Radio New Zealand's Further Descent into Barbarism

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2020-02-06 06:55

As a libertarian, I'm supposed to believe that the government has no role to play in broadcasting.

Broadcasting is supposed to be just another domain in which human beings interact voluntarily. Government's role is simply to protect the right of humans to do that.

As a recovering Objectivist, mesmerised by Ayn Rand's utopic idealism but brought down to earth by Orange Man Bad's optimistic realism, I recognise that for the ideal of voluntary interaction to be effected optimally, certain traditions, customs, institutions and cultural standards integral to Western Civilisation must be honoured and maintained. Some of these would be dismissed as "collectivist" by the official spokespeople for Objectivism. Among these would be the concept of sovereign nation states with defined borders, and their maintenance of an official language and said cultural standards within those borders.

New Zealand hitherto has been part of Western Civilisation and the promotion of those standards, including those embodied in classical music. One of the great manifestations of this fact has been a taxpayer-funded radio network currently called Concert FM. Granted, Concert FM has increasingly capitulated to evil, anti-West, "woke" postmodernism in recent years, but on the whole it has remained an oasis of classical music's decency and soaring enlightenment, in spite of the "woke" pomowankers running it. 

Now, Concert FM is to be downgraded to an AM status and its current frequency given over to moronnials.

Moronnials are narcissistic, sub-human, supremely dumb monsters who already get their way on every other radio station (and in every other sphere of life) that exists. Moronnials have the attention span of fruit flies (unfair to fruit flies), the morals of snakes (unfair to snakes), the aesthetics of pigs (unfair to pigs) and the speech of quacking ducks (unfair to quacking ducks). The idea that these deformities are now going to take over New Zealand's last bastion of civilised humanity at taxpayer expense with their loathsome headbanging caterwauling is a cosmic obscenity.

Radio New Zealand's ridiculous, bromide-spouting Chief Executive, Paul Thompson, whines: "While RNZ is doing really well, we just don't have enough connection with younger New Zealanders." Who would want it?

I should add that I was alerted to this grotesquerie by a non-moronnial millennial who somehow has survived the grisly brainwashing to which her generation was subjected semi-intact. She sets her alarm to Concert FM.

If compulsorily-acquired money is going to prop up radio stations, Concert FM should be at the top of the list.

Here is a petition humans can sign. As a rule I detest the snobby statists who started it and the vile Academia of which they are part, but in this case, I (unlike them no doubt) can identify common cause:


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hits the nail on the head! good to read.

Extremely Clever

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don't know who 'David Brent' is? *faints* (he is an iconic figure of fun; a stereotype like 'Basil Fawlty' or 'Alf Garnett' or 'Homer Simpson').

But yes, it is disgusting these people impose their sick opinions upon everybody else. The damage they have done is incalculable.

I don't know ...

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... who David Brent is, but yes, there's a stereotype here, constantly purveying rubbish. I want to know: where do they come from? Who is producing these ghastly creatures? Where is the production line, at which factory? Is it the universities, as usual? Human Resources Departments? Curious, functioning human minds want to know!

This kind of deformity first infested Radio New Zealand with the advent of Beverly Wakem, Woke butch bitch, before we knew what "Woke" was. Under her low-IQ regime we were told we couldn't say "All the king's persons and all the king's men"; it had to be "All the monarch's support persons." "Manhole" had to be "personhole," etc., etc. I was the presenter of Morning Report at the time and declined to serve on her Committee on the Problem of Sexist Language since I maintained there was no such problem. She went ahead anyway and the aforementioned type of garbage was the result.

This wasn't confined to the public sector. Brent Impey was doing the same in the private, which is why my Politically Incorrect Show was taken off air and I am blacklisted to this day.

Now these "woke" types are running and ruining everything, and taking the joy out of human existence.


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looks like the David Brent-style of Manager who has no idea what he is doing, is incompetent, yet is thought highly of by similar types of morons, and regularly gets promoted despite the trail of destruction he leaves behind everywhere he has worked. Sort of like Don Brash - (destroyed the kiwifruit industry, the Trustee banks, Broadbank, the National Party, the ACT party, lost a safe seat twice to the Social Credit party, insane interest rates at the Reserve Bank etc etc) - yet is highly regarded, and viewed as some sort of role model, by an astonishing number of people haha!

But fingers crossed there ultimately will be no changes at Concert FM and the hosts remain in place (except that stupid Radich woman; sack her; don't like her); sometimes - infrequently in NZ circa 2020 - the good guys DO win

Here Is the Piece of Garbage ...

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... behind the stampede to take civilised, real music off our publicly-funded airwaves:

Paul Thompson was previously at Fairfax where he turned the Dominion Post into tawdry, trashy tabloid Woketard excrement.

