Anti-Communist Encomium

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Fri, 2020-02-21 00:42

Bill Whittle is a Freedom Warrior after my own heart.

During the last century communism vs. freedom was portrayed (and this was definitely the case in New Zealand) as Red team vs Blue Team and all a bit of a lark. No matter how appalling the communist world got, no matter how many people starved to death or the tyranny they lived under, it was viewed as a game rather than a clash or morality.

Examples of this by gullible New Zealanders includes the "middle class" clever dick, smartypants opposition to the Vietnam War and Nuclear Weapons; let me be clear - if you oppose[d] either you are an immoral person and communist fellow-traveler, comrade.

Bill Whittle is one of the few people who has refused to buy into this Team Red vs Team Blue nonsense, and correctly portrays the Cold War as a battle between good and evil, and the winning of it a moral absolute. He has produced a series of videos giving the history and conduct of the Cold War and it is excellent stuff!

Episode 8

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Episode 7 - (and Bill has apologised for the delay)

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Episode 6

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Episode 5 - Death In The Kremlin

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is some late polling coming out of South Carolina - although polls are all over the place - which show Biden is opening up a strong lead over Sanders.

His interview the other night praising Castro has HOPEFULLY appalled so many people they abandon him in droves; surely, surely the average well meaning, decent, Demoscum voter in South Carolina (and elsewhere) cannot want communism in America.

A good result in South Carolina would be -

Catatonic Joe 33%

Crazy Commie Bernie 20%

Tom Pigstyer 15%

Bootyboy 10%

Pocahontas 10%

Clobberher 8%

(as an amusing aside, Steyer, like mini Mike, will end up spending around $1 million per vote hahahaha!!)


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the best quality, but Bill discusses Cultural Marxism. He is amazing at how he manages to put into a short video - and so eloquently - what some of us get tongue tied over! haha!

Episode 4

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An interview prior to launch

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Episode 3

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Episode 2

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