'The Snake' Is Back!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-02-11 05:48

Orange Man Bad today in New Hampshire. "You already knew I was a snake before you let me in."

"Snake bites are mosquito bites."—Obleftivist Yawon Bwook.


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knew I was a snake...(8mins 15 seconds)


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get something crystal clear....Bernie Sanders is no George McGovern.

McGovern was an American patriot, well liked by those who knew him (apparently he was impossible to 'dislike' if you actually met him), he flew 30something missions over Nazi controlled parts of Europe during World War 2 surviving by the skin of his teeth, winning the DFC in the process.

After the war McGovern went into politics and was part of the liberal establishment in Washington where he had some naive - yet well meaning - ideas about a few things. For instance he took the view that America 'giving' food to poor countries did a lot to assist in spreading American goodwill around the World (although, I suggest people living there would have much preferred John Wayne movies and Elvis music to sacks of grain haha!); a kind of "we are so wealthy we can afford to just give things away to starving people in Africa"; well meaning wankerism than anything else.

McGovern had been haunted by his wartime experiences; he never really got over one particular incident which he wrote about at length in his autobiography where he accidentally bombed a farmhouse in Austria. Unbeknown to McGovern nobody was hurt or killed, but he spent decades believing he had in fact killed an entire family living there, and it affected his attitude to war especially during the Vietnam conflict. Unlike many others McGovern opposed it early on and stuck to that - and was entitled to his opinions.

Like many liberals in that era, a time of JFK and American prestige at a peak, a lot of George McGovern's support or opposition regarding numerous issues, following the liberal line, friendships, social interactions, and speeches were not so much doing anything particularly 'left wing' but rather jumping on the bandwagon of what was seen as 'cool'. 40, 50, 60 years ago liberals tended to support things that were seen as 'cool' and oppose things that were seen as 'square'; the cool kids supported JFK and his glamorous family, whereas the hicks and rubes and squares supported Richard Nixon.

This - being 'cool' - rather than ideology was their motivating factor. It is a stretch, and somewhat ludicrous, to suggest liberals and elitists in that period had a left wing ideology because they didn't. They were also patriots, committed to America's military (sans Vietnam), and committed to American prosperity. So long as it was 'cool'.

During his 1972 Presidential campaign George Mcgovern - foolishly - allowed himself to be drawn into a handful of issues which he was told (wrongly) were 'cool'; abortion, amnesty for Vietnam draft evaders, and legalising marijuana being the three most notable. It was felt that he could get away with this because his happy marriage and 5 children meant nobody seriously would believe he personally engaged in 'any of the above'. It didn't work (to put it mildly! haha!). Middle America was appalled, working class Demoscum Party supporters were appalled, and Richard Nixon won 49 States with over 60% of the popular vote.

George McGovern supported free speech, 2nd Amendment rights, farmers, people in rural and small town America, the flag, and every American tradition you care to name; he also liked 'people' being a friendly, congenial sort of fellow.

After losing his Senate seat in 1980 McGovern did an hilarious 180 degrees becoming quite the capitalist and small government advocate. He joined the paid speaking circuit - where he made a fortune - then bought an hotel which went bust (losing said fortune), something he blamed on government red tape! haha! His transformation from simpering liberal to small government advocate was complete with a blistering attack on "government interference in business" in the Wall Street Journal - at the ripe old age of 70 (better late than never). You can read it here https://www.wsj.com/articles/S...

My apologies for the history lesson, but my point is this ...... does George McGovern sound like Bernie Sanders to you? Shocked

The notion there are any similarities between the two men is preposterous, utter nonsense, and the left wing media is being disingenuous - and showing their ignorance - to suggest otherwise. It is akin to claiming Norman Kirk and a sicko like James Shaw are synonymous.

Sound Familiar?

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Harold Stassen exploded on the political scene in 1938 when he was elected Governor of Minnesota at the ripe old age of 31. He performed quite adequately in that role (insofar as anyone cares what the Governor of Minnesota does) before resigning to serve in the Navy during World War 2.

His status as political wunderkind continued when he sought the Republican Presidential nomination in 1948, winning a series of easy primary victories in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and emerging as the popular and widely supported front runner.

For a brief period of about 6 weeks in April and May 1948 Harold Stassen was viewed as the next President - (Harry Truman was so unpopular nobody seriously expected him to beat Stassen in November) - with most of the media (NY Times, Time magazine, LA Times, Chicago Tribune etc etc) running front page stories, profiles, and Op-Eds openly discussing what America and the World could expect from a Stassen Presidency starting in just a few months' time. Then came the Oregon primary on May 21st 1948, Stassen stumbled, and his bubble burst surprisingly quickly.

Harold Stassen was undeterred by this defeat, so much so that he spent the remainder of his very long life..... running for President. As astonishing as it sounds he launched bids for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1952, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000.

