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There are a couple of aspects of America which the rest of the World views as a bit odd. One is citizenship and the wankword cliche "a pathway to citizenship" which is trotted out for illegal aliens and others.

With regards to citizenship there are numerous parts of the World whereby people can live, work, and raise a family, in another country indefinitely but never become citizens. An obvious example for New Zealanders is Australia, and throughout the European Union there are plenty of Poms living in Spain, plenty of Huns living in Italy, plenty of Frogs living in Austria, plenty of Polacks living in Britain (however temporarily these days Sticking out tongue haha!), plenty of Hungarians living in Greece, plenty of Paddies living in Denmark, and so on.

To almost all of these people the notion of actually becoming a citizen of the country they have lived in for years has not only never crossed their mind, but would be seen as bizarre. To suggest to "Vera and Gary" from Barnsley, who have been living in Marbella for 20 years, that they should fill in a form, sign here here and here to become Spaniards, would be greeted with either incomprehension or hoots of derisive laughter.

Where I live in New Zealand there are huge numbers of people who are foreigners and residing here, working, running businesses, raising families, but have no intention of becoming New Zealand citizens. (As an aside, the worst example of this are annoying Poms who love whipping out their Barclays Visa - and making sure everyone sees it - at Newlands New World, before saying "oh dearie me, it's the wrong visa; it's the one from back home". Wankers. But I digress...)

This concept of 'a pathway to citizenship' is very much an American one, and apart from its divisiveness is quite out of step with the rest of the World. I also suspect the average illegal alien from Mexico or some other ghastly place doesn't particularly want to be an American, any more than the average New Zealander in Brisbane wants to be an Australian.

The other thing about America which is basically unique to America these days, is socialism and its surprising level of support amongst the stupid and ignorant. Throughout much of the rest of the World 'socialism' is used as a kind of shorthand, an all encompassing term similar to how the word "conservative" in America is a shorthand for supporters of liberty.

What the Bernie Sanders supporters and their fellow travelers fail to realise - in their ignorance - is that socialism had done its dash very, very early on.

In New Zealand the Labour Party abandoned socialism with the death of Harry Holland, its first leader, in 1933. The flame was kept alive by John A. Lee and a few other nutters but Savage, Nash, Fraser and other leading Labour politicians made it crystal clear that socialist twaddle was unwelcome and pretty much abolished by the time they got elected in 1935. And outside of the Champagne Socialist University set (of the Chris Trotter variety) has never been revived in the 85 years since.

In Australia the Labor Party never had much to do with socialism. They tried a couple of socialist things from time to time but always abandoned it fairly quickly - and it usually resulted in a long period of opposition and irrelevance. Jack Lang's irrational behavior in 1932 was one example, and Ben Chifley's attempt (actually more of a suggestion) to nationalise the banks in 1949 was another.

In Britain the Labour Party did implement a shocking, economically destructive, and highly damaging socialist agenda in the 1940s - the British are still feeling the effects of with the NHS - yet a decade later, under the leadership of Hugh Gaitskell, they abandoned socialism. It was revived, to cause another round of economic and social destruction, in the 1970s, before losing election after election in the 1980s and 90s before the penny dropped.

I could go on and on around the World, but suffice to say nobody has pursued socialist policies for decades because they all learnt their lessons in terms of the sheer horrors of enduring such madness. The evaporation of wealth, creativity, the flight of anyone with a talent or brain, the lack of products in the shops, the fiscal disasters, the utter dreariness of a socialist society, means it isn't returning ever to the places it was tried - or thought about.

Hence the strange situation whereby a large group of people in America are wanting to adopt it.

Anybody who lived in England during the 1970s, or Eastern Europe prior to 1990, or Russia, or any of these godforsaken places, look at the rise of Bernie Sanders with a sense of confusion - ("is this some sort of joke we don't get?") - and perhaps a sense of dread of what would happen to the rest of the World were he to win and implement his agenda.


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is an interesting video I found online, about the Demoscum Candidates from 1984. Dull former Vice President, 'exciting' newbie who captured the hearts of younger folk, left wing extremist conning black people; sound familiar?

The video finishes with the results of the New York Primary which was actually the high point of Walter Mondale's campaign, all downhill from there as Hart came back spectacularly to disembowell Mondale throughout the rest of the primary season. Like 2016 - and 2020? - it was only the 'Super Delegates' that gave Mondale the nomination (despite having lost 9 out of the last 10 contests!); even 36 years ago the Demoscum establishment were cooking the books! haha!

How little things change.....


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your time folks... Eye

What has been lost...

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Some Fun!

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Take it

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from the Grand Master...


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is at it again!

A law has been introduced which has basically destroyed independent contractors; according to Nanny State anyone self employed in a freelance, or independent contractor, capacity are being exploited and need 'protection'. Needless to say if those complaining had voted for John Cox - (who? you ask - to be Governor in 2018 this problem would not have happened....

Thanks to John Stossel and our good friends Bill Whittle, Steve Green, and Scott Ott for the following videos on this issue.

So true...

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off the press; take a look at all these people - see their enthusiasm; millions more like them all over the country. It's going to be 49 States, 60% of the popular vote, and 532 electoral college votes. The white people have simply had enough.....


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Tuesday in California has thrown up some interesting results; could it be the Republicans, slowly, are making a California Comeback?

1. Pelosi has gotten her lowest percentage ever; (a signal?)

2. Jim Costa is in deep trouble in District 16

3. Cox in District 21 appears to be finished

4. Excellent result for Devin Nunes in the 22nd

5. District 24 now appears eminently winnable

6. Brownlee is in trouble; worst result ever for her

7. Three districts in Orange County now seem to be swinging back to the Republicans - 39th, 45th, and 48th

8. Weak numbers for Grace Napolitano in the 32nd - AND she now has a Republican opponent. (Possible?)

9. Tosspots in the Valley - Shifty Schiff and Sherman - crash landed somewhat with only 57% each; hardly an overwhelming endorsement.

10. Darrell Issa appears to be back - and quite easily - in the 50th.

I am pleased to say that everyone I voted for has won their primaries; although I must confess to feeling the most outrageous humbug when voting on such things as "Proposition 13" and "Measure R" referenda Sticking out tongue haha!


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Morrison has started a series of videos where he intends to address 'liberals' on a variety of issues and reach out to more moderate folk on the left. Here is number one and it covers a great deal of ground and is worth watching....


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few videos of freedom warriors at CPAC speaking with Sebastian Gorka.....


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wonderful Dave Morrison gives his thoughts and experiences of illegals in Southern California. (8 mins)


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my inability to be afraid of anybody called "Winnie Wong" Sticking out tongue HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Take a look at this by Glenn; look at the sick, demented people Don Brash and others are supporting.....(7mins)

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