Evil Is Metaphysically Potent

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-02-01 07:57

Longtime friend Amy (formerly Agnes-Mary) Brooke, uniquely literate and articulate commentator, begins her most recent Spectator article by quoting me:


Shouldn’t we target the sheer hypocrisy, the pretence that constantly frightening youngsters with prophecies of doom – now the case for several decades – is not contributing to the growing incidence of suicide among our young?

I’ve been recently struck by an email from a long-time friend. Lindsay Perigo was formerly Television New Zealand’s best presenter and interviewer when chairing political debates. With the dumbing down of television and his comment that TVNZ had become brain-dead, he lost any chance of being re-employed in this field. Continuing to be involved in media activities, he wrote, ‘What a dreadful scam this climate change thing is!’ But most interestingly, as he has long been an atheist, ‘I almost believe in God now because it’s so clear there is a Devil.’

Recognition of the reality of evil in the affairs of men and its consequences when individuals themselves become what we would, or should, call overwhelmingly evil, is one of the routes by which others have come to conclude its opposite must also exist –sheer goodness – or what we call God.

Our education system, long taken over by those in education and literary circles formerly openly admitting they were Marxist when I used to review their books for the Christchurch Press, is virtually waging war upon our children. Their activities have become more subtle, with a Machiavellian manipulation of Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’, well-meaning, gullible educationists – basically pretty much the majority, as I found even in the staffrooms in which I initially taught. The situation gradually worsened, given the exodus of fine teachers, bullied, targeted and reluctantly leaving the classrooms. Moreover New Zealand, far from simply following the trends of programmed extremists from overseas, has been at the forefront of implementing damaging and dumbing-down initiatives – some of which were later rejected elsewhere, but not here. Many incidents of this are in my book The 100 Days – Claiming back New Zealand.

By now the bureaucracy is too well entrenched and successive ministers of education, simply political party appointees, have shown themselves both grossly ignorant of what has been happening and too easily captured by their own bureaucracy. One hopeful question is whether its highly politicised overlords have gone too far this time – with a shocking addition to the curriculum. Can we at last hope for an overdue kickback from parents – the deliberate withdrawal of children from these outrageous new topics? Because our schools are now being given a completely unbalanced curriculum in support of the smug certainties of Greta Thunberg and the vested interests supporting her, intent on preventing debate on the global warming cult. ...

I should confirm for the record that Amy is quoting me entirely accurately. And here I have most reluctantly come to conclude I must part company with Ayn, who famously and electrifyingly said, "Evil is metaphysically impotent"—meaning in and of itself, evil is nothing; it becomes a force only if it is acquiesced to by good people. Alas, the sheer enormity of the evil we are currently confronting—not least the fathomless evil of treacherous "woke" Obleftivists—persuades me that evil is metaphysical, as in Ayn's very own "drooling beast prowling through the earth." Soros, Schumer, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Peter Stroek, Yawon Bwook, Occasional Cortex, Jihadi Jacinda, Ugly Wimmin Social Justice Warriors, Profa and other PC Fascists ... you only have to look at these grotesqueries, let alone listen to what they are saying, to realise that, though their evil is their own work and they must not for a second be excused on the grounds that "the devil made me do it," it also manifests a greater pre-existing force into which they are eagerly tapping and which informs/deforms their facial affect into something unmistakably diabolical.

I expect this means I am no longer an Objectivist. I expect it also means I must give this website a do-over. And resolve to my own satisfaction whether I "almost" believe there's a God or actually do!

Caro Bruno

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I expect you're right. The ultimate evidence for the existence of God is music. And the ultimate evidence for the existence of the devil is the anti-music embraced by Obleftivists. Rap and the like.

I'm certainly convinced on the emotional level, but not on the intellectual level.

But how can the visceral appeal of the following—as well as the fact that multitudes (devil-worshippers) don't hear it—be explained otherwise?!

Because you come to me
With naught save love
And hold my hand and lift mine eyes above
A wider world of hope and joy I see
Because you come to me

Because you speak to me in accents sweet
I find the roses waking round my feet
And I am led through tears and joy to thee
Because you speak to me

Because God made thee mine
I'll cherish thee
Through light and darkness through all time to be
And pray his love may make our love divine
Because God made thee mine!


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I agree, the devil is real, a fallen evil angel.

Fortunately, also God and his good angels exist.

Classical music, of which you are such a cultore, demonstrates it.

The idea that musical prodigies are the effect of some kind of "genetic abnormalities" is absurd as an explanation, it is at best a partial one. Only divine inspiration can explain it.

The Randian explanation as well, it is only partial at best. Child prodigies prove that prodigal achievement is not a simple function of a self-contained free choice.