In addition to this he made an oddball attempt to become Vice President in 1956 by issuing a challenge to sitting VP Richard Nixon at the Republican National Convention, a move so bizarre Stassen received the grand total of 1 delegate vote and demonstrated a complete ignorance of how a Vice President is actually nominated and elected.

He was still vaguely viable as a candidate in 1952 (he did win one primary), but each subsequent Presidential bid was greeted with varying degrees of amusement, embarrassment, and incomprehension. His bid challenging President Reagan being a classic example: at a time of a booming economy, lowered taxes, impending victory in the Cold War, and widespread patriotism amongst conservatives, no one was able to understand what Stassen was actually campaigning 'against' in February 1984 as he trudged around New Hampshire in the snow asking Republicans to vote for him in the Primary.

We can only speculate what his long suffering Wife thought about spending half a century traipsing around the country with her husband on a, frankly, ridiculous quest to get elected President.

My point in all of this is to show the similarities with Joe Biden. He, like Stassen, was a political wunderkind being elected to the US Senate at the age of 29, and launching a series of Presidential campaigns - 1984 (briefly), 1988, 2008, 2020 - with only ill health (1992) and tragedy (2016) keeping him out of even more bids for the White House.

Also like Harold Stassen it is difficult to understand what Biden is 'against'. If you analyse his speeches and voting record in the Senate you find he at one time or another supported everything Trump is doing - from immigration clampdowns to a tough line on China to supporting Israel to boosting manufacturing to seeking closer ties to Britain to tax cuts to a hard line on Iran to ____________ (write anything Trump has done in here).

It is also difficult, after nearly half a century in politics and numerous Presidential bids, to pinpoint anything Biden stands for, or that he would do as President (there's no "Build The Wall", "Tax Cuts", "Make America Great Again"-style clear and to the point policies). The sole policy Joe Biden appears to have is an ambition to be the US President simply for the sake of it.

A bit like, well, Harold Stassen; wouldn't you agree?

Buttedge ...

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... is a complete fake. Torrent of tawdry totalitarianisms. "An avalanche of banalities" as Tucker said today. Pocahontas was that and is gone. Bootyjuice should be gone just as quickly. Hideous disgusting fascist.


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Pete "father of chickens" is completely delusional if he thinks he can win the dem nomination, let alone defeat the god-emperor.


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I was astonished at the evaporation in support for Pocahontas and Biden! not so much 'sleepy' Joe as catatonic!

The problem for Bootyboy is the calendar is agin' him. He has no fertile ground until Super Tuesday on March 3rd when he possibly wins in places like Colorado or Virginia. The flipside is he loses badly in about half a dozen states in the South and New England regions. This also gives opponents plenty of time to expose his shortcomings and lightweight-ism.

To use a couple of historical examples - Gary Hart in 1984 came from nowhere to be a serious contender (in about a week) because he went from New Hampshire straight into Vermont and Wyoming - fertile ground - which kept him alive for Super Tuesday. Bootyboy is in the same position as Paul Tsongas in 1992 who actually beat Bill Clinton in New Hampshire (people forget that) but then ran into a brick wall of primaries in States that were never going to vote for an Eastern liberal elitist wanker.

I think Clobberher is in the same boat - nowhere to go from here; Minnesota on March 3rd, but hard to see where else she would win. Maybe viable in Michigan or Missouri on March 10th? Another problem for the Demoscum Party would be a battle between Bootyboy and Clobberher throughout the midwest as regional candidates - but neither making an impact anywhere else!

Pocahontas sticks around for Taxachusetts Primary in March 3rd then drops out (whilst declaring what an outstanding success she has been).

On an amusing note.... Catatonic Joe, Pocahontas, Styer, Gabbard, and Yang all spent about $1000 PER VOTE with nothing to show for it! Sticking out tongue (Trump spent 40 cents per vote and won)

Very close, Eli

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Except Quid Pro Quo Joe was 10 points below where you thought he'd be. Orange Man Bad's focus on Joe's vile corruption took its toll. Joe is gone. Good riddance!

My worry is the success of Buttedge. He's as evil as Joe but far more articulate and clever. An utter sleazeball. Woke America falls for this kind of slime.


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are my New Hampshire predictions - at 1:20pm our time; 7:20pm New Hampshire time.

According to Fox the polls have closed, but no results (as I write this) have been announced except in that hamlet where all the mad b*ggers vote at midnight.

Bernie 25%
Bootyboy 23%
Pocahontas 18%
Biden 17%
Klobberher 9%

I predict the left wing media will spin Bernie's win as a defeat - ("he got 60% last time so this represents a significant defeat for Senator Sanders....") - in their desperate attempts to grasp at straws.

Also expect four or five Demoscum non-entities to drop out by afternoon tea time.


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saw that in the President's speech yesterday. Good stuff!

Something for 'freedom' lovers in New Zealand to bear in mind when they talk of Simon Bridges as PM.... Eye (on the other hand they 'swallowed it whole' with John Key, so some people are beyond help!)

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