Best SOTU Speech Ever—and Petty, Petulant Unprofessional Pelosi Peloses the Peloti

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-02-05 04:10

This should be the end of the evil bitch:

Here's the full speech. Evil Obleftivists—infanticidalists, Islamo-Marxists, Sorosians—shove it up your putrescent asses:


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warms the hearts of all good guys, and makes the bad guys weep as it continues to discredit Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obarmarx and make fools of the bad guys for clinging to a version of history - and the present - that simply does not exist. You cannot deny or campaign against this folks!


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from a South Bronx slum we have AOC giving her 'thoughts' on the State of the Union Sticking out tongue

Short version

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"Evil, corrupt, dirty cops, leakers and liars ... "

Obleftivist pin-ups every which way! Comey, Brennon, McCabe, Stroek, Page, Rosenstein, Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC ... the whole gamut of Yawon Bwook hewoes!


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now he has wiped the floor with this discredited, corrupt, opposition. I think some of the Demoscum now realise the game is up and they can't really come back from this....


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amazing State of the Union and how classless Pelosi showed she was.

Home run!

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Excellent SOTU speech by the god-Emperor.

It was so effective that the loony toon to his upper left was about to have a nervous breakdown. Beautiful to see, so to speak.

Meanwhile Iowa caucuses show early signs of what will be a crushing Trumpslide presidential election.

Dirty Disgusting Romney, Obleftivist Pin-Up

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Perfect Snowflake Trigger!

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