"I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music."
- Johann Sebastian Bach

You could say someone likes to orchestrate human events.

Rand qua "Journals of Ayn Rand" during Fountainead, as stated many times previously, had the "born that way" view of Roark, which is a more reasonable position than that taken with Galt's "self made soul".


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stuff you two. I agree with Lindsay that the good guys have wasted the last couple of decades in New Zealand - although playing the blame game is probably a waste of time. I certainly plead guilty at not following up certain plans which could have altered things, something that is a bit on my conscience these days (e.g I mentioned in a post the other day how I never expected online TV to catch on, so plans for freedom related online shows never eventuated).

I have never had the slightest smidgin of respect for my contemporaries, people in my own age group whom I know. By the age of 7 I had dismissed everyone else as trash of no consequence (and subsequent history has confirmed I was correct haha!), and grew up rather bemoaning why one such as me should have to associate with...well... oiks.

What this means is I never believed in God - (I mean the 'other' one, the invisible one Eye haha!) - and embraced atheism fairly early on. When I have watched, over the decades, numerous fairly rotten people engage in activities on a daily basis that God specifically says in the Torah are אסור and seemingly rewards them, and these days their children too, for doing so, well it doesn't make sense does it? only logical explanation is God doesn't exist. And this is just the people I personally know!

It is a bit hard to support the contention there is a God rewarding the good and dispensing justice to evil-doers, wouldn't you agree?

But quite coincidentally Lindsay - Bill Whittle and Scott Ott cover this ground on their video from Saturday! Have a watch (and remember that Scott Ott is being paid to play Devil's Advocate, he doesn't actually support the left wing position he takes with Bill. So many people misunderstand what Scott's role is in these daily videos haha!)

Thinking aloud is laudable!

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.. nay, imperative.

But I'd submit that the "evasive, lemming-like laziness" owes its strength to the fact that it's already there...

Indeed it is there, in human nature. And death always wins eventually. But some give themselves over to it way too early, as if the inevitability of a final end looming large encourages them to do so.

The grave pulls us down to its eternal throes: ageing, sickness, a general wearing out, a general weariness - which one day carries us off completely.

Much of life is a battle against that inevitable end and letting go. That’s why laziness/apathy is “sinful.”

Remember that essay of Rand’s in the VOR, the title of which escapes me, but it was about the Red Army fighting the White in the Russian Revolution. The White stood for little aside from empty bromides about “Mother Russia” and such, the Red were energised by the promise of gaining an entire economy and system to loot - and they won. That’s what motivates the evil fucks like AOC and the rest of them, and the personal power lust which comes with all that.

Of course I've noticed Brexit and Trump. I believe the threads at the top of SOLO are about, and celebrating, these very things.

Then why a road to God through a Devil? Good is winning, winning, winning... so much so, we’ll get tired of watching it win. Smiling


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Good riposte, Lady Slapper. But I'd submit that the "evasive, lemming-like laziness" owes its strength to the fact that it's already there. Twenty years ago, when I was pointing it out on nationwide radio, referring to "sheeple," I don't recall anyone having a rebuttal. And my so-called allies in Libz maintained a stubborn silent reticence. When the battle was being fought on my airwaves they were nowhere in sight or sound. The people now saying, "Oh, it's only a matter of good people doing nothing" themselves did nothing. They'd bought into the common pool of Satanism. Hahahaha! I can just imagine this language causing Obleftvists to wet their panties!

Of course I've noticed Brexit and Trump. I believe the threads at the top of SOLO are about, and celebrating, these very things. Have you not noticed, Lady Slapper??!!

As to belief in God, I'm attempting there to think aloud. Thinking aloud is allowed here. This is not VeryPC or any other Randroid Obleftivist site.


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This is where I part company with you Linz.

Ayn had it right. Aside from her, one only needs to remember that when Jefferson said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, he meant it. This march through the educational institutions happened in broad daylight while most people looked the other way or followed along like sheep.

What Amy writes about in education is the result of that evasive, lemming-like laziness - and if there is something akin to Original Sin, it is laziness/apathy - that’s why so many Objectivists just let Ayn do their thinking for them.

Evil prevailed because good men and women did nothing, said nothing and mostly went along with at least half of it. It’s definitely evil, human evil, no need to bring in anything preternatural.

And it’s a strange road to God via belief in a Devil. Two psychological forces: one that takes great effort (against a prevailing status quo of mediocrity), personal rigour and unwavering optimism. The other takes a momentous free-ride on mass, effortless trends, mindless group-think and an unwavering lust for personal power.

And have you not noticed? Despite the forces arrayed against him, Trump stands to win a second term and Brexit just happened. The fight for goodness is still very much on!

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