free Press suspects that Government will be too chicken to introduce hate speech laws before the election. If we’re wrong, the result is the same, the criminalisation of unpopular speech from 2021. The freedom to think and express ourselves freely is reason enough all by itself to win this election.


New Zealand students continue to slide down the international rankings, even as domestic test scores have risen. The Government’s cancellation of charter schools has not helped. At least the Nats now claim the schools were the best idea they never had. There is no limit to what you can achieve if you don’t care who takes the credit. Now we have a bigger idea. Put every parent in charge of their kids’ share of the education budget and let them take it to a public or private school of their choice. Student Education Accounts could transform New Zealand.

Next Week

We’ll be back with the State of the Political Parties. If you like Free Press, please forward it on. If you are not a member of ACT, please consider joining. You can also donate whether you are a party member or not here. We can win, but we need your help.

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I doubt we will hear a speech along these lines from Seymour or any other ACT MP; in those days (1871) 'liberals' were true believers.

"They are not your friends, but they are your enemies in fact, though not in intention, who teach you to look to the Legislature for the radical removal of the evils that afflict human life...It is the individual mind and conscience, it is the individual character, on which mainly human happiness or misery depends. (Cheers.) The social problems that confront us are many and formidable. Let the Government labour to its utmost, let the Legislature labour days and nights in your service; but, after the very best has been attained and achieved, the question whether the English father is to be the father of a happy family and the centre of a united home is a question which must depend mainly upon himself. (Cheers.) And those who...promise to the dwellers in towns that every one of them shall have a house and garden in free air, with ample space; those who tell you that there shall be markets for selling at wholesale prices retail quantities—I won't say are imposters, because I have no doubt they are sincere; but I will say they are quacks (cheers); they are deluded and beguiled by a spurious philanthropy, and when they ought to give you substantial, even if they are humble and modest boons, they are endeavouring, perhaps without their own consciousness, to delude you with fanaticism, and offering to you a fruit which, when you attempt to taste it, will prove to be but ashes in your mouths....

William Gladstone.


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I didn't want to be rude by pointing out some other home truths about these people. Their poofy puritanism.

Many moons ago I met a couple of Young ACT chaps at a Rainbow Wellington fundraiser (yes, yes I know Eye haha!). Biggest couple of 'up themselves wankers' you could ever meet. Virgins doesn't begin to describe them!

They seemed horrified everybody was downing chardonnay by the bucketload (how little they know about gay men!), and were appalled at the stories of debauchery and rooting (which tend to emerge when everyone has been drinking). When I happened to mention I have slept with around 1200 men (and have diaries going back to 1989 to prove it!) they became apoplectic with rage, turned purple at the decadence of it. People having fun?? they found it so shocking!

The other weird thing about ACT is how they all wear the same uniform, have you noticed that?...(and get it so wrong). They wear these ready made suits from Hallensteins (presumably cannot afford a tailor?) with cheap coloured and striped shirts and ties; and wear them in all situations. Do not understand that a business suit is a business suit, but in casual or social situations you would wear a tweed suit, or perhaps, which I prefer, a tweed jacket and cords. It's so tacky and embarrassing to look at them all wearing the wrong clothing, and genuinely thinking it is 'correct' and makes them appear so sophisticated. C.R.I.N.G.E


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But no - don't hold your breath for any of this stuff. It would be too much like hard work - the Green party trolls on Fecesbook will call them nasty names - and far better to focus on what they are good at: clever dick, smarty pants showing off (Make Aotearoa Great Again) where they can down martini after martini and everyone can be soooooo impressed at how witty they are.

That's them to a 't' Eli. Desperately worried about being "cool" on Faecesbook. One thing you got wrong though: no Martinis! They're teetotallers. Sphincters tighter than a nun's!

Hear Hear!

Mr_Lineberry's picture

Gosh this really does warm the heart Lindsay!! Laughing out loud

The ACT filth are pretty much the worst of the lot: the other filth all know they are filth and don't care. Even Sir Roger Douglas has long since abandoned the party and is their strongest critic these days, so that has to tell you something.

What particularly gets my goat is how they list lots of bad things, but would never - under any circumstances - actually fight for them; none of the bad things they mention as being so bad would ever be repealed were ACT to find themselves in government later this year. Let's not get carried away!

Will ACT insist the free speech part of the Bill of Rights Act be entrenched? NO! (because Seymour may get called nasty names by people who despise him no matter what)

Will ACT insist gun rights are back to what they were, say, 50 years ago? NO! (because Seymour may get called nasty names by people who despise him no matter what)

ACT are the ones asking "Will the constant regulatory assault on business in general and the rural sector in particular be turned back?..." - with some wishy washing, easily ignored by Siminda, Regulatory Constitution (and God knows what that is) which means nothing will change. Do they have a list of, say, 100 regulations which need to be abolished by Christmas? no, of course not.

As for Housing, if ACT was serious about making housing 'affordable' for working people, why not put forward a one clause private members bill which states "Henceforth all houses in New Zealand cost $200,000"? - at the stroke of a pen housing is affordable. If you really wanted an election year king hit on opponents that is what I would do - dare them to oppose it; nice bit of stirring, and wonderful issue to campaign on because everyone whose rent just went up can understand it! Eye haha!

Government spending - does ACT have a limit? why not a policy which says "We won't support a Budget which spends more than $70 billion", or a tax take above this level. End of. Take it or leave it. National and Labour can enter into coalition with each other (prove they really are siamese twins). It is breathtakingly rich for the ACT Party which voted for $16 billion deficits in 2009/2010/2011 - with Sir Roger Douglas in the caucus! - to complain about 'government spending'. Shut up guys, it's embarrassing.

But no - don't hold your breath for any of this stuff. It would be too much like hard work - the Green party trolls on Fecesbook will call them nasty names - and far better to focus on what they are good at: clever dick, smarty pants showing off (Make Aotearoa Great Again) where they can down martini after martini and everyone can be soooooo impressed at how witty they are.

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