When NZ Was Decent, Before It Became Woke

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-02-21 07:28

I had many public clashes with Prime Minister Muldoon, in the course of professional devil's advocacy—and he knew, over and above that, I detested his anti-Reagan Big Governmentism. He respected my right to my views. And at least in those days, whatever Muldoon's delinquencies, NZ was on the side of the good guys. Now, Jihadi Jacinda calls POTUS an "asshole." If he is that, she, of course, is a vagina. A fry-quacking, woke vagina, without a mandate to enact her evil anti-free speech agenda—who is enabled to do so only with the connivance of another vagina: Winston Peters. Together they are intent on criminalising criticism of Islam and ending New Zealand's proud history of being a bastion of free speech altogether.


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look! this sums up New Zealand over the last 40 years or so....(aren't you all proud?)


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when we had a sense of humour and could laugh at things which were funny...


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have talked it over with Rawiri and decided I will accept their offer to be the 3rd ACT MP - but on one itsy bitsy condition.

Being a very intolerant, get-the-job-done, dominant alpha male, a 'big swinging dick', I want to be the leader. In my experience every organisation I've ever been part of works far better if I am in charge - especially once I've cleaned out the women, catholics, metropolitan pansies, token maoris, socialists, and other filth; it's an alpha male thing so some of you won't understand... Eye

As leader I will return ACT to its 'first principles' (or at least, what they used to pretend they believed in). Get rid of the simpering cowardly socialist hogwash about keeping a public health system and state pensions - (the two childish policies which caused Sir Roger to quit in disgust), and last election they had some bewildered immigrant wearing a turban on their list so that sort of woke wankerism will be knocked on the head too! (hint: there is a very good reason why only older white men are suited to being MPs).

Still a bit concerned about making speeches having never done so before (is that absolutely necessary?), but gosh darn it if the ACT Party takes the trouble to email me begging me to be in its caucus who am I to say no? so long as I can be leader - so everything is under control. Will write to them today.


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they are all rather awful people - the sort of urban middle class demographic I have despised all my life; the people who destroyed New Zealand (as I call them). But yes, rather amusing to think they are emailing thousands of people in a desperate attempt to find candidates!

I have seen a couple of the New Conservative videos online, and that leader chappie (whose name escapes me, offhand) is rather impressive. You should offer to be their man in Wellington Central! get stuck into the filth!

Do it, Eli!

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I've joined the New Conservative Party, though I'm unsure how I'll vote. The claims ACT makes in that e-mail are true, but I don't trust Seymour on free speech and certainly not on immigration, where he's an Islamo-Marxist shill. As well, the ACT folk all have Trump Derangement Syndrome, and they love to virtue-signal about it.


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of making New Zealand decent again, I just received this extraordinary email from the ACT Party. Apparently the opinion polls are showing ACT will get a third MP - in addition to Seymour and that Houlbrooke woman with the appalling working class accent - and it seems they want that third MP to be a God-like Sex Warrior...ie: me!

You can imagine my astonishment to receive such an offer, and being an MP isn't exactly something I feel I would particularly enjoy (having to be nice to lots of ghastly oiks), and God knows who can actually live on an MP salary which is only $3000 per week, but I suppose making speeches could be quite fun. I've never actually made a speech before an audience before, but presumably it is fairly straightforward, and speaking in Parliament about freedom, individual liberty, and calling a spade a spade - becoming a national hero in the process - could have its benefits.

What confuzzles me is why the ACT party - of all the folk in the country - are asking me to be their third MP? surely Lindsay would be slightly more suited to the role (he enjoys all that stuff) than me. All I can surmise is they really are looking for a sex warrior oozing hotness to give them a bit of 'class' (and teach Seymour and Houlbrooke how to eat with a knife and fork, and dress properly?).

I shall give it a bit of consideration, talk it over with Rawiri, and get back to them. In the meantime read the email making the offer....

Will you make the difference?

We are grateful for the tens of thousands of New Zealanders standing with ACT, but we need high-quality candidates to take one more step and stand for ACT.

Joining, donating, and volunteering are all essential and invaluable. However, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “who is standing for ACT in my community?”

At this year’s election, we want to stand strong candidates in as many electorates as we possibly can.

We have momentum

Public polling shows that ACT is on the verge of securing three MPs at the election. Private polling done by other political parties is even better, suggesting voters could elect five ACT MPs.

We are principled and effective

Over the part two years, ACT has been the only opposition. On proposed hate speech legislation, the rushed firearms law and the flawed Zero Carbon Bill, ACT has been the lone voice of opposition to Labour, the Greens and NZ First.

We also have a proud history of reforming. ACT is responsible for charter schools, the End of Life Choice Act, three strikes legislation and 90-day trials, just to name a few.

This is your opportunity

This year, we need strong local candidates in every part of the country if we are to protect the basic rights and freedoms of New Zealanders. If you are interested in standing for ACT where you live, please email myself (tim.jago@act.org.nz) or Danae Smith (danae.smith@act.org.nz) by 31 March 2020.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Jago
ACT President


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Comrade Lenin has had outstanding success in New Zealand!


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evocative video. I always rather liked Muldoon - the man; he was certainly a much more 'normal' person than the ascetic, wild eyed, 'Rogernone' types who are all misfits and perverts.

As I have said before New Zealand is finished; only a matter of time before the end arrives only to be followed by years of Governments attempting to stem the tide of disintegration, and by that stage there will not be anything left to save.

It is akin to the Argentine a century ago and we will follow the exact same path - wealthy country circa. 2010 (as the Argentine was in 1910) before a downward spiral to third world backwater circa. 2050 (1950 for the Argentine). Equally predictable is that the national hero in the Argentine is Peron - who caused the problems; so too will Jacinda and successors be viewed as heroes to New Zealand in the year 2100 despite all the evidence.

If you consider some of the things the average person in New Zealand believes to be true - quite genuinely considers to be 'fact' - it not only confirms the (*ahem*) ruling elite doesn't extend much further than me and 3 or 4 other people, but calls into question why anyone would want to save it (so lots of stupid, ignorant, useless people can be free, wealthy.....and stupid and ignorant?!?). Personally I think they deserve to be eating cats and living in a shanty when they are elderly; serves them right!

Fortunately I have somewhere free, capitalist, and long since turned the corner, to escape to in a month or so....

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