Pocahontas: Sick Evil Fascist Fuck

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-01-31 05:30

Identity Fascist Pocahontas says a 9-year-old trans will select her Secretary of Education. It's a cliche to say "You can't make this up," but it's true in this case.


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I think Hell just froze over. Although I despise this awful woman, I like to be 'Fair and Balanced' and for once I agree with Senator-ette Pocahontas! Sticking out tongue


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is a picture of Senator-ette Pocahontas' home town...


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Pocahontas, aka Chief Get Me Bear, has dropped out of the race. It seems that 53% of Demoscum Party voters in the 17 primaries to date have been women, yet for reasons glaringly obvious (although unfathomable for Beltway Swampdwellers) voting for Pocahontas hasn't crossed their minds.

Despite almost none of the womenfolk voting for another woman the Senatorette is blaming.....sexism and misogyny for her failed campaign. As usual. By doing so she shows why she wasn't suited to being US President and why everyone should be breathing a sigh of relief.


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really is hilarious; Tucker delivers a knockout punch to Senator-ette Pocahontas....

Oh the injustice!

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guess I should point out to Senator-ette Pocahontas, and other sickos, that there is no such thing as a trans child. There are, however, odious show off brats who need a good hiding and told to behave himself.

Any questions?

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