Don Brash, Sorosian with TDS

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-02-26 22:47

It's Brash the Bolshevik now! The former ACT leader, whom I'm ashamed to say I promoted and supported at that time, would now vote for any piece of Dem-Scum over Donald Trump. His dream ticket is Nanny Bloomberg and Crooked Hillary, but he'd take Bolshevik Bernie over Trump if it came to that. Don has courageously taken a lot of heat in New Zealand for resisting preferential treatment for Maori or anyone else on the basis of race; he has, naturally, been called a racist for that by the Woke Fascists. It is inexplicable to me that he would then himself parrot the Woke Fascists' OrangeManBad vomit. But see for yourself. Here's how BFD have written it up. They have included Lady Slapper's reply on Diabolical Don's Faecesbook page:

Today’s face of the day has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome as he’d rather see Bloomberg and Clinton (if she is his running mate) become the winning ticket. In fact, he’d rather see Sanders elected.

This is what Don Brash said on Facebook.

For the sake of the record, I disagree fundamentally. Yesterday, I replied to a US-based young man who commented on his preferences for President and, leaving aside my introductory remarks, this was how I expressed by view of Trump:

My strong preference for the next President is Bloomberg, like yours, and I suspect if he could persuade Hillary to be his running mate (as rumoured) the two would be unstoppable. And my ranking of preferences from Pete, through Amy and Joe corresponds with yours.

But even if Warren or Sanders were to be the Democratic candidate, I would still vote Democrat. Let’s face it: in the unlikely event that Sanders were to become President, his ability to do the kind of radical things he proposes would be virtually nil, given the way the US system works. We’re not going to see the House or the Senate suddenly full of people who would vote for that kind of radical agenda.

And my view is strongly motivated by the view that Trump is an almost unmitigated disaster. I say “almost unmitigated” because in a few specific policy areas I agree with him. I share his concern about excessive immigration. I agree that the top US corporate tax rate was far too high and needed to be reduced. I’m unsure what I think about man-made global warming, so I’m not totally opposed to his withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement.

But after that, my agreement ends. He is an inveterate liar for starters – for example, claiming that US growth is better now than it’s been for years (not true); and that unemployment is low because of his brilliance (unemployment has been falling in an almost straight line since it peaked at the time of the GFC). Part of the reason why the economy is growing at all is that he is running a ginormous fiscal deficit – at the very time when he should be running a surplus. His intimidation of, for example, the Department of Justice (even when led by his strong supporter William Barr) is appalling, and the same can be said of the National Intelligence community.

He has no understanding of international trade, and seems to feel that if the US is running a trade deficit with country X it is clear evidence that country X is exploiting the US. His imposition of tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium on “security grounds” has got to be nuts.

And internationally, he has done more to destroy the system of global alliances on which peace has been maintained for the last 75 years than anybody else alive or dead. The US created the WTO almost alone, and now the US is destroying it (by refusing to appoint anybody to the WTO appeal body, without which the WTO can’t operate). He has cast serious doubt on the US commitment to NATO at the very time that Russia seems intent on pushing back rather strongly. He abandoned the Kurds in Syria, after the Kurds had taken many thousands of casualties doing America’s dirty work on the ground, and when challenged about this Trump noted that the Kurds hadn’t fought with the Americans at Normandy! Good grief! Perhaps most egregious of all, he tore up the Iran nuclear deal despite the fact that Iran was complying with it in every detail – mainly, it seems, because Obama had made the deal. What Trump has told the world is “On no account trust America’s word. Even if the current Administration keeps its word, the next one may ignore it.” Why would the North Korean madman, or anybody else for that matter, trust the US to keep its solemn agreement? And his policy of ever-tighter sanctions against Iran appears to be aimed at starving Iranians so that they rebel against their government – I certainly don’t like their government at all, but not only is starving a population a pretty ruthless approach to policy, it is not even obvious that the policy works: the hard liners in Iran appear to be getting more and more strongly entrenched.

So no, under no circumstances would I vote for Trump. As indicated, my first preference by a substantial margin is Bloomberg, but I’d take any alternative to Trump, particularly given the fact that it is highly unlikely that any kind of radical agenda would get through either the House or the Senate, let alone both.

Our very own writer for Insight Politics Olivia Pierson had this to say to Don Brash in response:

Good God Don, I cannot believe what I’m reading here… TDS – et tu Brute??

Let’s face it: in the unlikely event that Sanders were to become President, his ability to do the kind of radical things he proposes would be virtually nil, given the way the US system works. We’re not going to see the House or the Senate suddenly full of people who would vote for that kind of radical agenda.

We have exactly seen the House full of people who would vote for “that kind of radical agenda.” Or did you miss the Mueller investigation along with the Impeachment trial??

Would you rather see a bloody COMMUNIST at the helm? I guess you would. And the Kurds have still been fighting side by side with Americans – in fact helped Trump get al-Baghdadi – they’re not as pissed as you over his withdrawal from Syria. And they were not abandoned, they were made to have talks with their own President, considering they still live in Syria. Should Trump have initiated a Regime Change?