The Filth Back Down

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But note the repulsive platitudes of Blahther Mather (Dr?! Further proof that any fuckwit can get a PhD these days and credentials are a worthless facet of The Age of Crap). As soon as anyone talks about how "excited" he is by the "innovative" possibilities for the "playing field" using the "consultation process" blah blah blah, run a mile.

Really, he and his loathsome ilk should be completely disestablished.We lovers of civilised music can make our own arrangements. It's outrageous that Filth like Blahther Mather is being paid a fortune in taxpayer money.

The RNZ board has backed down on the decision to take Concert off the FM transmission.

The move comes after widespread criticism from the arts community and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's announcement yesterday that the Government would free up unused FM broadband spectrum to keep the station where it is.

RNZ chairman Dr Jim Mather said the Government's decision would enable RNZ Concert to stay on the FM network and allow the creation of the multi-media music brand.

"The board of RNZ takes seriously its Charter obligations to provide a public media service for all New Zealanders and, as part of that, we remain committed to the new multi-media brand and its exciting range of innovative offerings beyond simply music targeting young people," Mather said.

"To date we have been restricted to two FM transmission networks to serve the diverse
audiences specified in the RNZ charter.

"The news that the Government is looking at granting us a third FM network changes the
playing field as we seek to do a better job of providing relevant content for younger audiences in particular."

Mather described it as an opportunity to service both a younger audience as well as those who listen to classical music.

"We are particularly excited by the opportunity to provide a platform for New Zealand artists to share their unique talents in a way that will also complement our existing range of online services," he said.

"One of the key goals of this new brand is to play local content at higher levels than commercial broadcasters."

Mather also addressed the strong criticism RNZ had faced in response to its controversial move to take Concert off the FM frequency.

"We hear that passion for Concert and look forward to completing the consultation process to consider other possible improvements to that service now we have been given the potential of additional FM capacity."

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark was one of the most vocal critics of the decision, using her social media platforms to express her frustration with the move.

Drammatico Linzio

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I'm surprised, but your reaction may be because of the brevity of that post from my phone, and my tone was ambiguous. But you should know I won't take the piss unless it has to be taken! I am pleased that Aunty Helen is on the right side again, as she was with the decriminalisation of prostitution, and as the Left are with regards to recreational drugs. Your forensic investigation isn't correct in this instance. I don't come here to stir. And I can take abuse as well as anybody, especially when it's from the master polemicist.

Egregious Gregster

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I'll accept Commie Clark's help, just as I helped her on prostitution and civil unions, and just as I know from which VeryPC source your snark emanates. As I already said to you evil Obleftivists re Trump, shove it up your ass!


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been amusing to watch the usual socialist 'Wanker Set' - (university lecturers, their wives, other ghastly middle class bores who put on airs and graces because they think it makes them intelligent) - organising petitions, and hand wringing, and lips quivering, at this announcement about Concert FM; bizarre considering their God is the State and it is the State which is doing it.

Personally I think James Shaw knows which side his bread is buttered on (Wadestown/Thorndon/Kelburn-wise) and this decision is going to be reversed fairly quickly. Last thing you want at election time is trying to tell your strongest supporters about your 'achievements' and all you get asked is "why did they sack that nice Rick Young?".

Aunty Helen waves her broomstick

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Ardern has a wee spank from Helen Clark over this matter.

“this equates to a dumbing down of cultural life in New Zealand".

Ex Prime Minister commie Clark is on your side Linz.


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shocking - I almost threw up when I heard the news. I was introduced to Classical Music at age 9 and was immediately hooked; never returned to popular music or culture since. Love listening to Concert FM and been doing so since that tender age. That sick, demented, barbarians would want to abolish it is just appalling.

Always had contempt for the white middle class in Auckland; useless, pathetic people. Remember driving around Northcote with a friend a couple of years back, looking at the houses, looking at the people, and I said to my friend "these are the sorts of people who destroyed New Zealand".

People who tolerate evil, who dress their 13 year old daughters up to make them attractive to men (let's be honest here), who allow their children to drink booze and take drugs and do other things which are then passed off as "good fun"; who have never read a book, or seen a play, or listened to an Opera, or viewed a painting, or seen the South Island high country, and find all of these concepts - in and of themselves - as confusing and bizarre, then it isn't too surprising that barbarism is alive and well.

Now they can endlessly look at their phones and click away whilst listening to computer generated filth, and communicating with quacking accents, completely untroubled by 'high culture' or anything approaching a value.

Maybe this really IS the end? maybe this is a sign that New Zealand is completely finished and we should simply remain in America...(food for thought)

Publicly funded public decency

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Sorry to hear it, Linzio.

Good for all the signers who are standing up for decency.

There are fortunately a few stations who broadcast classical on FM in Italy, including publicly funded ones. I am glad they exist.

"Not connecting with younger generations" is a ridiculous excuse. What have they actually done to try and connect with them?

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