The Humorless Left—The Filth—Will Be Beside Itself!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-02-11 06:14

"Tough Guys for Orange Man Bad":

Identity of Triggered Moronnial Snowflake Revealed

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Turns out it wasn't a moronnial after all. It was Obleftivist Yawon Bwook wecording a podcast on location:


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you posted that Lindsay!

I was just on another site chatting with a relative of mine who lives in Indiana; he showed me this video and said "Funny they don't come to my neighbourhood and do this; we all have guns and conceal carry" Sticking out tongue haha!

Humorless Left, The Filth ...

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... in action. Triggered moronnial snowflake in action after Orange Man Bad was acquitted of the phony impeachment non-charges. "Slash his throat":

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