And the post-war order which you say has kept peace for the last 75 years has resulted in the selling of European cultures down the river – For god’s sake, it has cost us – and the account of that cost is not fully in yet.

I actually voted for you on the ACT ticket – and right now, what you have shared – I see no difference between you and Jacinda with your OrangeManBad equations. Sheesh!

Where the heck do you get your news from, CNN?


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if someone like Chris Trotter asked any of them to get on their knees and eat excrement ("or else we will call you a racist, redneck Trump supporter").....they would cravenly do it. Be under no illusions about their honour or integrity! haha!

"I fully support low taxes and abolishing regulations and a booming economy.....until it actually happens, then I am totally opposed to it and a full blown socialist" ....ummmm...?!? (huh?) Shocked


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That's the key to the evil Brash and the equally evil Auckland Obleftivists: they crave approbation form their fellow-Scum with a passion. Complete second-handers!

As Ayn asked: will we ever find life on the level? Stay tuned. SOLO is about to become SOLA: Sense of Life Authenticists. Real humans as opposed to Woke robots.


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is why the TDS people are all lying.

They are trying to convince everybody they support the PRECISE OPPOSITE of what is contained in this advert.....pretend they would be happier if 125,000 jobs had been lost, if business owners went bust, if America went into decline, if there was no confidence, if pay cheques went down (not up), if America was not thriving ....(really? seriously?)

Do you seriously believe Don Brash or Auckland libertarians truly think that? of course not. Do you think any of their left wing friends and acquaintances (whose approbation they crave with a passion) think that? of course not.

Logically they must support Trump because it doesn't make any sense otherwise ....(and they ain't fooling ANYBODY) Sticking out tongue


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so he knows as much about the Iran deal as he did about monetary policy as Reserve Bank Governor? nice to see nothing changes....

Everything Don Said ...

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... on Faecesbook was bullshit. But yes, the Iran deal comment was breathtaking in its ignorance and naivete. Has he owned up to getting his talking points from CNN? Or directly from Soros?

Concerning the Iran JCPOA Deal...

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Don says:

Perhaps most egregious of all, he tore up the Iran nuclear deal despite the fact that Iran was complying with it in every detail – mainly, it seems, because Obama had made the deal.

This is bullshit.
Iran breached that deal so many times it wasn’t funny, and within just weeks of the signing - even the Obama-worshipping Huffington Post reported at the time on the many breaches while Obama gazed the other way:

"In October and November, just after the nuclear deal was reached, Iran tested a new ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads.

In March, Iran again test-fired two ballistic missiles.

More recently and for the third time, the Iranian government fired a test missile two weeks ago which was accurate to 25 feet, which is characterized as zero error, according to the Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi, the Iranian military’s deputy chief of staff, and Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency.

The range of existing Iranian ballistic missiles has grown from 500 miles to over 2,000 kilometers (roughly 1,250 miles), which can easily reach Eastern Europe as well as countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Yemen.

Iranian leaders dismiss the notion that the Revolutionary Guard Corps military activities are breaching the nuclear agreement as well as several of the UN Security Council resolutions. World powers appear to acquiesce to Iran’s stance as well."


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and like Megan Markle and Harry, no doubt in about 15 minutes Brash will grab the 'moral' high ground with a "I shall rise above *sniff* all the criticism directed at me *sniff* another cross I have to bear" Barf!


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cares what Don Brash has to say? this is a man who has failed at every single thing he's ever done in his life - and usually spectacularly so!

He lost a safe seat to the Social Credit party (is that even possible?), destroyed the Kiwifruit industry, destroyed the Trust Banks, destroyed the Reserve Bank, re-elected Helen Clark, destroyed ACT - the man is a LOSER. A pathetic little man without any successes to his name in 80 years.... no wonder he feels an affinity with Bernie! Sticking out tongue

Lindsay - why are you wasting time on this filth? you may as well interview the dustman as to what he thinks (at least the dustman can do joined up writing!).

The only reason - the ONLY reason - Brash is anti Trump, just like various Libertarians in Auckland claim to be anti Trump, is because they want to stay 'in' with the left wing social set where they can be witty and clever dicks and get gushing and cooing from people who....not only despise them, but sure as hell don't give a toss what they think on any issue. Don et al simply don't want dinner party invitations to dry up; don't want to be seen as a hick, a rube, a redneck, so they pretend to be anti Trumpers, despite Trump being what they have long advocated for.

For people to decide things based on what their ideological enemies think is really the bottom of the barrel, and further reasons why nobody has any respect for them. And I can assure some of them (recent attendees at a certain party where a certain incident took place) their lefty friends think they are a joke; you are not fooling anybody. I assured the host when we had a cup of tea yesterday that you are all secret Trump lovers and their response was "oh we all know that; God knows who they are trying to fool!" Eye

Brash is just another in a long list of filth who truly believe they can fool people. They can't.

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