Gutless Gormless Goofy—Baby-Killer

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-02-16 08:15

This vile press release from the leader of the ACT Party, virtue-signalling to the scummiest of Woke Feminazis, speaks for itself. Abortion right up to the moment of birth—and presumably beyond, as is now fashionable among Dem-Scum in America. No "arbitrary time limit"??!! This is the same entity who said humans should have more to worry about than the Global Migration Compact. Do not vote for these murderous low-lifes under any circumstances!!

“The release of the Abortion Legislation Committee’s report today is a welcome, and crucial step in abortion law reform and women’s rights in New Zealand,” says ACT Leader and MP for Epsom David Seymour.

“Ruth Dyson and Amy Adams are to be commended for their great work on the Committee as chair and deputy chair respectively.

“As a member of the Abortion Legislation Committee, I’m pleased we’ve been able to put political differences to the side and work constructively together to progress the right for women to access safe and legal abortion services in New Zealand.

“I personally believe the law should go further to allow a woman to make the choice to have an abortion in consultation with her doctor with no arbitrary time limit.

“Yet I agree with the law commission’s advice that current laws deal adequately with intimidating behaviour around places where abortions occur and that there is no evidence to the contrary to justify the introduction of safe zones around clinics.

"However, this legislation is long overdue and is a move in the right direction after over 30 years of parliamentary inaction.”

"This Bill is about personal freedom and choice for women in New Zealand.

"Supporting this reform is the right thing to do.”


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an appalling decision by our Parliament. The irony of undertaking over-the-top measures to prevent people dying from Chinky coronavirus, whilst nipping down to the debating chamber to vote for infanticide, will be entirely lost on our MPs.

On a brighter note, I was enormously impressed that 51 MPs voted against it - considerably more than I had expected.

Appalled that Brett Hudson MP voted against it; I sent him an email with a group photograph of my children asking which of them he wanted to murder (for "convenience" sake); haven't heard back - and he's normally very quick to respond - so is clearly deeply ashamed of himself.

Here's what I wrote Seymour the Baby-Killer

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You dirty rotten baby-killers. Virtue-signalling Nazis. There are no words to describe your evil.

Now the Baby-Killing On Demand Legislation Has Passed

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And Baby-Killer Gutless Gormless Goofy is crowing. On the grounds that it will still be legal to protest against baby-killing. What a monster. Note the contacts at the bottom of this vile press release and let these Mengele Nazis have it:

ACT Welcomes Abortion Legislation Act

ACT Leader and MP for Epsom David Seymour welcomes the passing of the Abortion Legislation Act tonight in Parliament.

“Abortion reform in New Zealand was long overdue and this legislation is a crucial step forward for personal freedom in New Zealand,” says David Seymour.

“This change is about a woman’s right to choose and personal choice should never be a crime. Abortion should never have been in the Crimes Act.”

“For over 40 years our laws have not reduced abortion, but they have led to stigma, inequity, and subterfuge.”

“Women in New Zealand have faced the stigma that criminalisation has placed around abortions, have faced hurdles to access abortion services in rural areas, and were forced to invent a fiction that they are mentally unstable to access healthcare.”

“Supporting this reform was the right thing to do, however, we cannot expand freedom by giving one right while taking another away at the same time. It would have been a mistake to legalise abortion while criminalising speech”

“That is why I introduced an amendment to remove safe areas. I, and a majority of my colleagues, agreed with the Law Commission’s advice that current laws deal adequately with intimidating behaviour around abortion clinics and that there is no justification for safe areas.

“I implore the New Zealand Police to uphold these existing laws.”

“This legislation will bring a new honesty and clarity to abortion law in New Zealand. It will make us a more humane, understanding society.


Media Contact: Andrew Ketels (021 894 284)
or Brooke van Velden (021 193 5265)


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great Court victory where the 9th Circuit rules it is constitutional to defund Baby Killing Clinics.

As usual the good guys move one step closer to eventual victory over infanticide and sickos who engage in it; as usual New Zealand is very much out of step and going backwards into the Dark Ages.


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usual President Trump sums up the morality in a way the Association of Compulsion Touters and other infanticide fanatics will never understand....


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Association of Compulsion Touters has always been nothing more than the right wing of the Labour party. They are certainly not 'libertarians', nor are they particularly interested in freedom except insofar as it grows the economy and puts a chicken in every pot.

The difference with New Zealand vis-a-vis Australia or Britain is that here, with a proportional electoral system, the right wing was able to split off from the Labour and survive politically whereas across the Tasman and the UK the right wingers have remained in an increasingly extremist (and unelectable) Labour parties, and every election time have to pretend to be left wingers.

With ACT members, because they are still Labour people, it means - as I eluded to the other day - they are committed to all the sicko stuff which generally involves mass murder. These are people who opposed the Vietnam War when younger (which means they supported genocidal communist monsters from North Vietnam and Cambodia); then opposed nuclear weapons (which means they supported the Soviet Union); then all sorts of other trendy, clever dick, stuff (reform of divorce laws, tolerance of vice and decadence, indoctrination of children that destructive behavior is nothing more than 'good fun', porn, drugs, etc etc etc). No surprises here. This is just another brick in the wall.

In the same way Bernie's "My socialism is not Venezuela or Cuba socialism" is ludicrous (hint: one form of liver cancer is the same as another), so too anybody supporting any of this appalling stuff - whether they are in the Labour party, ACT party, National party, or libertarianz Eye - is basically a socialist and Labour person. Can't have it both ways comrades.

"and presumably beyond"

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Already in the US we have heard the demrats push for post-birth abortions.

All for the new pagan religion of "mother earth" who we are "polluting".

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