Cancel Wokery!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-02-26 01:57

In my recent article on the proposed downgrading of Concert FM, I concluded:

"If compulsorily-acquired money is going to prop up radio stations, Concert FM should be at the top of the list."

Having attended Monday's concert/protest at Parliament Grounds, I no longer think that.

To coincide with the protest, Louis Houlbrooke published the following press release on behalf of the Taxpayers' Union:

RNZ Concert supporters who are protesting for the station to be “better funded” have to be joking, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “It’s hard to take today’s protest seriously. The protest generation once strove for world peace. Now they’re campaigning to throw even more taxpayer funding at a niche music station, just because they can’t figure out how to work Spotify.”

“Every dollar spent on RNZ Concert is a dollar that can’t be invested in PHARMAC, frontline policing, or tax relief for struggling New Zealanders.”

“RNZ Concert is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have. Its listeners should be bloody grateful funding for the station wasn’t cut entirely. The station already has 18 staff, so let’s not feed the beast any further.”

Reading that before attending the protest, I thought to myself, "Now Louis, that's unfair—they're not demanding more money, just the maintenance of the status quo. And they are 'bloody grateful' for it."

How wrong I was! Many at this concert behaved just like the entitled, petulant ingrates of Houlbrooke's portrayal. When the vapid Topp Twins (why were they even there, let alone the MCs for such an event?!) exhorted them to chant "Fuck Mike Hosking!" the protesters did so with a relish reminiscent of Profa (aka Antifa) Blackshirts. What did Mike Hosking have to do with anything? Evidently he gives St. Jacinda a hard time in his weekly interview with her. What does that have to do with anything, let alone saving Concert FM? Nothing, but that didn't matter. This gathering was more about the Labour/Green "woke" agenda than saving Concert FM, with every speaker more concerned to demonstrate his or her fluency in Te Reo than to preserve a purveyor of the bright lights of Western Civilisation.

And therein lies the rub. More than I realised before this event, Concert FM is currently in thrall to Wokery. Wokers don't want a platform for Bach, Beethoven and Brahms; they want to expunge these geniuses as Dead White Males, exemplars of a toxic, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, blah, blah, blah patriarchy. Wokers are not interested in restoring the speech standards of the presenters of old, either; those standards were a tool of the patriarchy's oppression also. Wokers want to pollute the airwaves with mindless sing-song fry-quacking that better suits their worship of ugliness. Wokers don't want excellence; they want militant mediocrity. Having seen them up close I'm no longer willing to support their campaign. If their Woke version of Concert FM were indeed left to die, that would be poetic justice.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson, virtuously fluent in Te Reo but refreshingly polished in English as well, told the crowd he was committed to maintaining adequate funding for a commercial-free public broadcaster that provided quality music and genuinely non-partisan news and current affairs. This latter is now even more of a joke than the former. Radio New Zealand is a hotbed of Wokery, a shill for the Labour and Green parties. If Mr. Robertson could wave a wand and restore the genuine impartiality that used to be the conscientiously-upheld norm, I'd applaud. But he can't. Even if he wanted to, and tried to, Wokers would "cancel" him. Wokers are what they like to call everyone else: Fascists.

Let's indeed not feed the beast any further ... or any longer.


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of being "Woke", its consequences, and being so narcissistic you are completely out of touch with public opinion....


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Greg - things are that bad; we are not living in a World of 'men'.....

Don bestial Brash

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that is.

Yaron and Don for Bernie!

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FFS, turncoat scumbags both.

He made my flesh crawl

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Such a vile phony. It sickens me to see Woke wankers trying to cash in on their gayness that way. Good riddance to that most fetid piece of rubbish. Now to demolish all the other Democrat contenders. The Filth writ large. No doubt Obleftivists will be defending them to the end. Bwook for Bernie!!


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Pete Bootyboy has cowardly wimped out just prior to Super Tuesday and is no longer in the race. This demonstrates character flaws, weakness, which is why he was always unsuited to being US President. Good riddance to utter rubbish we won't be hearing from again.


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satire - this time from the Grand Master...(2mins 40)


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is how we win folks!

The left have no sense of humour - being permanently angry people - and taking them apart with satire is the way to beat them, if for no other reason than they cannot respond in kind (satire being beyond them). Excellent example by Stu from the Blaze; watch as he perforates Mayor Bootyboy in a mere 4mins 30 secs!

He has his own site

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Of course, he'd be very welcome here. He's a star.


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The photograph makes them look even more wankerish than I had expected haha!

Pleased at the comment from Dieuwe - he sounds like a good chap from what I have been hearing, it's a wonder he isn't on solopassion.

Cancel Wokery! on BFD

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Some good comments:


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am watching it live now - good stuff; not sure how long this link will last, but try it...


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of canceling Wokery (I wasn't sure what is the most appropriate thread to post this in)....this afternoon NZ time Glenn Beck is doing an expose` on Bernie. It is live and free on but, and there is a but, it will not remain there longer than the live broadcast. It will only be archived on their website (which you need to join for $100).

Glenn has said it will be at 9pm but doesn't make it clear what timezone he is meaning - (Dallas 9pm, or eastern time, or what) - so it is either 3pm or 4pm NZ time.

This broadcast is for anybody who 'thinks' they are a Bernie supporter, who is being sucked in by what appears to be a well meaning grandfatherly chap. Worth watching and encouraging your naive friends to tune in too.

It's all about him!

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Even more tiresome in the flesh, which fortunately I've not had to endure for some years now. Me me me me me. Ridiculous.


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occasionally read his blog; certainly is very anti-Trump for some reason (jealous of Trump's success in the property game?) and rehashes a lot of old 'war stories' he's told 1000 times before.

Of course Olivia!

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But Bob Jones makes everything about himself and is thus just another useless wanker. Wankers are truly tiresome.


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been sitting here for half an hour trying to think of one Sticking out tongue .....(Olivia? Bob Jones?)

But seriously, I am deeply saddened by what things have descended into - a lot of wankerism passed off as virtue. Disgusting.

Who ...

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Who are the dozen others? Evil


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say I am surprised. It sounds like you have started to see what I was saying the other day - things are so far gone already, what exactly is worth saving about NZ?

Be under no illusions Lindsay; it's now down to you, me, and around a dozen others throughout the entire country....

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